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Amedeo modigliani’s life


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Modigliani's life

Published in: Education
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Amedeo modigliani’s life

  1. 1. Amedeo Modigliani’s life A presentation of the italian artist by students of class 3 A- G.P.D. School – Colleferro-Italy eTwinning project «Portrait of an artist»
  2. 2. Amedeo Modigliani was born in 1884 in Livorno. He was a sick boy.
  3. 3. So he spent most part of the time at home with his mother who taught him the love for painting and sculpture.
  4. 4. He studied art in the study of a famous painter in Livorno.
  5. 5. But he had a great desire: going to Paris, the artists’ most loved city. So at the age of 22 he left to Paris.
  6. 6. In Paris Modì, as he was called by his friends , met many artists such as Pablo Picasso.
  7. 7. Due his health problems, (he was sick with lungs ) he had to leave the art of sculpture.
  8. 8. So he devoted himself to painting. He painted beautiful women with long necks like swans. These persons had black pupils because he said that the eyes were looking inside to know better their souls.
  9. 9. But in Paris he did not find success and soon had economic problems.
  10. 10. He also had bad companions and began to drink a lot.
  11. 11. The only positive thing in his life was his wife Jeanne Hebuterne, and his little daughter.
  12. 12. He died in Paris in 1920 at the age of 36. After only two days, even his wife died for the desperation. After his death, as it always happens, Modigliani’s paintings became famous.
  13. 13. End of Modigliani’s life