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Jtelss12, Workshop: “Webquest 2.0 training scenarios: Connecting TEL research to workplace”


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Bridging the gap between TEL research and workplace practices is a big challenge for
researchers, trainers and professionals especially nowadays. The focus of this workshop is to invite phd TEL students to design WebQuest 2.0 training scenarios in order to promote TEL practices in a workplace contex

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Jtelss12, Workshop: “Webquest 2.0 training scenarios: Connecting TEL research to workplace”

  1. 1. “Webquest 2.0 training scenarios: Connecting TEL research to workplace” #jtelss12 Estoril, Portugal, 19-25 May 2012, Maria Perifanou Pontydysgu, UK
  2. 2. “The chance favors the connected mind”. Steve Johnson“The collision of hunches makes usoriginal thinkers”
  3. 3. “Webquest 2.0 arecollaborativeprojects that take placeless as face–to–facemeetings but mostly on–line, supported by(a)synchronous Web 2.0technologies combining atthe sametime collaborative learningwith self paced learning”.
  4. 4. “A Webquest 2.0 is an inquiry–orientedactivity in which some or all the information thatlearners interact with comes from internet”(Bernie Dodge, 1995)“A Webquest 2.0 is an inquiry–oriented.that takes place basically in a Web 2.0–enhanced, social & interactiveopen learning environment, in which the learnercan decide to create hisown learning paths choosing the Web 2.0 toolsand the on–line resources neededfor the completion of the final Webquest 2.0product” (Perifanou, 2011)
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Imagine thata. you have found aninnovative PhD topicb. you have finished your PhDdissertationc. you need to “promote” yourPhD research
  8. 8. 1. Upload your videos atutube & JTELSS12 facebookgroup!! 2. Vote for your Favoritevideo!!
  9. 9. What did you learn today?? your comments…. #jtelss12