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Consumer acceptance of novel sustainable circular services, ISPIM Porto 2016


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What are the factors influencing on consumer acceptance of novel sustainable circular services? Presented at ISPIM Porto 2016.

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Consumer acceptance of novel sustainable circular services, ISPIM Porto 2016

  1. 1. 120.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Consumer acceptance of novel sustainable circular services Maria Antikainen, VTT Minna Lammi, University of Helsinki XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference, Porto,19- 22 June, 2016 @AarreResearch
  2. 2. 220.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Circular economy transforms business Productio n Remanu- facturing Services & products Use, reuse, repair Recycling Materials (primary + secondar y) Design
  3. 3. 320.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Research question The aim of this study is to increase understanding of consumers’ acceptance on sustainable circular economy-based services. Our main research question is: What are the factors influencing consumer acceptance of novel sustainable circular services? 1. What are the factors encouraging consumers to adopt novel sustainable circular services? 2. What are the current factors inhibiting adoption of novel sustainable circular services?
  4. 4. 420.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Consumer workshop In Helsinki, February 2016 42 consumers- five groups facilitated by a researcher. All discussions took between 2.5 and 3 hours and were recorded. The discussions were in Finnish. Themes: recycling, lending, renting, sharing secondary use of products, relationship with products Three scenarios..
  5. 5. 520.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Scenario 1: Would you be interested in renting a couch if... There would also be a warranty (for example if the couch was dirty) You could also change your couch to a new one after 5 years Influencing factors Quality Flexibility and practicality Variation possibilities Unfamiliarity with the idea of hiring Relationship with the product Safety of the product “All layers of life relate to all furniture. And I think that it would be terrible (to hire a couch), I don’t think that I would sit on a hired sofa. I would just keep it in a corner.”
  6. 6. 620.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Scenario 2: Would you be interested in renting a washing machine if... It could send information about its condition to the service provider in order to receive maintenance before breaking down? Detergent could be also included in the same service package, and you could pay based on clothes washed You could also get advice on more efficient usage of the washing machine (for example, detergent dosage) to your email or mobile phone? Influencing factors Flexibility and practicality (Lack of) relationship Unfamiliarity I don’t have any kind of need to own a washing machine.
  7. 7. 720.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Scenario 3: Would you be interested in renting clothes if... You could change your wardrobe based on the seasons You could get everyday clothes, not just clothes for special occasions? Influencing factors Special occasions High price Reduced risk Unfamiliarity and not feeling comfortable Let’s say that you can make a mistake when you buy something, so hiring would be a good idea because you can try it a week, two weeks..
  8. 8. 820.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Renting or owning? Renting good option when there is not much use Products with close relationships-> owning Some factors more temporary some more permanent Renting more expensive products Service portfolio (product, user- and result-oriented)
  9. 9. 920.6.2016 Maria Antikainen Thank you!