Superheroes: Iron Man


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Superheroes: Iron Man

  1. 1. Alumnos: Jorge; Tomas
  2. 2. Tony Stark was born from Howard Stark and MariaCollins and now he is owner of Stark Inc. He is agenius, multimillonarie, sex simbol and aphilanthropist. He is the maker of iron armor anduser, because it wins energy of his energy reactor .He has it because in a battle machine gun bulltesinside near of his heart and the Reactor away them.Then of his life like a superhero he has a girlfriendher name is “Pepper” Potts. Before being hergirlfriend she was her personal assistant.
  3. 3. Iron Man or “The GoldenAvenger” is one of most popularheroes of marvel. This armor wasarmed with titanium. And withenergy of reactor it can makeenergy laser, can fly, and it has andextraordinary strength and muchdefense. This armor passed for somany changes. Mark1, 2, 3, 4, 5..And “The Ultimus IronMan”.