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Replace motors in Superyacht


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Replace motors in Superyacht

  1. 1. 1 Ing. Mariano Garijo Ortega Project to replace engines in Sailboat of 50 meters long This project was carried out to replace five damaged engines in the Engine room of a Superyacht, which was located below of living room of the vessel. The solution structural was the simulation an overhead girder with a cart, that moving across the joist channel. The metallic structure was supported in the bases of motor and outside was supported with the help of the mast.
  2. 2. 2 Ing. Mariano Garijo Ortega Some drawings manufacturing project.
  3. 3. 3 Ing. Mariano Garijo Ortega
  4. 4. 4 Ing. Mariano Garijo Ortega After the new engines were installed
  5. 5. 5 Ing. Mariano Garijo Ortega The main difficultywasthe limitedspace whichshould be occupied for the steelwork. The structure would had to be designedasa made-to-measuresuitwithboltedsteelstructure aswell asitsdesignwouldhave tobe thoughtto be erectedbyhand byworkers,because itwouldhave tobe carriedby workersinside of vessel withoutthe use of a crane. Hence, the maximum weight of each section would have to be 100kg as limitation. One difficultyadded in the calculation of the structure was the decentering which I had between the motors and exitdoor,since itmade complicatedthe designwithLiveLoads(thisissue waswhereIspentmuch time looking for a solution,sizingseveral designmodelsuptoachieve finallythe objective),because Iwouldhave to calculate a live loadof 2 Tonesin a structure withoutslenderness exerting an important effort of Torsion to the whole structure. Thissolutionwasthe mostreliable,safe andeasytomanufacture usingthe designof acurvedbeam,even so, I still kept having limitations, and the depth section of the beam had to be up to 120mm as maximum. I would have to keeplookingforasolutionwhichcouldbearthese actions.Compliancewiththeserequirements,itwouldletto the engines to go through of Exit door, due to the height limit.