Royal Mail Group: The rewarding journey to Microsoft BPOS


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Adrian Steel from Royal Mail Group shares how to achieve business transformation through a successful technology upgrade. Discover how REDTRAY worked with Royal Mail Group to transform its business and migrate around 30,000 staff from Lotus Notes to Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) in just three months.

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Royal Mail Group: The rewarding journey to Microsoft BPOS

  1. 1. The rewarding journey to BPOS Adrian Steel, Head of Infrastructure Management, Royal Mail Group 1
  2. 2. What is BPOS ?...... Exchange Instant Email Messaging BPOS Live meeting Sharepoint 2
  3. 3. Business Challenge ?“…It is vital to reach a positionwhere we focus all our collectiveminds and energies on the businesschallenge of cost reduction andrevenue growth …” Robin Dargue, CIO, 2008 3
  4. 4. Imagine a world……. The average age PC‟s circa 5+ years old (15 minutes to boot !),. Lotus Notes (16+ years organically growing) 9,000 applications Lotus Notes applications 100 TB+ of data 200+ million emails No effective „team collaboration‟ (point tactical unconnected solutions) A user base of 30,000 (spread across 2,886 physical sites) People not trained (or needed to be – due to nothing changed in 6+ years) Desktop „environment‟ needed radical overhaul 4
  5. 5. What we set out to achieve & Why ? Solid Foundations, Simply and Position for growth…… Flexibility, commodity, financial modelling, transparent……… 2008/9 – „‟Foundation‟ 2009/10 - „Simplify‟ 2010 – 2011DesktopEnvironment Ph 1 - „Stabilise‟ Ph2 – „Install & Embed Foundation‟ Ph3 – „Enhance Exploit‟ BPOS - Software as a Service (Microsoft) MS Office (2010)- Ad-hoc & Desktop Modernisation –organic nature XP and PC’s under 3 years Std Office E-mail – Quotas & Online hosted components- Multiple O/S Automated Software Collaboration Tools – SharePoint, Off-line Deployment - SMS SharePoint LiveMeeting- No form ofCollaboration Auto Password Resets Seamless BPOS Presence - Instant Messaging integration- Point S/W, Active Directory – Ph 1 & 2 Windows 7no synergy Significant improvement in web browsing Improve Inventory Service Seamless Remote- Bottom Management Extend and simplify Wi-Fi access access (direct)quartile agility Release Retrieve & dispose of Consolidate other& VFM Legal, Compliance and Archive for Email all unused assets Sharepoint sites 2008 (12 months) 18 months 2009 (18 months) 5
  6. 6. Timescales & background challengesOct 08 May 09 Nov 09 May 10 Jul 10 Transformation options Legalities & Security assessments Planning & Readiness Migration Contracts Business case creation Challenges to overcome • Client perception : ‘Faith and perception in IT’ • Economic Climate : Recession, Mail volume decline, etc. • Experience : Leading edge, very few organisations had taken the ‘plunge’. • Microsoft Model : 1st ever ‘3rd party system Integrator’ deal with Microsoft. • Technology : Aged ‘creaking’ bastardised Lotus Notes email system. 6
  7. 7. How? Integration - Common Shared Goals Technical Solution Migration - Strong Joint Leadership -Microsoft -CSC & REDTRAY - Huge individual commitment - Pragmatism ! Change - Honesty transparency Readiness - Focus on respective -Royal Mail strengths - Innovation 7
  8. 8. Client Experience and Innovation 8
  9. 9. New Sharepoint solution (end user) 9
  10. 10. End User Comments... We had 1000’s and 1000’s WOW... what a difference... real customer focus whilst staying true to business value A superb and seamless migration! migration was seamless, very good job. best change in IT we have implemented This was a painless migration, the IT team were very helpful As an experienced user, familiar with software rollouts in organisations other than Royal Mail, I was struck by how painless the migration was. This was well done & of a very high standard The migration process went excellently. A very professional format in communications . Very impressive !! Advance easy to understand communications and a timetable to manage the change brilliant! The migration was seemless. Ive used Outlook before so didnt pay too much attention to the information sent. Technically the migration was very good Sufficient time given for training begore the migration - excellent thank you Great project - well planned, communicated and executed Excellent process technically, well managed and great communication No issues with the migration, all went very well. A great migration no problems at all and everything did what it said on the tin Fantastic and thank you Hope this is how all future software upgrades and new products are delivered and implemented, especially the training modules. Almost impossible to notice that there was any change! (So smooth and well organized) Very pleased with the whole process, smooth and trouble free, well done As well as being a User of the new suite of products I am also a Site Lead for a team of 30+ people. Having a local expert is definitely the way to go for future changes of this sort. 10
  11. 11. Results… 17% earlier than plan 11% Under cost budget 11% under cost budget +30% client satisfaction 0% data loss 46% moved in <5 minutes 750 people moved on ‘average per day’ ……….30,000 people increasing ‘faith in IT’, seeing that a world class programme can be delivered to the highest of standards……very liberating & refreshing. And for these 30,000 their business life has become that little bit happier, easier and quicker….. every day. 11
  12. 12. Recommendations and learning… • Communication, Communication & Communication • Choose a Service / System Integrator – real added value • Pragmatism & Realism are the parents of Partnership ! • It‟s a JOURNEY !........ Maturity will come with time 12