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How to Use Twitter for Networking

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  • Speaker: Ashley Bonlender
  • Speaker: Ashley BonlenderGetting feedback is important to any organization trying to meet the needs of its target market.That is why at the end of this presentation you will be asked to take a brief 5 question survey. This survey is just for our personal use to better our presentation. We recommend that you take the survey following the end of our presentation while the material is still fresh in your mind.Thank You and Enjoy!
  • Speaker: Ashley BonlenderFun facts about twitter:The headquarters for twitter is located in San Francisco CAFounded on March 2006 in San Francisco CAThe founders are Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone
  • Speaker:Ashley BonlenderWell twitter is a service for friends , family, and co-workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: “What are you doing?”Go to to join now!
  • Speaker: Ashley BonlenderWhen signing up you need to create a username and password.Twitter will automatically check the availability of your username. Once you find one that is unique, enter your email address and continue.After you create your account you can manually see if any of your email contacts are on twitter.You are also able to invite friends, search for friends and set up your phone.
  • Speaker: Folashade BakareCreativity is the art of establishing your presence on Twitter. Remember there are millions of people Twitter, therefore you want to be creative in branding yourself and establishing respect from your followers. You want your followers to see you as a reliable source of information they need.
  • Speaker:Folashade BakareOnce you sign in, the next step is to start following people on twitter. Follow the right people. Take advantage of Twitter by working smarter and not harder. The first impression counts. The way people perceive your tweets is important if you’re going to network effectively. Therefore, identify your niche.
  • Speaker: Folashade BakareYou identify your niche based on your interest or people you know. For instance you can be interested in promoting your business. You study and identify the communication styles used by the people you want to follow. Then make a decision to start following them.
  • Speaker: Folashade BakareFor a beginner, you want to create a list of people in your sphere of influence. These are people that you already know and possibly talk to regularly. You’ll feel more comfortable engaging in conversations with them on Twitter. You may also want to create a list of influencers.
  • Speaker: Folashade BakareInfluencers on Twitter are people that have a large number of followers and relatively follow small number of people. People are more engaged and interested in the contents of their tweets. They command respect on Twitter.
  • Speaker: Folashade BakareNow you want to be active and make it work for you. Be a regular tweeter. You want to make use of your influencers and retweet their tweets. You can ask questions or find articles online that you think will generate conversations. When you’re active on twitter you’re branding yourself by your style and quality of conversations. You are establishing your personality. Remember you want to be perceived as having substance deliver quality information.
  • Speaker: Marianne Koerner
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerSnuffling out what to tweet and reading things along the way, stimulates the brain. It helps me see trends in the industry as well as identify gaps that no one else are covering. That time spent discovering new content helps me stay informed AND brainstorm ideas.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerWhat is SEO? It’s your Search engine optimization. It is a ranking given to websites based on the number of ‘hits’ your site gets. The more hits you have the higher your SEO ranking. More tweets and click thru’s means an improved ranking. Sharing other people’s stuff means they check you out more often and therefore expose you to more guest blogging opportunities.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerJust like a blog, the more relevant your content and the more useful it proves to be to your audience, the more authority on a subject you will have. If you demonstrate you stay informed and up to date, people can start to trust you to be a source of info.  
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerTweeting can be used to help people find their lost dogs, guitar players for their bands, unemployed people work, charities you care about volunteers and share ideas that could help inspire people who are a little tired of the same old, same old. Twitter gives you a nice way to share and help without flooding Facebook friends or using email.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerTwitter etiquette isn’t only about what you should do. Unfortunately, bad tweets and poor Twitter practices sometimes show up within micro blogging communications. While you can’t really go horribly wrong on Twitter, you’ll make your life easier in the Twitterverse if you follow some simple guidelines.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerStart out slowly, following people you know and who know you. Then, as you start tweeting regularly, follow more people based on your interests. When you first sign up and before you start regularly tweeting, don’t follow hundreds of people. If you follow someone, they will check out your profile to see whether they might want to follow you back; if they see that you’ve tweeted once or twice and you’re following hundreds of people, they may think you’re just a spam account.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerDo not forget to upload a real profile picture. If you want to be artsy and put up an interesting abstract photo of a skyline or something, that’s fine, too. Just make it look like someone real actually set up your account. Also, Tweeps (people on Twitter) will make decisions whether to follow you or not based on what you write in your profile. So if there is nothing there, people aren’t going to take you seriously.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerSometimes too much information is just too much. Try to be personable without being too personal. Professional followers do not necessarily want to know what you had for lunch or the details about your child’s latest bout with the stomach flu. Offensive language, politics and religious topics should be avoided. Keep in mind, once something is out there it is out there. It could have been re-tweeted, cached, or copied. Don’t share information you may someday regret making public.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerNobody wants to listen to someone who is constantly reminding them of what a great person they are. Mentioning an upcoming webinar or a paper you have recently published is not a problem. Announcing it everywhere and every chance you get is going too far. Your messages should not come across as advertising. What’s the answer? Be a resource. Tweet value. Add to the conversation. Share excellent content. Be a giver, not a taker.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerFrequent complaints about the weather, politics, your spouse or unruly children are not professional and should be avoided. This is not to say we can never complain or share a anecdotal story. Sometimes life has a great way of presenting itself in such a way that our experiences can be useful in illustrating a need or learning tool that others can benefit from.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerNever take someone else's information and claim it as your own. It is too easy to be found out and it is unethical. Give credit where credit is due.
  • Speaker: Marianne KoernerDo not over tweet...Having an ongoing presence is important, but being overexposed can get you burned. I wouldn't recommend tweeting more than 10 times a day.
  • Speaker: Ashley BonlenderThat concludes our presentation. We hope you found our information useful. We ask that you participate in our brief survey by following the link above or scanning our QR code to take you to the survey. Thank You!
  • Speaker: Ashley BonlenderThank You!
  • Collaborative webinar project final (1)

    1. 1. How to use Twitter for Networking By: Folashade Bakare Ashley Bonlender Marianne Koerner
    2. 2.
    3. 3. Twitter Inc. Social networking company Twitter is an online social networking and micro blogging service that enables users to send and read “tweets”, which are text messages limited to 140 characters. Registered users can read and post tweets, but unregistered users can only read them.
    4. 4. So you may be asking: Why do I need a twitter account?
    5. 5. How to set up your profile account or page
    6. 6. Be Active-Tweet Regularly
    7. 7. Tweeting often stimulates the brain…
    8. 8. Boosts your SEO
    9. 9. Establishes credibility and authority….
    10. 10. It helps others
    11. 11. Things not to do on Twitter: - maintain a stellar Twitterverse reputation
    12. 12. Walk, do not run!
    13. 13. Don’t be a bore…..Personalize it!
    14. 14. Don’t share too much….keep it professional!
    15. 15. Nobody likes a car salesman…..
    16. 16. Nobody likes a whiner…..
    17. 17. Thou shalt not steal…..
    18. 18. Do not over tweet
    19. 19. Online Poll: Please take our survey @
    20. 20. THE END