Just A Hummingbird


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Just A Hummingbird

  1. 1. I would like to be.... MOONLIGHT.... In order to enlighten the nights of misunderstood lovers
  2. 2. SILENCE... In order to silence the voices that turmoil people’s hearts
  3. 3. DAWN... In order to bring one more day of happiness
  4. 4. LIGHT... For all those who live their lives in darkness
  5. 5. NIGHT... In order to cuddle those who strive all day long
  6. 6. LIFE... So that all those who are dying... may be reborn again
  7. 7. A TEAR... So insensitive hearts can also cry
  8. 8. A SMILE... In order to sweeten bitter lips
  9. 9. LOVE... In order to unite people... and let them know that I am just one of them...
  10. 10. In fact... I would just like to be a small hummingbird... So I could fly into your home through an open window, surprise you with a hug, and wish you a beautiful day.