Methods course introduction- 1st class


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The course took place in the Spring semester 2012. It was in Finnish. This presentation was only for showing the tasks of the course.

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Methods course introduction- 1st class

  1. 1. User Centered Design Methods Course Program- Spring 2012- KeravaMariana SalgadoSatu Hyökki
  2. 2. Day Program 8.30- Presentation of the whole course 9.00- Presentation of the case (S-ryhmä) Students select the case tasks9.45- On methods, tools and techniques (Hyökki). 10.30-12.00 Students’ presentations13-16.30 Workshops (in parallel sessions) Usability study plan (Hyökki) Designing Probes (Salgado)
  3. 3. ½ hands-on & ½ active listening and presenting! Coaching instead of teaching One case: S-ryhmCase: S-ryhmä Contact person: Petteri Sipilainen Contact person on gral. issues: Mariana Contact person on your group work: depends on who is your assigned teacher. Your Presentations + Quick workshops in the afternoons Individual + Group work
  4. 4. 10 credits = 270 hours! Workload 28 hrs contact lessons 50 hrs literature review & presentation 100 hrs Project presentation (group work) 30 hrs writing the academic article (group work) 30 hrs preparing and making reference list related to the article (individual work) 2 hrs mentoring meetings with the teachers ( group work) 30 hrs learning diary incl. evaluation of the learning outcomes
  5. 5. Outcomes1- One presentation(individual work)2- Project work based onthe case (each group chooseone method).3- Academic article on thecase study (group work)4- List of references(Individual work)5-Learning Diary (individualwork)
  6. 6. Tools Presentation Task List with 23 set of tools/methods Look for sources on the topic. Preferably academic articles or book chapters. Not base all in desktop research A good source of articles on these issues can be: or Databases as or the Proceedings of conferences that relate to our field Journals The International Journal of Design or
  7. 7. Tools Presentation Task Recently published in UCD Human Centered Design Toolkit (2011) by IDEO Exposing the Magic of Design (2011) by John Kolko This is Service Design Thinking (2010) Edited by Marc Stickdoorn and Jakob Schneider Human Centered Design Toolkit (2011) by IDEO Design Things (2011) Pelle Ehn, Thomas Binder, Giorgio De Michelis, Per Linde and Giulio Jacucci and Ina Wagner. Design Research. Through Practice from the lab, field, and showroom (2011). Ilpo Koskinen, John Zimmerman, Thomas Binder, Johan Redstöm and Stephan Wensveen.
  8. 8. Tool Presentation task 1) Familiarize with the subject. Read at least 6 articles or book chapters on the topic. Pay attention to look for good and relevant material. It is important how you do this selection. 2) Make a presentation (in a format you are familiar: Prezi or PPT) 3) Define the tools. What are the main differences between them? Is there any difference? How are these methods used? How these tools can be implemented for better understanding users? In which type of projects these tools can be good? In which moment of the design processes are relevant? Why? In which contexts these methods can be effective? 4) Reflect on the bibliography reviewed on the topic 5) Add the list of references to the presentation. Point 3, 4, and 5 need to be part of your presentation. 6) Upload the presentation to Optima. 7) Practice your presentation before-hand so you do not talk more than 10min.
  9. 9. Learning diary This is a document for YOU (but we will read it and grade) One paragraph per tool presented during the classes, including sources.Include your thoughts and personal impressions. Include pictures and graphics if needed. More instructions in OPTIMA
  10. 10. Academic Article The article needs to go through 2 rounds of iterations with your teacher. One of the teachers will be assigned to you for advising in the process of writing the article. On the second course day you will got your adviser.
  11. 11. Project work for S-ryhmä 1) signing in- process 4) mobile services 2) personalized services/content (ideas for development) 3) accessibility 5) services of the future evaluation 6) front page
  12. 12. Last presentation on project work 20 slides 30 minutes + 10min discussion 1st slide: project name, topic, date, student name, course Justification of method selection: why you choose this method for this specific topic? Method explained- what has been done? and how? Findings: Visual material showing findings Not need to explain the background of the studies (about S-ryhmä). Not need to tell the tensions and contradiction in the group.
  13. 13. 1) Presentations happensDeadlines during the course day. Each students receive a date in which he/she has to present. 2) 01.06 is the final group presentation at S-ryhmä 3) The academic article, learning diary and the individual list of references has to be ready by the 01.07.2012
  14. 14. Between 1st and 2nd day complete the usability study plan according Satu’s instructions.
  15. 15. Questions?
  16. 16. Thanks!