Tools and different type of Remix


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This is the 2nd presentation for the Interface Prototype workshop. April 2014.
Media lab, Aalto University

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  • The same happens with broadcasters and archives holding AV content.
  • The same happens with broadcasters and archives holding AV content.
  • They are also called fake trailers. They take an existing film and re-edit scenes from it in order to create the illusion that the film belnogs to a different genre.
  • Tools and different type of Remix

    1. 1. REMIX PRACTICES Mariana Salgado 23.04.2014 Interface Prototype Workshop Media Lab- Media Department ARTS- Aalto University POLITICAL REMIX MUSIC VIDEOS TOOLS MACHINIMA MOVIE TRAILERS
    2. 2. How people would like to enjoy and re-use television heritage in the future? CC BY EUscreen
    3. 3. In practical terms CC by Mariana Salgado-EUscreenXL New design concepts for REMIX USES
    4. 4. In practical terms The status of digital remix as a new form for writing Professional and amateur remixers call attention to their use of samples from originals, as part of the meaning of the remix. New literacies book
    5. 5. In practical termsArtists are beginning to understand the potential for fostering a culture around their work, while still being cautious of maintaining their own rights. Video remixes and fanvids do not seek to create profit or to steal profits from copyright owners but to express ideas, create dialogue, and contribute to culture. Candise Branun
    6. 6. In practical termsUnderstanding fan practices related to remixing AV content is key if we are going to design tools/formats to motivate the practice.
    7. 7. In practical terms Mixing one layer Sound effects or music Open data Dialogue Text Mix videos, sound and music Drawings, making effects Doing a game
    8. 8. In practical terms Or many at the time Mix videos, sound and music Screenshotfrom
    9. 9. In practical termsNew format or old format
    10. 10. In practical termsBut it has to be legal reuse You can go to check all the discussion on remix practices
    11. 11. In practical termsBut it has to be a tool that makes sense to use with archive material Use only archive material Screenshot from Euscreen Portal-Content from Luce
    12. 12. In practical terms Imagine This! POLITICAL REM IX = AV More on: Video24-7 A Taxonomy of Digital Video Remixing
    13. 13. In practical terms POLITICAL REM IX = AV People have created political remixes as a means for political advocacy (tool), political protest (weapon) and political observation (witness). Edwards & Tryon (2009)
    14. 14. In practical terms Vote different POLITICAL REM IX Views in 2014: 6,420,985 = AV
    15. 15. In practical terms Where are you from? M ACH INIM A Machinima is the use of real-time compter graphics engines to create a cinematic production. Wikipedia definition. More on Machinima: = AV
    16. 16. In practical terms M ACH INIM A = AV Machinima is “tied to games development, reflecting gaming and internet cultures. It will further eveolve in line with deloping curatorial experise in its presentation to wider audiences and positioning within the digital arts movement”. Tracy Harwood (2011)
    17. 17. In practical terms = AV remix Harry Potter mixed with Pride and Prejudice M OVIE TRAILER
    18. 18. In practical termsMary Poppins Scary M OVIE TRAILERS = AV
    19. 19. In practical terms Fanfiction FANFICTION SHORT M OVIES = AV
    20. 20. In practical termsMachinima music video M USIC VIDEOS More on making music videos: = AV
    21. 21. In practical terms M USIC VIDEOS Vidding is the fan labor practice in media fandom of creating music videos from the footage of one or more visual media sources, thereby exploring the source itself in a new way. The creator may explore a single character, support a particular romantic pairing between characters, criticize or celebrate the original text, or point out an aspect of the TV show or film that they find under-appreciated. The creators refer to themselves as "vidders", their product as "vids", "fanvids", or "songvids", and the act itself as vidding. Source: Wikipedia/Vidding = AV
    22. 22. In practical terms Supercut. noun sü-p r-k t — A fast-paced montage of short video clipsˈ ə ə that obsessively isolates a single element from its source, usually a word, phrase, or cliche from film and TV. collects every known example of the video remix meme. AV remix collections
    23. 23. In practical terms Remix Europeana Interactive Video
    24. 24. In practical termsTool s Webmaker
    25. 25. In practical terms Porcorn.js Tool s Ryan Merkley presenting Porpcorn
    26. 26. In practical termsTools TotalRecut
    27. 27. In practical termsTools Movie Masher lets web site owners offer editing and remixing capabilities to their visitors via a sophisticated flash widget, which can be customized to match the look of your web site. The editing tools allow you to sequence and trim clips, add effects, transitions, titles, and music, using a familiar timeline editor.
    28. 28. In practical termsTools Rifftrax
    29. 29. In practical termsTools OpenShot
    30. 30. In practical termsTools Stupeflix
    31. 31. In practical termsTools Filelab
    32. 32. In practical termsTools Magisto
    33. 33. In practical termsTools YouTube
    34. 34. In practical termsTools VideoToolBox
    35. 35. In practical termsTools Kaltura
    36. 36. In practical termsTools HTML5
    37. 37. In practical termsTools HTML5 WeVideo
    38. 38. In practical termsTools Wondershare
    39. 39. In practical termsTools Kdenlive
    40. 40. In practical termsTools Screenshot from
    41. 41. Ready? Questions ?
    42. 42. References New literacies and social practices of digital remixes. Chapter 4. Book New Literacies. Edwards, R. L. and Tryon, C. (2009). Political video mashups as allegories of citizen empowerment. First Monday. 14:10 Harwood, T. (2011). Towards a Manifesto for Machinima. Journal of Visual Culture 10:6 Branum, C. From Documentaries to Fanvids: Participatory Culture, Video Remix and Copyright. Blogpost.
    43. 43. Thanks!!! Dr. Mariana Salgado Postdoctoral researcher Arki Research Group Media Department- ARTS Aalto University 2013