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Gravity summit learning services harvard 09122011


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Gravity summit learning services harvard 09122011

  1. 1. Gravity SummitLearning Services Real-Time Social MediaBusiness Training & Education
  2. 2. Small Business Survey Social Media Gap 2 in 5 reported Word-of-Mouth main waythey got businessResearch: Hiscox June 2011
  3. 3. The NeedSituation:•Domestic and Global companies suffer from uneven social media knowledge and skills•Time constraints prevent much needed executive learningResults:•Continued inefficiencies•Customer voice remains unheard•Lackluster sales•Lose ground to the competition• Independent social media efforts under deliver Learning Services
  4. 4. The Solution Gravity Summit Learning ServicesWe fill the knowledge and skill gap with:•Smart, practical social media learning tools•Deliver real, actionable competencies•Realize “success” goals faster•Understand how to conduct business in a global marketIf you see the value of upgrading your computer every 2 – 5years, why not upgrade your social media learning? Learning Services
  5. 5. Our Team Scott Gerling V.P. Sales Development SEO & Emerging Technology Mariana Magness Director Marketing & Learning Services, South America English, Spanish, Portuguese Jeannette “Cookie” Fischer Director International Communication Competencies, Europe & Asia English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Hebrew, Mandarin, JapaneseLearning Services
  6. 6. What We Do•We immerse ourselves in your business to deliver only the social media corporatelearning that makes sense for you•Present an easy-to-understand internal and/or external Social Media Assessment with clear, next-step recommendations and strategies•Private “master class” seminars and workshops for key personnel customized toyour industry (1/2 day to corporate retreats)• Conduct follow-up services that support ongoing corporate learning and skillbuilding Learning Services
  7. 7. Executive Learning Day Example2.Arrange a private venue where participants feel comfortable asking questionsand sharing ideas in an open atmosphere4.Provide a social media overview as it applies to your specific industry6.Conduct specific and individual hands-on social media skill builders andcommunication competency exercises to ensure participants “get it”8.Open forum discussion to address most salient questions/issues and develop anAction Plan9.Craft a Social Media Assessment after each workshop or seminar to measurelearning Learning Services
  8. 8. Gravity SummitLearning Services Real-Time Social MediaBusiness Training & Education