Tutor use for SAT prep


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Tutor use for SAT prep

  1. 1. Tutor Use for SAT Prep
  2. 2. TUTORS A tutor can help you boost your SAT score. Tutors can familiarize you with test questions, monitor your skills, and suggest drills to improve your test-taking ability.
  3. 3. SAT TEST QUESTIONS There are many ways a tutor can help you prepare for the SAT Reasoning Test, which is a test high school students take for admission to college. The primary way a tutor can help is by familiarizing you with test questions. The more familiar you are with the questions, the better you'll do on the actual day you show up to take the SAT. You can get familiar with the questions by buying practice books also. But it is often useful to have a tutor explain a few of the concepts of the test to you based upon your specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses, something a book cannot do. A tutor can assess your strengths, and point out how you, as an individual, can best approach the question types.
  4. 4. YOUR SKILLS A personal tutor can also help you (or you child) prepare for the SAT by monitoring your skills. This entails watching you answer questions, seeing the way you read, observing the way you mark your test booklet, and watching you fill in answers. The experienced teacher can give you feedback based on the amount of time you take to perform these tasks. A teacher can also help by making sure you divide your time correctly between reading, thinking, and answering. More than this, a teacher can help you see where to focus your time. They can also help you decide when to give up on a particular question and move on to the next, a valuable and important SAT test tactic.
  5. 5. DRILLS Any good tutor will also show you how to do drills to improve your score on a test. This is like what a Drill Sergeant does in the Army. The teacher will use a stopwatch and make sure you are on time. They will also suggest other drills that you can do to improve your test taking ability. Overall, it is to your advantage to get familiar with any test before you take it, especially the college entrance exam known as the SAT. A skilled person who is knowledgeable about the test can help you get comfortable with the questions, observe your strategies, and help you practice so that you can excel on the actual day of the test.
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