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Hair loss concealers


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Hair loss concealers

  1. 1. Hair Loss Concealers -Why Every Balding Manand Woman Should TryIt
  2. 2. Hair concealers have been one of the top choices for covering bald patches formany many years. As a result, the number of products available on themarket now has increased dramatically. Now, not only do they discreetlyhide your hair loss, but some even aid hair growth. Hair loss concealerswork by making an individuals existing hair appear fuller and healthier. Indoing so, it reduces the visibility of a persons scalp, disguising the effects ofbalding or thinning hair.
  3. 3. The most common form of hair concealer is the "spray on" hair. Although often ridiculed,"spray on" hair can be surprisingly effective. However, this product is available in avariety of different forms. For example, hair concealer creams temporarily thicken thestrands with heavy forms of dyes.Other forms of this effective temporary product include fibers and sprays. Fibersgenerally thicken the appearance of your hair, because the powder like formationclings to existing hair via static electricity. Similarly, sprays usually involve acombination of both fibers and dyes. Hair loss concealers for growth are meant to actas temporary products, and they will generally wash out when an individualshampoos. Most of these products do not stain a persons hands or clothing. Theyare also surprisingly durable, which means that they will not be removed by externalconditions, like wind or rain. Hair concealers are also rather subtle, which means that
  4. 4. When it comes to choosing an effective concealer, one of the most commonlyrecommended brands is Toppik. This particular product uses keratin basedfibers to combine with a persons hair via static. Often, the process ofselecting a hair concealer can be one of trial and error. However, seekingrecommendations from friends or family members can help an individualnarrow their selection of hair loss concealers for hair growth. When a personis choosing a hair concealer, he or she should ensure that the color of theproduct closely matches their own natural hair color, in order to be providedwith a more natural looking appearance.