Condos for active retirees


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Condos for active retirees

  1. 1. Condos for Active Retirees
  2. 2. Condos are a great living option for people whoare retired and want to downsize, but stillwant to live an active lifestyle. Whileretirees can live in any southwest condosbuilding they want, certain demographics oftenare drawn to certain buildings, meaningretirees and young professionals, for example,often choose different places to live. Condoretirement communities, though, generally arefor older adults who, for the most part, atleast, can care for themselves, and wantopportunities for activities and socialization.
  3. 3. There are a wide variety of condo buildingsavailable to retirees (or even those whoare nearing retirement, or working parttime, for example), including both high-rises and low-rises. For many retirees whochoose to buy or rent a condo, one of themain reasons is downsizing. Why care for anentire single-family home if you only use asmall part of it? Indeed, there are manyupsides to condos for retirees.
  4. 4. The upsides include: More time for activities.You have worked all your life. It would be niceto have more time to do the things you reallyenjoy, right? Condos allow you to do thatbecause there is not a lawn to mow and care for.No bushes or trees to trim. No snow to shovel.And there even will be less maintenance, as youcan simply call building maintenance ormanagement if something goes wrong. If you planto travel in your golden years, that is a lotless to worry about when you should be offenjoying yourself. Other upsides of condosinclude the opportunity for socialization
  5. 5. Your neighbors likely will become yourfriends, and it is entirely possible thebuilding will have organized activitiesdesigned for those who want to stay active.Pools, tennis courts, and other amenitieswill help you stay in shape, too.And, finally, there is a sense of securityin a condo building. That applies bothwhile you are there and, perhaps moreimportantly, while you are gone.
  6. 6. As they are searching for condos, retireesshould keep a couple of things in mind. Dosome research on the condition of theproperty, and of the fees homeowners arecharged as part of the association. You donot want to plan to leave maintenancebehind, but move into a place that willrequire a bunch of work.
  7. 7. Also, check out the budget reserves of theassociation. The fee you pay every monthpays for amenities like pools and fitnessrooms, but you do not want to get into asituation where those fall into disrepairbecause the association had to spend itsmoney on more pressing maintenance matters.