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Being MCCC. My experiences as Mentor Assessor


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iMoot 2011

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Being MCCC. My experiences as Mentor Assessor

  1. 1. iMoot 2011Being MCCC.My experiences as Mentor AssesorMaryel Mendiola
  2. 2. MCCCI decided to take Moodle Certification at the beginning of 2009. In my country there is not a MoodlePartner, thats why I was assigned to take it in Moodle Partner Central HRDNZIn those days, English was the only way to take MoodleCertification scheme, and I did it so.Moodle Certification scheme in HRDNZ contains 8 wonderfultraining courses (MoodleBites), 1 MCCC course and onepractice area for candidates.Taking certification this way is amazing, it leads us torediscover Moodle virtues. And that is just what (all we)LatAm teachers needHaidee Foxwell our Global Moodle Course Creator Certificatecoordinator, she was my mentor while I was candidate, and she wasmy Mentor when I became Mentor for LatAm. Haidee Foxwell wasMentor of Mentors. And I developed skills and growth in this rolllearning from her.Note: LatAm is used to mean Latin America
  3. 3. Alongside the MCCC mentor assessor. MoodleBites has a Tutor for8 training courses. I was lucky because Stuart Mealor was myTutor, he is well known international Moodle and e-learning figure,he is the global Moodle Certification Manager too.By that time I was created a LatAm teachers social network, I told and encourage them to enroll toMoodle Certification along with me. But there was a big problem: most of LatAm teachers dont speakEnglish. Language was a huge impediment.Larry Lugo MTC 1.5 Monico Briseño MTC 1.7Since 2007 to 2009 there were only two certified LatAms: Larry Lugo from Venezuela andMonico Briseño from México.
  4. 4. When two minds converge as oneOnce I got my MCCC StuArt Mealor invited me to be co-facilitator in MoodleBites. Of course I acceptedimmediately. That allowed me to observe courses since a new and optimal angle and without timepressure.In That process two minds converged in one goal: MCCC in spanish for LatAm (I tried to imagine my fellowshappiness when they noticed that impediment was going to be broken).And that was it!I began to translate and Invited Monico Briseño to help us translating 1, 3, 5, and number 7 MoodleBitescourses in the first translating version. Up today there is a new translating version.Since then Im MCCC Mentor Assesor for Latin America. Roll supported with my 28 continuous yearsteaching in University levelMCCC in SpanishFor LatAmMCCC en EspañolPara LatAm
  5. 5. Nowadays there are more than 30 Certificates for Latin America and one more in process (apr 2011).Every new period each recently MCCC was invited to be co-facilitator only for one week, we invitedthe best of each run with high skills to become a MoodleBites co-facilitator and and could workside by side with me
  6. 6. Knowledge is produced fixing mistakesEveryday is a great experience as Mentor Assessor, I learn too much from knowledge produced from mistakesand it is found in Practice Area, where some candidates use to copy and paste some javascripts or flash. Suddenlya label doesnt allow them to edit the contentThe hardest issues are outcomes, Databases, Lessons and Quiz specially cloze questions. And candidatequestions are the source for mini tutorials produced by MariaModole (a virtual character for helping LatAms withresources and tutorials)You can find MariaMoodle resources in:
  7. 7. Commitments as MCCC Moodlers acquireAchieve Certification commits us to be leaders in our respective communities, create tutorials,repositories and keep helping community.Being MCCC Mentor Assessor requires me toencourage new certificated moodlers to engage withthe Moodle community.Belong to Moodle international community makes mefeel pride.Being MCCC encourage us to reach a Goal:Become a particularly helpful moodlerOr even better Moodler de gran ayuda
  8. 8. T H A NT H A NK SK S