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Admin Critical Route for Moodle 2.4


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Admin Critical Route for Moodle 2.4

  1. 1. Moodle 2.4Critical Route 2.4for new adminsby Maryel Mendiola
  2. 2. for whom tool is for those teachers who daredto install Moodle and became adminsthis is for newbiesIt is always recommended to refer Moodle Docs,no matter your admin level.however . . .
  3. 3. Level 1, Introduction to Apache, MySQL and PHPWeek 2, Configuring MoodleWeek 3, Site organisationWeek 4, Site organisationWeek 5, ThemesWeek 6, Reporting and moreWeek 7, Using contributed pluginsWeek 8, Everything else...Basic, for admins newbiesHowever . . .If you really want to reach highest levels of Moodle admin skills, it isrecommended to take this awesome 8 weeks training course:MoodleBites for Administrators
  4. 4. Goals✓ Provide an easy resource for Moodle admins torefer always when they request a path✓ Convert this easy guide in a useful tool✓ Create some apps for different Moodle version
  5. 5. What is it about ?It is a Table with top paths to performance admin’sskills in a good level.This tool was made for Moodle 2.4Maybe these are not the most important paths, butdefinitely they are the most frequently used
  6. 6. Critical Route for new Adminfirst of all: use the dock, move settings, navigation and admin bookmark blocks into dockCritical Route for new Adminfirst of all: use the dock, move settings, navigation and admin bookmark blocks into dockLanguagesNotificationsadd edit coursescourse default settingsadvanced featuresmanage authenticationbrowse list of userssite policiesplugins- text editorsmanage filterstheme selectortheme settingsSite administration--> Language -->Language packs to install your Language packSite administration--> Language --> Language settings set the default language on you Moodle siteSite administration--> NotificationsLet you check for available updates; run the cron; register your Site; and know the version installedSite administration--> Courses --> Add/edit coursesLet you add and manage courses and categoriesSite administration--> Courses --> Course default settingsLet you enable completion tracking; force language (or not); format and course layout; among othersSite administration--> Advanced featuresEnable: completion tracking, conditional access, comments, RSS feeds, among othersSite administration--> plugins --> authentication --> Manage authenticationit enables potential users (or not) to register themselves and create accountsSite administration--> users -->Accounts --> Browse list of users let you manage site usersSite administration--> users -->Accounts --> Bulk user actions let you send message to allselected, for exampleSite administration--> Security -->Site policieslist of roles that are visible on user profiles; allow embed (or not); password policy; among others.Site administration--> plugins --> Text editors --> Manage editorslet you edit the editor toolbar (adding or remove buttons)Site administration--> plugins --> filters --> Manage filterslet you display emoticons as image; algebra notation; convert URLs into links and images;remember usernameSite administration--> Appearance --> Themes --> Theme selectorLet you select theme for device; Clear theme cachesSite administration--> Appearance --> Themes -->Theme settingsEnable device detection (or not); let you manage Custom menu items; Allow course themes; amongothersThis table was made for Moodle 2.4.xother version could have a few changes in pathsThis table was made for Moodle 2.4.xother version could have a few changes in paths
  7. 7. coming soon . . .Critical Route 2.4 app for TabletsCritical Route 2.4 app for smartphonesCritical Route 2.5 app for TabletsLater . . .Critical Route 2.5 app for smartphones
  8. 8. come and visit ushttp://moodleblog.mmendiola.orgThank You !@MariaMoodle