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Social media marketing


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Social media marketing

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAMARKETINGPrepared by: Aurore Jabbour, MariamChammas, Nadim Sayegh
  2. 2. Outline Glossary What is Social Media? What is Social Media Marketing? History of social media marketing Facts and Numbers 12 social media principles Why using social media marketing Social media Mis-usage Examples References
  3. 3. Glossary Social media, social media marketing, facebook twitter, linkedIn, Outbound marketing, Inbound marketing
  4. 4. What is social media Social Instrument of communication Instrument of communication like a newspaper and a radio Social Social Media
  5. 5. What is social media Media Social Media Web and mobile Interactive technologies dialogue
  6. 6. What is social media marketing The way to use technology to build relationships, drive repeat business and attract new customers through friends sharing with friends By utilizing the social aspect of the web, social media marketing is able to connect and interact on a much more personalized and dynamic level than through traditional marketing. Example:
  7. 7. History of marketing
  8. 8. History of marketing  New technologies continues to emerge Earning the attention of and become adopted by 1400-1900: making yourself prospects, 1929-1949: The wide audience 1950-1972:printed advertising easy to be found and emergence of  Mobile phone gains Marketing grows up drawing customers to your new mediums appears popularity website by producing  Internet became a content customers value viable tool for commerce opening the door for an explosion in marketing2003 +: age of 1995- 2002: The 1973-1994: The digital age INBOUD Bubble emerges MARKETING
  9. 9. History of marketing 1400-1900: 1929-1949: The 1950-1972:printed advertising emergence of Marketing grows up appears new mediums2003 +: age of 1995- 2002: The 1973-1994: The digital age INBOUD Dot-com Bubble emerges MARKETING
  10. 10. 1400-1900 EXIT
  11. 11. 1920-1949 - 1922: Radio advertising begins - In 1933, 55.2% of US homes have radio EXIT
  12. 12. 1950-1972 EXIT
  13. 13. 1973-1994 Print advertising 1981-1984: became easier 1973 - Ibm personalMotorolla computer mobile - Apple macintosh phone TV displaces newspapers as 2G mobile the largest ad phones allowing medium sms messaging XIT
  14. 14. EXIT
  15. 15. 1995-2002 Mid 2006, 50 million blog exist EXIT
  16. 16. 2003 + 2006 2011 EXIT
  17. 17. History of marketing 1400-1900: 1929-1949: The 1950-1972:printed advertising emergence of Marketing grows up appears new mediums OUTBOUND INBOUND MARKETING MARKETING2003 +: age of 1995- 2002: The 1973-1994: The digital age INBOUD Dot-com Bubble emerges MARKETING
  18. 18. Facts and numbers Facebook  Facebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues
  19. 19. Facts and numbers
  20. 20. Facts and numbers
  21. 21. Facts and numbers
  22. 22. Facts and numbers
  23. 23. Facts and numbers Twitter  Social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, "What are you doing?" by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets", to your friends, or "followers."
  24. 24. Facts and numbers
  25. 25. Facts and numbers
  26. 26. Facts and numbers
  27. 27. Facts and numbers
  28. 28. Facts and numbers LinkedIn:  LinkedInis the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportunities with a broader network of professionals.
  29. 29. Facts and numbers
  30. 30. Facts and numbers
  31. 31. Social Media Marketingprinciples  Social media marketing is changing the marketing landscape so fast that companies are struggling to adapt their strategies and tactics  So what are some key elements you need to keep in mind to market on a social
  32. 32. 12 Social media marketingprinciples
  33. 33. Share Go Real Engage Time Educate Listen – Don’t Sell Social media Entertai Show Marketing n– Your Don’tPassion principles Market Target Your Go Niche Multicha nnel Think Give Like a Infos Publishe Away r Think For Free Multime dia
  34. 34. Why using social mediaSocial media extends you, your brand, and your relationship with your customers. Social media marketing sites are popular and users are active Social media provides instant feedback. Social media marketing sites are free Social media is everywhere.
  35. 35. Why using social media Social media encourages two-way communication.
  36. 36. Social media Mis-usage Here are the biggest missteps when it comes to using social media as a tool for progress, plus some advice on how to overcome them.
  37. 37. Social media Mis-usage1 - Companies Don’t Ask for New Ideas Over SocialMedia.
  38. 38. Social media Mis-usage2 - Companies Use Social Media for Self-ServingInformation.
  39. 39. Social media Mis-usage3 - Companies Are Strapped for Time and Labor.
  40. 40. Social media Mis-usage4 - Companies Receive Overwhelmingly PositiveFeedback on Social Media.
  41. 41. Social media Mis-usage5 - Companies Receive Feedback, Then NothingHappens.
  42. 42. Examples  Zaatar w Zeit  Zaatar W Zeit is a hip Lebanese baked wrap concept.  Launched in May of 1999 their first branch in Sodeco Beirut, to offer a new spin on this Lebanese favorite to mankousheh lovers all over Lebanon in a comfortable and cozy environment, with a friendly service and a smile.  The concept rapidly witnessed a huge success and expanded massively, opening in
  43. 43. Examples Zaatar w Zeit social media marketing  Zaatar w Zeit turned to Eastline Marketing to create a Social Media Strategy for new menu items that would trigger a demand and build an online presence for the brand.  Eastline Marketing: they deliver accurate and comprehensive services in the domain of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search Marketing, Online Advertising, e-PR will allow you to attain your set sales and communication objectives.
  44. 44. Examples Zaatar w Zeit social media marketing goal:  Increase brand awareness  Remain top of mind  Build an online community that engage consumers with brand  Familiarize consumers to new products  Launch new products
  45. 45. Examples  Zaatar w Zeit social media marketing solution  Eastline Marketing launched promotional campaigns for each of the newly added items, along with a continuous brand awareness campaign.  Creation of the Facebook FanPage  Eastline Marketing also developed a fun contest to engage consumers and familiarize them with the newly launched products.
  46. 46. Examples  Zaatar w Zeit social media marketing solution  Maintaining a robust brand presence in social spaces, such as on Facebook, giving consumers a platform to interact with Zaatar w Zeit  Starting conversations with online influencers
  47. 47. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  48. 48. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  49. 49. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  50. 50. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  51. 51. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  52. 52. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  53. 53. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  54. 54. Zaatar w Zeit and facebook
  55. 55. ZwZ social media marketingsuccess keys Right timing when making facebook fanpage  people were all over facebook, uploading pictures, changing status… Having an ad on Facebook  People can see it and like the page  Increased the fan numbers Launching the new menus and new campaigns :  They always have something new to talk about ; something that interest their clients and keep them loyal -> Facebook Fans are never bored
  56. 56. ZwZ social media marketingsuccess keys Zaatar w Zeit Fanpage interacts a lot with its fans  complains and critics about the restaurant  they don’t delete the comments from the fanpage, but they answer their fans they are very open to any critic or suggestion, they discuss it with the fans, they try to get as much information as they can, to improve their service. Always online, changing statues, and responding immediately to all the wall posts and messages; this shows their care towards their clients; and people love this!!
  57. 57. ZwZ social media marketingsuccess keys The fanpage of Zaatar w Zeit gave them the chance to be in a one on one relationship with their clients and potential ones of course; they know what they want and they give it to them, people feel that they are dealing with a friend that really cares about them.
  58. 58. ZwZ social media marketing results Increased fans by 400% Recruited substantial participants / database marketing in the contest
  59. 59. Radio One
  60. 60. Radio One
  61. 61. Radio One
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