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Digital life (Mariam)


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Digital Life advantages and disadvantages

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Digital life (Mariam)

  1. 1. Digital Life In the year 2012 there were approximately 17 billion devices connected to the internet. From day to day our world has been changed. We cannot imagine the world without digital life or technology for example televisions, computer, etc. On the other hand there are some advantages and disadvantages of digital life. By new and different ideas digitals makes our life easier. For example, education in schools and colleges has been really affected by the technological advances of computers,business organizations use digital machines, hospitals, factories and companies use technology. Digital lifestyle create a lot of digital devices such as laptops, phones, IPad, and many others. However digital life is also harmful and dangerous. For example it causes pollution due to using cars; it damages the o-zone layer, as a result people suffer from cancer, even phones can damage your ears. Also sometimes digitals are expensive, for example if a woman doesn’t have a washing machine so she
  2. 2. will wash on her hands which is can make her tired and also a waste of time. Also it makes us lazy and always depending on devices. In my opinion I can hardly live without digital devices. But we can prevent it by other devices that can’t harm us. Together we can find solutions.