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A quick summary of the do’s and don’t’s


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Do's and Don't's of designing an ancillary product.

Published in: Education
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A quick summary of the do’s and don’t’s

  1. 1. A quick summary of the DO’s and DON’T’s of design a production work…
  2. 2. Make sure you DO this:  Stick to 2 clear fonts as a maximum. Make sure they are appropriate for your genre that you are following and be careful with the sizing of your fonts.  Think about colours carefully and make sure they fit in with your genre and pictures. Also stick to 3 colours as a maximum.  Use clear photos that are in focus. Make sure they are in appropriate shot-size for pane and are appropriate for use.  Remember to use; barcode, date, copyright info, title of album, artist/s name/s, company logo, website and artist/s website.  And finally don’t forget to use the rule of third for composition
  3. 3. Make sure you DON’T do this:  Use unnecessary effects. Don’t go mad using Photoshop  Stretch image to fit panel- if the image isn’t the right size them trash it.  Put writing on the artist/s face  Use fonts just because you like them  Too many photos just to fill up spaces, feel the need to have photos on every panel.  Not following the conventions of your genre