Mental health disorders georgia


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Presentation about mental health for secundary students.

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Mental health disorders georgia

  1. 1. CELEBRITIES WITH MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS There are many people who have mental health disorders. They are many famous people dealing with these problems everyday. If you recieve the correct treatment you can battle the disease.
  2. 2. CATHERINE ZETA JONES • Catherine Zeta Jones is a Welsh actress. • She suffers with Bipolar disorder 2. • This means that she lives with very difficult thought processes and although she reaches very extreme highs and lows with the disease, Bipolar disorder 2 means that she will never fully reach complete mania.
  3. 3. PABLO PICASSO • Pablo Picasso suffered with Schizophrenia in his later life. • Schizophrenia affects about one person in every 100. • Some symptoms of Schizophrenia are: • Hallucinations • Trouble focusing or paying attention • No logical thought process • Unhappiness in every day life
  4. 4. TYPES OF MENTAL DISORDERS • ANXIETY DISORDERS: a lot of fear, rapid heartbeat, and reacting without control. • MOOD DISORDERS: for example, Mania, Depression or Bipolar disorders. • PSYCHOTIC DISORDERS: halluciations, hearing noises. Like Scizophrenia. • EATING DISORDERS: Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa . • IMPULSE AND ADDICTION DISORDERS: Pyromania (starting fires), Kleptomania (stealing disorder), Alcohol and drugs are common objects of addictions, and also gambling. • PERSONALITY DISORDERS: When thinking patterns and behavior differ from the behavior of the rest of society. For example OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – can become obsessed with certain things, for example washing hands 100 times a day.
  5. 5. HOW TO COMBAT MENTAL ILLNESS • The best way to start with a mental illness is to see experienced professional help, who specialise in the subject of mental health. • This way they can diagnose you with the correct Mental Illness as they are all extremely different even if they have similar characterstics. • From Depression to Schizophrenia there are ways of living and dealing with your illness. • For example, a doctor may perscribe you medicine that can reduce the effects of theillness, for example with Bipolar disorder, the medicine given by professionals is to reduce the intensity of the sufferers highs and lows, so that their mind and behavior is more balanced. • Another way of recieving help for mental illnesses is mental therapy.. There is a wide range of therapy to recieve for mental illness for example Psychotherapy and Cognitive therapy. The therapy you recieve will depend on the illness you have.