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Dark matter of transhumanism 1


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Dark matter of transhumanism 1

  1. 1. Dark matterof transhumanism
  2. 2. Transhumanism is:Ethical choiceCall to actionStrict hierarchy of goalsRational behaviorFuture of humanity
  3. 3. Most important experiments in Biology of Aging
  4. 4. Life extension recordsRobert Shmookler Reis Valter Longo extended yeast extended nematode lifespan 10 fold by mutations lifespan 10 fold by a in ras2 and sch9 genes andmutation in age-1 gene reduced calorie intake
  5. 5. Life extension records Rogina Blanka was able to extend Andrzej Bartke made a mouse livedrosophila lifespan 2 fold by creating two times longer by mutation in a mutation in indy gene growth hormone receptor gene and restricting calorie intake
  6. 6. Creating transgene animals• Tissue-specific downregulation of IGF-1 or PI3K• Overexpression of genes that control oxidative state of a cell (САТ, TXN, MSRA, SOD1, SOD2)• DNA repair genes (GADD45 alpha, beta, gamma)• Regulators of epigenetic state (DNMT2) and transcription of protective agents (FOXO3)• Heat shock proteins (HSPA1A, HSPA1B)• Overexpression of other gens (PCMT1, SIRT1, PCK1, PLAU)>100 genes, associated with longevity, are identified
  7. 7. Longevity gene therapy Maria Blasco from Spanish National Cancer Research Center created a viral vector carrying telomerase gene. Its integration in mice was able to extend lifespan in: 1-year-old mice by 24% 2-year-old mice by 13%Bernardes de Jesus B et al., Telomerase gene therapy in adult and old mice delays aging andincreases longevity without increasing cancer. EMBO Mol Med. 2012 Aug;4(8):691-704.
  8. 8. Suppressing activity ofmobile genetic elements
  9. 9. Bringing aging diagnostics into clinic Michael Snyder, Stanford University During 14 months 40 000 parameters were studies: genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolom e The onset of type 2 diabetes was detected It is necessary to have similar diagnostic testing available in the clinic in order to analyze the processes of aging and development of age-related diseasesChen et al., Personal omics profiling reveals dynamic molecular and medical phenotypes. Cell. 2012 Mar 16;148(6):1293-307.
  10. 10. Rapamycin extends lifespan of old mice by 14% Rapamycin blocks mTOR pathway. This leads to suppressing growth and proliferation of a cell, autophagy activation and slowing downRapamycin fed late in life extends lifespan in genetically heterogeneous mice. Harrison et al. Nature. 2009 Jul 16;460(7253):392-5.
  11. 11. Geroprotector candidates existMetfornim 4-phenilbyterateMelatonin GimnemosideLipoic acid Cycloastrogenol2-deoxy-D-glucose QuertsetinCarnosine Nordihydroguaiaretic acidAmino-guanidine AcarboseFisetin 17-а-estradiolHydroxycitrate SpermidineKempferol Thioflavin T
  12. 12. Studying closely related species with significant difference in lifespanNaked mole rat Brandt’s bat Rougheye rockfish32 years 41 years 205 years
  13. 13. Main problem of Biogerontology – lack of funding
  14. 14. Why hasn’t transhumanism won? Conservatism Belief in afterlife Complexity of science Politicians focus on momentary interests of the voters Taboo on talking about death Lack of wide public awareness
  15. 15. We have to find the solutionto the problem of funding life extension research
  16. 16. Social mandate – changing government position
  17. 17. + – Necessity to persuade a hugePossibility to form large-scale number of peoplegovernment programs No access to influential massImmediate results in the area mediaof life extension Difficult perception of theInvolvement of large number problemof people Orientation of politicians to momentary needs of the voters
  18. 18. Rise to power of transhumanist parties
  19. 19. + –Union of active people supporting Marginality, paucity and povertythe ideas of life extension of transhumanist unionsPossibility of all government Conservatism of societyactivities to be in favor of radical lifeextension of humans
  20. 20. Scientists unite in the framework of a project like Aginome
  21. 21. + –Alliance of best minds for Focus of scientists on their ownsolving a common task narrow area of researchUsing the existing experience of Fear of scientists of not receivingcarrying out large-scale scientific a grant if the goals include lifeprojects extension Fear of negative opinion among colleagues Transformation of a researcher from a naturalist into a manager of science
  22. 22. Billionaires strive to immortality
  23. 23. + – Lack of sufficient awareness about fighting aging amongMassive funding billionairesLack of bureaucratic Absence of communicationprocedures, possibility of solving the channelstask in a short time frame Demand of immediateForming the general public approval commercial resultof life extension idea Fear to loose money in vain and activities of the frauds Expectations that they will buy life extension
  24. 24. Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  25. 25. + – Lack of public awareness about the opportunities in the area ofUnion of active people supporting life extension researchthe ideas of life extension Absence of a subject with highLack of bureaucratic procedures credibility ready to take care of fundraisingAnalysis of Big Data, rapidacquisition of accurate results Emotional competition with other directions in charity Priority of short-term goals over the long-term goals
  26. 26. Artificial Intelligence will solve the problem
  27. 27. + –Possibility of getting an Unfriendly Artificial Intelligenceinstantaneous solution to theproblem We don’t know the exact creation date of the full-fledged AI AI also requires budgets
  28. 28. Autocratic leaders will decide to become immortal
  29. 29. + –Large-scale funding of scientific Absence of scientific potential inprojects in the area of life extension autocratic countriesAll areas of life are focused on Bureaucracy and corruption willfighting aging bring to naught all the good intentions
  30. 30. International competitionin transhumanist projects VS.
  31. 31. + –Government support of scientific Tendency of governments toprojects on fighting aging compete in ways of killing people, but not preserving livesFocus on getting the result as soonas possible Public focus on sports, economics, historical sights
  32. 32. Abundance of transhumanist startups
  33. 33. + –Real life examples of how and why Lack of basic researchtranshumanism is useful for people Focus on making money, but notInterest of business community will on solving the problemgive rise to interest amonggovernment agencies Risk of empty promises without real resultsOpportunity of rapid cheapening oftechnology
  34. 34. Transhumanism is fashoinable
  35. 35. + –Life extension is the main desire Absence of available productsamong the public that may drive public interestForming of social mandate Need of charismatic personality or an interesting art group withInterest of business community transhumanist orientation
  36. 36. Big Pharma is working on life extensionGeroprotectors are the next generation blockbusters
  37. 37. + –Market mechanisms are involved in Necessity of official recognitionthe area of life extension of aging as a disease Skyrocketing prices of drug development and willingness of pharma companies to buy a working drug, rather than funding basic research
  38. 38. Closed elite society
  39. 39. + –Secrecy and elitism attract Secrecy and closed nature may compromise the quality ofFocusing the attention on solving the scientific worktask Limited support from theSecuring the necessary financial scientific communitysupport for research Billionaires require extra high motivation, eccentricity, indepen dence and incredible confidence in own right
  40. 40. Necessary conditionsWide expansion of transhumanist memesStrong leader
  41. 41. What hasn’t worked already, or hasn’t worked so farLess WrongGlobal Future 2045CryonicsSENSH+Longevity PartySingularity UniversityKurzweilX prize
  42. 42. Meme factory is neededTranshumanism test, like IQ testArt projects, for example 400 coffins float down theHudson riverWorld’s record in preserving the viability of amammal’s headPersonalized scienceLongevity virusesGirls advocating transhumanism, like FEMEN orPussy Riot
  43. 43. Social activity history
  44. 44. 1 transhumanist meetingin Moscow, September 2011
  45. 45. 2 transhumanist meetingMoscow, September 2012
  46. 46. Longevity Party
  47. 47. Actions
  48. 48. Bioengineered trachea
  49. 49. 2 International Genetics of Aging and Longevity Conference