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Traditional +german +celebrations 2


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Trabalho realizado no âmbito do projeto Comenius"Under the same sky"

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Traditional +german +celebrations 2

  1. 1. Traditional German Celebrations
  2. 2. Carnival in GermanyCarnival is called the 5th season in Germany.It is the period before Ash Wednesday – the beginningof the Lent.People disguise themselves. They take part inparades. The most famous ones are in Mainz, Cologneand Düsseldorf.
  3. 3. Carnivalat Carl-Orff-Schule
  4. 4. EasterColoured eggs everywhereandsearching them on Easter morning
  5. 5. Easter sunday German people celebrate Easter with a service.
  6. 6. TheEasterfire On one of the Easter evenings people meet around abig bonfire.
  7. 7. May, 1stMay, 1st is a bank holiday.People meet in the eveningof April, 30th to decorate atree with coloured ribbons.They dance around themaypole.This party is called „danceinto May“.
  8. 8. ThanksgivingFirst Sunday in October
  9. 9. Thanksgivingat Carl-Orff-Schule Pupils of Carl- Orff-Schule celebrate Thanksgiving with a service at a church nearby.
  10. 10. Germany`s National Holiday October, 3rd German people celebrate the reunification between the eastern and western part of Germany.
  11. 11. Saint Martin Children celebrate this festival in November in honour of bishop Martin, who helped the poor. They make a parade with lanterns while singing songs to praise Saint Martin. They get sweets for their singing.
  12. 12. NikolausDecember, 6th In memory of bishop Saint Nikolaus german children get sweets. In the evening of December, 5th they put a boot in front of the door hoping Nikolaus will fill it. Sometimes children are visited by a person dressed like Nikolaus.
  13. 13. Christmas In Germany there are two public holidays at christmas.
  14. 14. The cribOn Christmas evepeople go to churchto celebrate thebirth of Jesus.There is a crib inevery church.
  15. 15. Christmas eve, (Heiligabend) December, 24thOn christmas evewe exchangepresents.The family meetsto eat, drinkand celebrate.
  16. 16. New Year`s Eve Most people in Germany have a party on the last day of the year. At midnight they burn fireworks.
  17. 17. New Year January, 1st is a bank holiday. In some northern parts of Germany women prepare „Neujahrskuchen“ a special kind of biscuits.
  18. 18. January, 6th Three Wise Men People remember the three Wise Men who worshipped the new born king.
  19. 19. The three Wise Men Children dressed in king`s clothes go from house to house to bless them. They raise money to give it to a charity organisation.