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Celebrações letónia


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Celebrações letónia

  1. 1. SONGS OF
  2. 2. Jāņi (pronounced [jaːɲi]) is a Latvian festival celebrated in the night from 23 June to 24 June to mark the summer solstice , the shortest night and longest day of the year. The day of Līgo ([liːɡuo]) (23 June) and the day of Jāņi (24 June) are public holidays and people usually spend ͡ them in the countryside.
  3. 3. Traditions of Jāņi• Flower picking, home and fence decorating• Crown braiding from flowers and oak leaves• Fire burning from sunset till sunrise• Traditional song singing• Beer drinking and cheese eating• Fern`s flower searching
  4. 4. An important part of Jāņi are songs of Līgo. Name „līgo” means ‘swaying andswinging’. Līgo songs contribute fertility and protect from accidents. Fields, people, animals, home and forests are being chunt in Jāņi.
  5. 5. Līgotāji LīgotājiKas tos Jāņus ielīgoja? Who those Jāņus going to sing?Mūsu pašu ciema ļaudis! Our own village people!Pirmie gani, pēc arāji, First sheepherds,oftenVisupēc jaunas meitas ploughmen, Update new daughters.
  6. 6. Visu gadu All yearLec, Jānīti, kur lekdamis, Jump,Jānīti,where you`re jumping,Lec kāpostu dārziņāi! Jump into the cabbage furrow!Lai aug balti kāpostiņi. Let grow white cabbagesKā Jānīša cepurīte. As big as Jānītis hat.
  7. 7. Ai, Jānīti, Dieva dēls Oh,Jānītis, oh, God sonAi, Jānīti, Dieva dēlsi, Oh,Jānītis, oh, God son,Tavu kuplu cepurīti: What a wide hat you have! Barley grow, rye and oatsAuga mieži, auga rudzi Under your wide hat.Apakš tavas cepurītes.
  8. 8. Ozoliņi, ozoliņi Oak-tree, oak-treeOzoliņi, ozoliņi, Oak-tree, oak-tree,Tavu lielu resnumiņu: What a large thickness Three days the sun goesTrīs dieniņas saule teka, around,Nevarēja aptecēti. Can`t trip around.
  9. 9. Kuriet augstu jāņuguni Heat high Jāņu fireKuriet lielu jāņuguni Heat high Jāņu fireAugsta kalna galiņāi; At the top of high hillLai maldāsi raganiņas, Let witches to get lost wayJāņu nakti staigādamas. Walking all Jāņu night .
  10. 10. Iesim raudzīt Go to see Give me cheese, Jāņu motherDodi sieru, Jāņu māte,Nu ir Jāņu vakariņis! Now it is Jāņi afternoon!Jāņa bērni nosaluši, Jāņa children are frozen,Tavus lopus pušķodami. Decorating your animals .
  11. 11. Neguļu, neguļu I don`t sleep, I don`t sleepNeguļu, neguļu, I don`t sleep, I don`t sleep,Jānīša nakti, At Jāņi night,Lai mani liniņi For my flaxiesVeldrē nekrīt! Not fall down.
  12. 12. Kas to saka Who say that Who say that, he lies,Kas to saka, tas meloja, That Jāņu night is long.Ka ir gara Jāņu nakte; Here is going to darken, Here isTe satumsa, te uzausa, going to dawn,Te saulīte gabalā. Here the sun is far away.