Touristic Resorts. By Ana Rico


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Touristic Resorts. By Ana Rico

  1. 1. Disneyland Paris is anamusement parklocated in Paris,France. It opened on12 April,1992.Every day it’s aholiday in the parkDisneyland. Inaddition to personagesand attractions, thereare many shows forthe whole family andevery day of the year.
  2. 2.  Main Street, U.S.A: it is ansmall village with horses cars. Fantasyland: it is a magicarea to believe in fantasy. Frontierland: it is a villageof the west where you can geton a boat. Adventureland: a land ofpirates where you can enjoybig adventures. Discoveryland: you cantravel in time and space.
  3. 3. The most visitedattraction is the smallworld, where there are281 different characters.Also there are waterattractions, rollercoasters and many othersfor all the children.
  4. 4. Disneyland has sevenhotels: Lake Disney New york Newport Bay Club Sequoia Lodge Cheyenne Santa Fe Davy Crockett RanchHERE YOU WILL BE A FEWWONDERFUL DAYS WITHYOUR FAMILY ANDFRIENDS.
  5. 5. Aqualandia is awater park locatedin Benidorm,Alicante, Spain. Itopened on 23 May,1985. It is thebiggest water parkof Europe, it has a150.000 meterssurface and 50.000meters of parking.The park is openedfrom May untilOctober.
  6. 6.  Black – Hole Waves swimming pool Splash Big – Bang Kamikaze Zig – Zag Small Zig – Zag Big Jacuzzi Adventureland Soft tracks Rapids Marine lions
  7. 7. Information PhonesSoft drinks andice creams Snack BarFirst aid PizzeriaShowers ToiletsSelf service Gift shopFloats Hamburguer restaurantWardrobes Photos shop
  8. 8. Aqualandia is known by water-holiday makers. If you want to spend a fantastic day in summer with your family and friends, you must visit Aqualandia in Benidorm.
  9. 9. Zoo Aquarium islocated in Madrid,Spain. It opened in1972. The Aquariumwas built in 1995. Inthe zoo there are6000 differentanimals. The zoo doesfantastic spectaclesand is veryentertaining with theanimals. The park hasrestaurants, giftshops and photosshops.
  10. 10.  Aquarium: you can do a submarine trip and swim with sharks. Dolphins swimming pool: a big  Aviary: it is the houseswimming pool to swim and play of the birds and there iswith the dolphins. of different types.
  11. 11.  Small farm: there are  Marine lions: you canhundreds of farm animals. take photos with them.  Mysterious nature: big exhibition of snakes.
  12. 12. Do you like meeting all kinds of animals and spending afantastic day? Come to “ZooAquarium”. It is opened every day of the year.
  13. 13. Sierra Nevada is aski resort, it is verynice because it is avillage full of snow.It has more than 100kilometers of tracksto ski. The ski stationin winter is openedfrom November untilApril. In the summerthere are activities inthe mountain.
  14. 14. There are lessons to learn how to ski with your family or friends. Alsothere are motorbikes and sledges of snow to rise the mountains. Once a year there are ski championships and the winner takes a trophy.
  15. 15. If you want to spend a fewSierra Nevada has wonderful fantastic hotels. days in winter, come to Sierra Nevada.