TENNESSEE, an American state. By Ikram & chaima


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TENNESSEE, an American state. By Ikram & chaima

  2. 2. TENNESSIEE´S HISTORY:• Tennessee is a state of the southern United States. It has a population of 6,214,888 inhabitants.• The capital of Tennessee and the second largest in the state is Nashville, which has a population of 626.144. Memphis is the largest city with a population of 670.902 inhabitants.
  3. 3. *THE FLOWER: Symbols:The iris is the state cultivated flower. Whilethere are several different colors among theiris, the purple iris is commonly accepted asthe state flower. →*THE TREE: The tulip poplar is the statetree. The tulip poplar was chosen because itwas used extensively by the Tennesseepioneers to construct their houses, barns andother buildings. →*THE WILDFLOWER: The passion flower isthe state wildflower. It received its namefrom early Christian missionaries to SouthAmerica.→*THE GEM: Tennessee river pearls aretaken from mussels in the fresh water riversand come in various shapes and colors.→
  4. 4. MORE SyMBOLS: *THE INSECTS:Tennessee has two official state insects: thefirefly and the ladybug. The firefly emits aluminescent light easily seen on summerevenings.→*THE BIRD: The mockingbird was selectedas the state bird in 1933. One of the finest singersamong North American birds.→*THE ANIMAL: The raccoon is a furrymammal with a bushy, ringed tail and a mask-likeband of black hair around its eyes. Raccoons eatfish and frogs that they catch in rivers andstreams→
  5. 5. Famous people:•BIOGRAPHY OF TINA TURNER:- In 1939 Tina Turner and Anna MaeBullock was born. She is a GrammyAward-winning American pop/rocksinger.Anna Mae Bullock (Tina Turner) wasabandoned by their father, andtemporarily by their mother. TinaTurner gave her stage name of TinaTurner because in 1962 she marriedto Ike Turner.→•BIOGRAPHY OF MORGAN FREEMAN:- Morgan Freeman was born in 1937,in Memphis, Tennessee. Although heloved acting, Freeman joined the airforce after high school to become afighter pilot. He later realized it wasntwhat hed wanted, and began hisacting career. →
  6. 6. OTHER FAMOUS*Red Grooms artist, PEOPLE:*James Agee writer, poet, Knoxville Nashville*Eddy Arnold singer, Henderson*Chet Atkins guitarist, Lutrell *Estes Kefauver legislator, *Sam Davis confederate scout, MadisonvilleSmyrna *Sandra Locke actress, Shelbyville*Mark Dean inventor, Jefferson City *Dolly Parton singer,*David G. Farragut first American Seviervilleadmiral, Knoxville *Minnie Pearl singer, comedienne, Centerville*Lester Flatt bluegrass musician,Overton Cty *Cybil Shepherd actress,*Ernie Ford singer, Bristol Memphis *Dinah Shore actress,*Morgan Freeman actor, Memphis singer, Winchester*Aretha Franklin singer, Memphis *Tina Turner singer,
  7. 7. Done by Ikram and Chaima