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  1. 1. Regional parties
  2. 2. Parties of Murcia The spring festivals of Murcia are held in April and emerged as a prolongation of the carnival:- Aguilas Carnival- Spring Festivals: - El bando de la huerta - The battle of flowers - The burial of the Sardine- Caravaca de la Cruz parties
  3. 3. Aguilas Carnival•
  4. 4. The Carnival of Aguilas is the most emblematic of the Region of Murcia and one of the best in Spain. It was declared in 1997 as a celebration of National Tourist Interest.• It takes place before Easter Lent (February-March), days in which the fun, joy and the festive atmosphere are what people remember the most.
  5. 5. Events:• Change of power: In this event the main characters from last year crown the new characters.
  6. 6. -There are parades with floatsand dance groups. •
  7. 7. More dance groups dressed in colourful disguises and feathers •
  8. 8. -The Battle of eggs - one for children and one for adults - with the speech of Doña Cuaresma and Don Carnal. People fight with eggs filled with confetti.•
  9. 9. -Child-Musona and big Musona:Everyone goes through the cityaccompanying a prehistoric animal•and he tries to scare people.
  10. 10. SPRING FESTIVALS -El bando de la huerta• On this day people dress with the traditional costume “huertano /a” and walk across Murcia.
  11. 11. -The Battle of FlowersFor this festivity floats are madewith floral ornaments.
  12. 12. -The Burial of the Sardine
  13. 13. After a long parade of floatsthe sardine is burnt•
  14. 14. Parties ofCaravaca de la •Cruz
  15. 15. These parties include the following acts:• • April 30th: Competition Southeast crumbs. "Night of the crumbs."• • May 1st: Competition horses bareback.• • May 2nd: Horses of wine.• • 3rd May: Feast of the Blessed and Vera Cruz.• • May 4th: Parade of Moors and Christians.
  16. 16. – And if you visit usyou’ll see thatthere are manymore parties inMurcia...