Margarita Lopez NYCHA


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Margarita Lopez NYCHA.

My cousin, Jeffrey Williams, created and presented this PowerPoint as a project for his English class. (He got an A!!!) For all of our friends and family that weren't able to make it to the presentation, I wanted to put it online, so you could still see it. He did a great job speaking about how Margarita Lopez has benefitted NYCHA! Enjoy!

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Margarita Lopez NYCHA

  1. 1. Jeffrey WilliamsEnglish 510.1.12MargaritaLopez NYCHABoard MemberA Force for Nature(Through NYCHA)
  2. 2. Margarita Lopez NYCHAMargarita Lopez is an important member of the New YorkCommunity because she is a board member at NYCHANYCHA (the New York City Housing Authority) houses morethan 400,000 New Yorkers in 334 public housingdevelopments around New YorkShe is in charge of NYCHA’s Resident Green Committeesand is the environmental coordinator
  3. 3. GreenNYCHA At NYCHA Margarita Lopez is a board member and the Environmental Coordinator. Margarita Lopez supports GreenNYCHA with resident She is in charge of community members. NYCHA’s Resident Green Committees (RGCs).
  4. 4. NYCHA Resident Green Committees Promote NYCHA’s sustainable environmental plan Aim to reduce and conserve energy resources Create green collar job opportunities for NYCHA residents
  5. 5. The Power is in Your Hands  RGCs needed resources  NYCHA partnered with desigNYC and the Rooster“The design is critical to success. Design Group toIf you don’t pick it up, [then you create the Greennever open it], then themessage I have for you is never Guide: The Powerheard.” is in Your Hands- Margarita Lopez NYCHA
  6. 6. Planters Grove  NYCHA Chairman John B Rhea spoke with Margarita Lopez at the opening of the Planters Grove.  NYCHA partnered with Planters to create the community garden.
  7. 7. NYCHA + NYPA New York Power Authority donated ten 100% electric trucks to NYCHA through the Clean Transportation program. The NYPA helps Margarita Lopez with NYPA and NYCHA representatives. NYCHA improve energy efficiency and cut unnecessary energy costs.
  8. 8. SpeakingGreen Lecture Series “We have fulfilled our objective. We are now ready for the next level, which is to call for a national conference on the greening of public housing.” - NYCHA Board Member and Environmental Coordinator, Margarita Lopez
  9. 9. Green City Force“My time at theNYCHA EmergencyPreparednessFestival in FarRockaway wasamazing. It showedhow the people ofthat communitywere determined toplan and preventanother disaster likeHurricane Irene.”- Jaquan Reid, Brooklyn, NY
  10. 10. Margarita Lopez is a force of nature,for nature.
  11. 11. Works Cited: Margarita Lopez NYCHA Environmental- Watch Profile Margarita Lopez NYCHA Planters Grove Margarita Lopez NYCHA GreenNYCHA Margarita Lopez NYCHA desigNYC