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This is an introduction to Equality@Work, an important area of training delivered by Equality Strategies Ltd

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1EqualityStrategies slideshare equality@work

  1. 1. Equality and diversity at work Working effectively Maria Hegarty Equality Strategies Ltd
  2. 2. A bit about me• I set up Equality Strategies in 1999 to work with organisations – Deliver equality and diversity audits and plans – Deliver equality, diversity and mediation training and coaching – Conduct equality and diversity research and networking with national and international companies, the EU Commission and a range of non-governmental organisations – Provide Professional Mediation • Offer workplace mediation, where conflict has arisen • Provide coaching services for people in conflict in the workplace • Deliver managerial mediation training programmes • Design conflict management systems in workplaces mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 2
  3. 3. Employment Equality Legal Framework• Employment Equality Act 1998• Equal Status Act 2000• Equality Acts 2004 – 2012• Infrastructure – – Equality Authority to promote equality and prevent discrimination – Equality Tribunal to mediate and hear equality complaints mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 3
  4. 4. DiscriminationDirect Where a person is, has or would be treated lessfavourablyIndirect Where there is less favourable treatment in effect - practice or requirement that one finds harder to satisfy e.g. educational qualifications mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 4
  5. 5. Legal Grounds• Age • Membership of the TravellerCommunity• Civil Status • Race• Disability • Religion• Family Status • Sexual Orientation• Gender mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 5
  6. 6. Equality Objectives Equality of autonomy Equality of process Equality of outcome mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 6
  7. 7. Disability defined in Employment Equality Act asTotal or partial absence of bodily or mental facilities,chronic disease, whether manifest or not, and learning&personality conditions• Obligation is to reasonably accommodate mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 7
  8. 8. Reasonable accommodationRemove a disadvantage rather than to confer an advantageAllow people with disabilities to take part while accommodating for their disabilityProvide for a situation where people with disabilities can avail of a service equally with those who have no disabilities (ODEI - Nov 2006) mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 8
  9. 9. Workplace strategies• Policies, - Employment Equality, Anti-Bullying & Harassment, Anti-Racism, Disability• Guidelines and Codes of Practice• Equality Reviews/Audits & Action Plan• Equality Proofing, e.g. job requirements, service user requirements• Positive Action• Training, coaching, mentoring• Equality Infrastructure – teams, committees, officers, emloyee networks/groups mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 9
  10. 10. Human Resource processes essential inequality workExample activities: – Interview boards should be diverse - reflect differing ages, genders and ethnicities – All applicants should be informed of reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities to enable them to participate equally in the interview process – Provide good practice guidance and training for interview boards, including responsibilities regarding equality and diversity – sign they understand their reponsibilities mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 10
  11. 11. Equality Policy• Organisation’s statement of commitment and measures to deliver fair and transparent processes;• Commitments include training for all - maintreamined into training, induction etc and for managers and supervisors with responsibility for policy implementation;• Provide for pay arrangements to be kept under review to ensure equal pay• Outline clearly who is responsible for delivery of measures and detail of compaints procedures mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 11
  12. 12. Crucial Factors Supporting Equality in the WorkplaceEquality Authority ESRI research Top management support and high profile leaders who demonstrate commitment essential Line managers, if unsupported, tended to be resistant to equality and diversity initiatives as they perceived them as an extra burden on themselves as managersWe need to build awareness, help people to understand their rights and responsibilities, and find solutions to their situation mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 12
  13. 13. HarassmentWhere a person subjects the victim to any unwelcome act, request or conduct which could reasonably be regarded asoffensive, humiliating or intimidating to the victim. mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 13
  14. 14. Sexual HarassmentWhere an employer, employee, colleague, client, customer, service provider etc… subjects the victim to unwelcomeand sexually offensive, humiliating or intimidating actions mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 14
  15. 15. Unconscious Bias and Stereotyping• Pre-established expectation about an individual or group• Help us to feel we are reducing uncertainty …… about what people or groups are likely to want, believe or do• In-group and out-group • Emerges from deep attitudes • Fragments of information • Family, media, unchallenged traditions mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 15
  16. 16. Vicarious Liability Anything done by a personin the course of his or her employment shall be treated as done also by that person’s employer, whether or not it was done with the employer’s knowledge or approval mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 16
  17. 17. Positive ActionIntended to promote equality of opportunity for disadvantaged persons or to cater for the special needs of persons or a category of persons who because of their circumstances may require facilities, arrangements, services or assistance. mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 17
  18. 18. www.equality.iemariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 18
  19. 19. Information about procedures crucial• Encourage and where possible help to develop equality policies, equality training, action plans and help to monitor progress in implementing equality initiatives• Ensure harassment and discrimination complaints are dealt with effectively mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 19
  20. 20. Thank You and stay in touch!o mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ieo Mobile: +353-87-2304820o Linkedin: mariahegartyo Twitter: maria_hegartyo Skype: mariaohegarty mariahegarty@equalitystrategies.ie 20