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Hayhow Ongoing Portfolio

  1. 1. My name is Maria Hayhow,I like to own & operate here. In the overlap of Communication & Design Conversations + Thoughts = Actions
  2. 2. passion I am passionate about people + their stories.motivation My motivation is a reflection of my passion - to create pathways for people to feel personally valued + confident in their individual story. Helping people to expand conversations + successfully activate ideas.aspirations I am drawn to people and groups that have a desire to activate on the potential of individuals and harness the power of the collective. Looking to align myself within a group that: + Sees the value in designing communication + Encourages divergent thinking + storytelling + Upholds an emphasis on creating useful and meaningful content
  3. 3. pursuit I am seeking a good fit. Finding a place that values and utilizes my skills, as part of a team. goals My goal is to find a place where expectations aren’t just set + met. Working to improve the approach, while enhancing the vision.offerings I am confident in my soft skills contributing to greater individual interactions + hard skills creating a greater team dynamic. Looking for a place that sees the potential of someone who is: Confident + Strategic Personable + Reliable Diligent + Team-Oriented
  4. 4. pride I am proud of my ability to create meaning. Creating ‘things’ that possess a unique ability to capture an audience. work ethic My work ethic is shown through my readiness to seize opportunities. Creating venues for a greater + unexpected conversation to occur.work | pride I am most proud of projects I have immersed myself in, in order to better understand the intended audience and appreciate the outcome. Telling the story of projects that turned into stories: + Sees the value in designing communication + Encourages divergent thinking + storytelling + Upholds an emphasis on creating useful and meaningful content
  5. 5. Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI)- MarketingCreating a Community Out of a Symposium Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation hosts its annual Transform Symposium, a multi-disciplinary conference centered around transforming the future of healthcare. Working to increase attendance and the amount of external participants, I was a part of the planning team and marketing committee for Transform. My role in the Transform Symposium planning has been in the outreach strategy, performing the following; +Connecting with potential attendees, sponsors, speakers and workshop moderators in-person at various conferences +Creating an online space for Transform attendees +Crafting a robust social media strategy. I am looking forward to the Transform Symposium, and would be happy to discuss some of the social media tactics I have employed to create event buzz and continue the conversation post-event.
  6. 6. Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI)- Social MediaHosting A Conversation Between CFI & The Twitter World I joined the Center for Innovation team, a multi- disciplinary team within a major academic medical center, to capture the stories of their projects and experiments. Seeing an opportunity to broaden and deepen the research within the group, I created a virtual ideation session - CFI’s first TweetChat. This TweetChat was a successful example of social media strategy. Utilizing a platform towards idea exchange and enhancing the quality and quantity of information shared - inviting the healthcare and social media community The TweetChat generated over 500 mentions and was seen as a success, with more CFI TweetChats to take place in the future. TweetChats have since expanded at CFI with more focused discussions around healthy aging and independent living.
  7. 7. Girls On The Run - PR (Entry Level)Co-creating Marketing Material with 200 Pre-Teen Girls I joined Girls On the Run (GotR), a 501(c)3 non-profit, originally as a volunteer, interested in their mission - inspiring better health and confidence in pre-teen girls through running. Seeing an opportunity to capture the girls’ journey, I created a mad-lib worksheet documenting over 200 girls’ reactions, co-creating the 6th anniversary mailing. This piece was personally rewarding, using pictures I had taken at previous races, learning the Adobe Suite to create the piece and learning how to work within brand standards. Even more rewarding the mad-lib submissions/quotes were used as a ways to represent the girls voice in following marketing materials,
  8. 8. RockHealth Retreat - Personal NarrativeReflecting and Reiterating The Importance of Entrepreneurship I joined Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI) with an explicit interest in telling the story of startups impact creating healthcare solutions and enhanced service offerings. Working to tell the story of the RockHealth and CFI partnership, for it’s unique ways of bridging up and coming digital health startups with clinical expertise within Mayo Clinic. Applying to attend RockHealth’s XX retreat, I received an invitation to join about 70 women in healthcare, policy and advocacy. I was honored to be asked by RockHealth’s founders to present my personal narrative, as the youngest speaker at the conference in a room full of talented and established women. I successfully delivered a speech that pointed to the importance of entrepreneurship in the healthcare space, pointing to past, current women entrepreneurs and the ways in which to elevate attention to future healthcare improvements.
  9. 9. Communication ResearchCombining Greek Rhetoricians Logic to Today’s Communications I found a lot of value in gaining a breadth and depth of knowledge within my Communication studies, which were presented at the University of Cincinnati’s Poster Research review. Enrolling in an independent study course I researched user-generated communication, tying its core principles back to greek rhetorical theory while proposing a model for a new communication model for our ever-expanding, socially engaged + connected world. The model I proposed was also presented by myself at the University of Cincinnati’s annual speech competition, winning 1st prize. I was most pleased with my poster presentation to various engineering, business, psychology and design professors at the research presentation - as I presented concise implications the model may carry within their field.
  10. 10. Collaborative Studio - University Commissioned ResearchEnvisioning The Future of Education 2020-2025 I joined a team of multi-disciplinary students, as a representative from my college (Arts & Sciences) to forecast the implications of technology within academia, over the next 10-15 years. Seeing an opportunity to re-evaluate the ask of the project, I worked with students to not just evaluate up and coming technologies, but develop personas of the ‘students of 2020’ forecasting the predispositions to technology and expectations of academia. The collaborative nature of the class and holistic research approach proved beneficial to the University Provost and IT board, as well as a refreshing perspective. The collaboration was also successful through a series of activity-based presentation style, involving university decision makers in engaging dialogues + activities.
  11. 11. Trend Forecasting - LPK TrendsLearning Creative and Client Services Skills With Fashion Designers I joined a team of trained fashion designers at LPK, a design branding agency, to learn both creative and client service skills. Working within LPK, in their Trends department was a result of my previous work in undergrad in a ‘Trends 101 class’ chosen by LPK Trends VP to join the team for a unique hybrid of creative and client service opportunities. Working within the LPK Trends model, which successfully and provocatively proposes business and product solutions, strategies and projections for CPG and technology brands was a great learning experience. I am open to discussing my involvement with LPK Trends, indicating my successes and learnings as their first non-designer creative. Such output cannot be published in print or digital format, in order to maintain the privacy of companies’ current and future strategies.
  12. 12. LiveWell Collaborative- Kraft FoodsUncovering Baby Boomers Snacking Habits + Latent Needs I joined a team of multi-disciplinary students at the LiveWell collaborative, as a result of my previous positive experience, this time working with Kraft Foods. The initial ask was to create snack prototypes that promoted mobility and cognition, two areas that seem to diminish in individuals as they age. But the research we performed enhanced the scope and output of the initial ask - enabling more worthwhile insights gained +strategic suggestions to be made. The various in-home interviews, shop-a-longs and consumer group conversations were synthesized into opportunity spaces that both promoted mobility and cognition, while fulfilling consumers latent needs. My communication and professional writing studies were used towards in creating the class research collateral material and present with a designer to Kraft Food’s leadership in Chicago.
  13. 13. LiveWell Collaborative- Boeing AircraftResearching Aging and Traveling to Improve Travel for Aging I joined a team of multi-disciplinary students, as the first non-design and non-business track student, to propose design solutions to Boeing Aircraft, as they sought to create the ideal travel experience. Working as part of the LiveWell Collaborative within this studio presented a unique challenge and opportunity for research, with the ask to envision the ‘ideal in-flight experience.’ The research conducted within the class was notable. I was nominated to fly throughout 5 different airports, examining the flaws of the full flight experience. Noting the flight experience is much larger than the flight in- air. My communication and professional writing studies were utilized in writing the script and walking Boeing board members through our research, in an interactive presentation. The research + output proved ultimately successful in Boeing’s submission of 12 patents resulting from the collaboration.
  14. 14. Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI)- Internal TeamCreating Elements of Surprise with Touchable Tech At Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation, working with a multi-disciplinary group within a major academic medical center has been extremely rewarding. Various individuals in various fields of expertise; design, technology, and research provided the opportunity to meet people with divergent skill sets. This also created a need to create a ways in which co- workers could learn more about their similarities, interests and experiences. Working with a designer and developer, we created a quick prototype of a paper profile, which was later transferred to an interactive touch screen. The display was successful in its’ attempt of gleaning more interesting facts about co-workers, but rewarding in its’ success as becoming a conversation piece where co-workers interacted with the information about each other in a playful way.
  15. 15. My name is Maria Hayhow,I like to own & operate here. But you can also find me here: mariahayhow.com