Unit 2.the senses.


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Unit 2.the senses.

  1. 1. The senses
  2. 2. We use our senses and our nervous systemto interact with the world. sight taste hearing smell touch We have five senses
  3. 3. We use our senses and our nervous systemto interact with the world. Each of these senses sends a message through the nervous system to our brain sight taste hearing So we know what is smell happening around us touch and can respond. We have five senses
  4. 4. Our eyes are the organs of sight. MatchWe can see different shapes, sizes and colours.
  5. 5. Our eyes are very delicate and are protected by our… eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids.These stop sweat and dust getting into our eyes.
  6. 6. The iris is a big coloured circle at the front ofthe eye. The pupil is a black circle in themiddle of the iris.
  7. 7. Light enters the eye through the pupiland it makes an image on the retina atthe back of the eye. The retina sendsthis information to our brain and this iswhat we see. retina pupil
  8. 8. Our ears are the organs of hearing. MatchWe can hear sounds that are loud andsounds that are quiet.
  9. 9. Our ears have three parts:1.The outer ear is the part of our ear that is visible.2. In the middle ear there are three small bones andthe eardrum.3. The cochlea is in the inner ear. Three small bones eardrum cochlea
  10. 10. Sounds enter the outer ear and go into themiddle ear. The eardrum vibrates. Thesevibrations travel along the three smallbones to the cochlea. In the cochlea, thevibrations are turned into signal. Nervescarry signals to our brain, and this is whatwe hear. Look at this video.
  11. 11. Our nose is the organ of smell. We can identify good and bad smells.
  12. 12. Air enters the nosethrough two holescalled the nostrils.This air goes to theolfactory nerve. Theolfactory nervedetects smells in theair and sends thisinformation to ourbrain. This is what wesmell.
  13. 13. MatchWe can identifydifferent tastes: sweet salty bitter and sourThe tongue is the organ of taste.
  14. 14. Our tongue is coveredin many taste buds. These taste buds identify different tastes. Nerves sendthe information about the different tastes to brain.We can identify fourdifferent tastes:
  15. 15. Our skin is the organ of touch.We can feel things that are hot or cold, soft or hard and rough or smooth
  16. 16. The skin on our fingertipsis very sensitive. Nerves send the information from the skin to our brain.Our body is covered in skin.
  17. 17. The nervous systemThe nervous system controlseverything we do: thinking,walking, talking, sleeping,eating and even breathing!The most important part ofthe nervous system is ourbrain. The brain is an organinside our head.It sends and receivesinformation to differentparts of our body throughthe nerves. We have nervesall over our body.