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The age of eploration


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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The age of eploration

  1. 1. The Age of Eploration Lesson 2 book 1 Reading section Fourth grade
  2. 2. Nicholas Krebs,produce,in 1491the first modern map
  3. 3. Johannes Guttenberg,invented theprinting press, in 14490
  4. 4. Claussen Swart drew the firstNorthernEurope map in 1427
  5. 5. In 1508 Rossell created the firstmap to show the entire knowworld
  6. 6. Martin Wadseemuller producedthe first map of America in 1508
  7. 7. 1569 Geradus Marcatorm,created a mapform that stillused today know as “TheMercator Projection”