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9 c plants and photosynthesis


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9 c plants and photosynthesis

  1. 1. 31/08/2012Plants and Photosynthesis
  2. 2. Things needed for photosynthesis 31/08/2012 SUNLIGHT Gives the plant energy CHLOROPHYLL The green stuff where the WATER chemical Travels up reactions from the roots happenCARBON DIOXIDEEnters the leaf through smallholes on the underneath
  3. 3. Photosynthesis equations 31/08/2012 Sunlight Carbon dioxide + _____ glucose + _____ Chlorophyll Sunlight 6CO2 + 6H20 C6H12O6 + 6O2 ChlorophyllThe GLUCOSE produced by photosynthesis is used by theplant for _______ (through ____________). It is storedin the plant as ___________. Words – respiration, starch, water, oxygen, energy
  4. 4. 31/08/2012Photosynthesis happens in the “palisade” cells in the leaf: Palisade cells
  5. 5. Close up on a palisade cell: 31/08/2012 Cell wall Cell Chloroplasts membrane (containing chlorophyll) Large vacuole Nucleus Cytoplasm
  6. 6. Method for starch test: 31/08/20121) Cover up part of the leaf using black card What effect does this have on the plant?2) Boil the leaf for a few minutes What does this do to the leaf?3) Soak the leaves in alcohol What effect does this have on the leaf?4) Dip the leaves in water What effect does this have?5) Drop some iodine onto the leaf What do you see? Draw and explain your results
  7. 7. Results: 31/08/2012The parts of the leaf which have been photosynthesisingshould have turned black.This shows that the part of the leaf which was covered uphas not been photosynthesising, because it had no light. NO LIGHT, NO PHOTOSYNTHESIS, NO STARCH!
  8. 8. Root hair cells 31/08/2012Plant roots are made of “root hair cells” which have twofeatures that help them to take in water and nutrients: Root hair cells Large surface area Thin cell membrane
  9. 9. Using water 31/08/2012Plants need water to do the following: Produce glucose Enable transport of minerals Form fruits Enable Keep the growth leaves cool
  10. 10. Photosynthesis and Respiration 31/08/2012In earlier work we looked at respiration:Glucose + oxygen water + carbon dioxidePhotosynthesis is the reverse of respiration:Water + carbon dioxide glucose + oxygen