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Our mums


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Our stories about our mums, we love our mums!

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Our mums

  1. 1. Our Mums By Room Seven
  2. 2. JohannaMy Mum kisses megood night and hugsme.
  3. 3. MasynMy Mum cuddles me.She kisses me.
  4. 4. KaitlinMy Mum is beautifuland pretty.
  5. 5. DuncanMy Mum is good andvery nice becauseshe is good at doingthe ironing.
  6. 6. JackMy Mum isgardening. My Mumplants flowers. MyMum gives mecuddles.
  7. 7. TobyMy Mum likes to giveme some kisses andhugs. My Mum hasblue eyes and brownhair.
  8. 8. AlexMy Mum likes togarden and kissesand cuddles.
  9. 9. AnnaliseMy Mum is nice andshe likes cuddles.
  10. 10. LoganMy Mum is nice. MyMum buys fruit at theshop.
  11. 11. MichaelMy Mum has red hair.I love my Mumbecause she brings meto school. My Mumlikes to dance.
  12. 12. FloydMy Mum lets mewatch movies whenpeople come to myhouse in the night.
  13. 13. AylaMy Mum has browneyes and thick hairand is very kind andcuddly.