Technology can wipe your            category out overnight.            Consumers can damage your            brand with jus...
some oF the BraNds                 we are growiNg                                      creatinG GroWthnourish brands
Growth won’t just happen, it takes                  time and innovative thinking.                                         ...
Men don’t want to get involved in planning                                                                                ...
The TATA Global Beverages team in Australia                        needed an engaging way to connect their                ...
Trollbeads started the collectable bead                        industry. In Australia the brand had been                  ...
Running a small café or restaurant is a          tough business. We knew that if we made          our Lavazza venues more ...
Selling mobile phones to young people is                                                                                  ...
Australia’s seniors are often feeling left out             of the digital revolution – it’s not their fear             of ...
As a world leader in transit technology,                                      Vix had a great story to tell, but it wasn’t...
With a belief that food should be sourced            locally and a menu that would change            daily based on the pr...
Madame Flavour is a brand founded on                               the premise of surprising and delighting her           ...
As part of their role as the industry                             marketers for red meat, MLA develop                     ...
Regardless of how old we are, we need         Firstly, what is the idea or platform that                                  ...
nourish brands                                     nourish brands                 meet your team ––
Maria Crews, Founder & Director                                                Nicholas Burgess, Director                 ...
Contact Maria Crews                             T_03 9092 8444 M_0411 237 216                             Podium 202/L2 9 ...
nourish brandsnourish brands
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Nourish Brands a marketing and advertising agency based in Melbourne Australia - we help brands grow. Specialising in FMCG, consumer and hospitality brands.

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Nourish credentials

  1. 1. Technology can wipe your category out overnight. Consumers can damage your brand with just one click. Grow or decline. The choice is simple. Delivering growth – not so simple. nourish brandsNourish ––to cause or help grow
  2. 2. some oF the BraNds we are growiNg creatinG GroWthnourish brands
  3. 3. Growth won’t just happen, it takes time and innovative thinking. iNsight–– SCAn THE MARKET, nOT JUST YOUR CATEGORY What are you customers doing, how are To deliver we work through they living their lives, what are they using 4 steps – not revolutionary by any instead of your product, what might replace your product? What would happen if your means. It is the way we apply our product was available for free? thinking at each step that makes A series of questions and sessions where the difference. we distill all that we uncover into a single insight that becomes the platform for growth generation. ideatioN–– FROM OUR InSIGHT PLATFORM WE DEVELOP IDEAS Big ones, little ones, great ones and half baked ones. Ideas might be new products, new ways to go to market or marketing communications. Any and which way that might grow your business. Who knows wecreatinG GroWth creatinG GroWth might even find you a whole new business opportunity. Focus–– WITH SO MAnY IDEAS, WE PICK THE BEST AnD BACK THE WInnERS e in Lots of ideas can be overwhelming and ut sig with scarce resources you can only back ec the best ones. Taking the ideas we put ht ex them back together in a way that makes it easy to focus on the winners and put in a place a plan to deliver. eXecute–– WITH OUR PEOPLE AnD/OR YOURS We have a core team in house, but also love working with the best people in the business. n We know you are also likely have people fo io you already love working with and we can at cu work with them or can find people who can ide s deliver for you.
  4. 4. Men don’t want to get involved in planning every detail of their wedding. But when it comes to selecting their wedding ring, they have a pretty strong opinion on which one they will wear. Using this insight, the DORA brand has become one of the largest branded wedding rings in the world. Our current campaign targets the fiancé and taps into her frustration in planning their Men are wedding. Selecting his ring is probably the only part of the wedding preparation he UELESS will actively get involved with. C L at planning adora dora W ED ING He doesn’t know D A-line from Empire, Taffeta from Tulle, Stilettos from Sling-Backs. But he’ll know which ring he likes. WEDDING RINGS FOR HIM 9CT, 14CT, 18CT GOLD, PLATINUM, PALLADIUM, TITANIUM AND DIAMOND SET. DORA.COM.AU FOR STOCKIST INFORMATION: PH 1800 885 330
  5. 5. The TATA Global Beverages team in Australia needed an engaging way to connect their staff with and living their new values. The more connected their staff the better their growth would be. We developed the employee handbook and a series of posters that are used internally and when recruiting new staff to engage in the values and vision of the business. As reliable as a Utetata Global beVeraGes tata Global beVeraGes make tea – And driven like a make REL1·ABLE our mark. GROW SHARE IN EVERY SEGMENT. GIVE BACK. BEAT BUDGET. PLEASANTLY SURPRISE CONSUMERS & CUSTOMERS. LAUNCH NEW PRODUCT. GROW TOWARDS $XXMILLION IN CHAI. nB: numbers have been changed to reflect client confidentiality dingo
  6. 6. Trollbeads started the collectable bead industry. In Australia the brand had been distributed by a sub-standard distributor, with a new distributor in place the brand needed to be re-launched in Australia and open up new retail channels for the range to be sold. A mini-magazine and direct mail pack were used to sell and engage retailers in the brand. A short film was also developed that introduced the "Australia" Of collection to retailers and collectors. beaches, Roostrollbeads trollbeads and Rock Art
  7. 7. Running a small café or restaurant is a tough business. We knew that if we made our Lavazza venues more successful, we would sell more coffee. Part one of the program was the development and introduction of Espresso Italiano a regular magazine, website and e-dm to profile our venues and provide meaningful business help for venue owners and their staff.laVaZZa laVaZZa
  8. 8. Selling mobile phones to young people is not going to happen through traditional retail channels. Taking the brand online and activating through events and social media has seen sales grow. A simple selling website that makes it easy to compare phones and plans has enabled our consumers to self serve and order online. YOUR ONLINE MOBILE STORE retail is RRP $299 FREE LG7 1 $19 on our plan 1 SUPER SWEET CT 12 MONTH CONTRA ct contra month Min cost $228 12 • $150 credit any network2 • 100MB data3 dead • Unlimited social networks4 See page 2 for full details. More HOT Offers Inside!onemobile onemobile go it online
  9. 9. Australia’s seniors are often feeling left out of the digital revolution – it’s not their fear of technology that has them being left out, it’s the lack of money to buy the latest and keep online. OnEseniors changes all that, making it easy for Australia’s over 55’s to get online, get mobile and get connected. The new website and social media program aimed at this demographic is focused on on the ov treating our over 55’s as people – not just us the grey hair set. c er-- ---Fo 55s - IGHT WITHOoneseniors oneseniors IN S TA IR U GREY HA
  10. 10. As a world leader in transit technology, Vix had a great story to tell, but it wasn’t getting across. A new vision for the business was developed and rolled out with an employee engagement program across 10 countries. Once the business was engaged on the new vision, the brand was relaunched internally and internationally. Over 300 pieces of collateral were developed along with a new multilingual website, trade stands and VixTV an internally broadcasted TV show hosted by Max Walker.ViX ViX 10 MILLION PasseNGeRs PeR Day caPacIty 740 MILLION jOURNeys sINce OPeRatION 2.5 MILLION DaILy cOMMUteRs Vix transformed the world’s biggest rail system Key Facts tRaNsFORMatION sOLUtION: • Population of more than 30 million. Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Vix implemented a • Host of the 2008 Olympic Games. state of the art, smart card-based Automated Clearing Centre BeIjING, chINa (ACC) capable of processing more than 10 million passenger 10/F, 3rd BuIldInG, JInGTOu PlAzA, • roject partnership between Vix P journeys per day in less than 4 hours. Metro Transit operators nO. 6 XIAOyInG nOrTH rOAd and Beijing Infrastructure and CHAOyAnG dISTrICT, BEIJInG 100101 have been provided with a number of benefits including back- CHInA Investment Company. office transaction processing, financial management, card GLOBaL heaD OFFIce: • .4 million passenger journeys on 1 based management and, overall, a highly reliable system. Since aUstRaLIa its first day of operation. operation, the system has processed 740 million passenger 121-127 HIGH STrEET • 2.5 million commuters per day. PrAHrAn, VIC 3181 journeys, which equates to more than 3.7 billion usage data AuSTrAlIA • 7 lines, 125 stations and counting. transactions and continues to provide Beijing residents, and visitors, with more efficient public transport. VIXTECHnOlOGy.COM Angela Webb Administration Team Leader 247 BALCATTA ROAD, BALCATTA, WA, 6021 AUSTRALIA M +61 (0) 415 315 348 P +61 8 9273 1653 F +61 8 9344 3686 ANGELA.WEBB@VIXTECHNOLOGY.COM
  11. 11. With a belief that food should be sourced locally and a menu that would change daily based on the produce, we needed to develop a strong positioning and strapline before the brand. Fine Food Republic, was the line and ethos we developed for the brand. From here branding, signage, menus and even packaging were developed to bring the republic to life. WELCOME TO THE FINE FOODFitZroVia FitZroVia FITZROVIA DRINKS Fine esate susainabiliy COFFEES FOOD Epresso 2.5 `e ingredients at Fizrovia are sourced from ‘fine esate’ A L L D AY B R E A K F A S T LUNCHTIME AFTERNOON DELIGHTS Milk coffees 3.5 Soy milk 4.0 Vicorian suppliers Early morning till 4pm 12pm till 4pm 3pm till Dinner Time wherever possible. Teas and Tisanes 4.0 Bio-dynamic milk from R AW J U I C E S 6.5 Demeter, buxer from Tatura, Sweet citrus salad with vanilla yoghurt and a refreshing water- Take a look at our freshly made sandwiches, Join your riends over a glass of Champagne, Romsey Range bef, salt from Our raw juices are reshly melon and strawberry jelly 11.5 ciabaxe and baguexes on diplay at the bar wine or one of our craft bers and live i up in the sunshine Mount Zero, South Gippsland slow pressed, providing lamb, goats’ chese rom maximum nutriion wih Crème brulee French toast with vanilla poached pear, CHARCUITERIE MEZZE PLATE Red Hill, chicken rom Bacchus minimal oxidization frangipani crust and rhubarb mascarpone 15.5 Daily baked tart with butter puff pastry Marsh, re-range ems from Capocollo 7.0 A daily changing and a pomegranate Dijonnaise salad 14.5 South Gippsland, organic Port Lonzo 6.5 selecion of 5 IMMUNITY BOOSTER Apple, date and fig Bircher muesli with fresh strawberry, Phillu mussels, St Ali single Fennel salami 8.0 lavours, perfec Pear, orange and srawberry blood orange and rhubarb 12.0 Otway free range pulled pork shoulder ploughman’s, with esate cofes and Di’s rhubarb. Charcuierie selecion 16.0 wih drinks Pyengana cheadar, Scotch quail’s egg, sourdough bread and ENERGIZER JUICE Istra Daylesford drycured bacon, smoked mozzarella and pear an apple, sour cherry and fennel chutney 19.0 18.5 We ensure our produce is Banana, apple, orange and local, susainable and seasonal. relish toasted doorstop sandwich 14.0 graperui Scotch fillet steak sandwich on sourdough Scotch fillet steak sandwich on sourdough Sourdough toast with any of your favourites 6.0 with caramelized onions, fennel salsa verde, molten Tilsit with caramelized onions, fried egg, confit beetroot CAROTINE DETOX cheese and truss tomato with thrice cooked chips 25.0 and thrice cooked chips 27.0 Carrot, orange, apple and House smoked Tasmanian ocean trout with fennel, cucumber, With a fried egg 27.0 ginger blistered cherry tomatoes, toasted quinoa, white bean homous Potato gnocchi with spinach, porcini & portabella mush- COFFEE SUMMER GLOW and poached egg 19.0 Coconut poached Bacchus Marsh free range chicken rooms, toasted pinenuts, burned butter and crumbled goats Our cofes are handcrafted cheese 19.0 / 28.0 Orange, pineapple, strawberry salad with nuoc cham, cashews and snow pea sprouts 17.0 and poached rhubarb by St Ali in South Melbourne Homemade cranberry, almond and apricot bread with vanilla Shaw River buffalo mozzarella and organic truss tomato and are expressed on site to your yoghurt and Melbourne CBD honey 9.5 House made fish cakes with wakame tartare sauce and an salad with fresh basil and lemon oil 17.0 SOFT DRINKS 4.5 choice. Our barisas are second Asian pickled cucumber salad 17.5 to none and love guiding you Breakfast mezze platter – House made fish cakes with wakame tartare and an Asian Range of Daylesford & Hepburn through your options, whether A baby bircher muesli, a soft boiled free range egg with soldiers pickled cucumber salad 20.0 Parmesan and herb crumbed veal Milanese, crushed new organic soft drinks and sparkling it’s a Latte, Macchiato or the and a Mildura mandarin 12.0 potato, preserved lemon and black olive salad 22.0 A cheese board of Pyengana cheddar, Berry Creek Mossvale juices classic epresso. Come in for a and Tarago triple cream cheese with pear and fennel chutney Grilled asparagus, Istra Daylesford drycured bacon crumble, Organic Cola chat, Cian will sort you out! Warm mushroom salad with roast garlic butter, radicchio, 16.0 poached free range eggs, shaved fennel, goat’s cheese and mixed Organic Lemonade herb salad 19.5 pearl barley and fresh herbs with a taleggio crostoni 19.0 In addiion to our Fizrovia Smoked pork hock and confit duck terrine Sparkling Pink Grapefruit house blend we also profile a wih caramelized shallots 14.0 Sparkling Blood Orange Free range eggs served the way you like them, on toast Pasta del’ Lizzo - Liz’s daily changing pasta diferent single Estate cofe Chinotto with homemade tomato relish 9.5 Polenta chips with truffled parsley and Parmesan 7.5 Ginger Beer depending on the time of year. and any of the following: We go to cupping sessions each WINES BY THE GLASS wek and selec the beans we SIDES CRAFT BEERS & FIZZ think are the mos fun. WHITES REDS Isra Daylesford smoked bacon 4.5 CIDERS All our blends and single Shaved black truffle 12.0 Lindauer Brut, Wines by the glass (for bottle listings, see the A4) Wines by the glass (for bottle listings, see the A4) Mildura ‘Sun Light’ beer 6.5 esate cofes are available to Roas tomato 3.5 New Zealand, NV Cricketers Arms Lager 7.0 Spiced mushroom 4.0 10.0 Airlie Bank Chardonnay, Yarra Valley, 2009 8.0 Paringa Merlot, SA, 2009 8.0 Mildura ‘Storm’ Cloudy 8.5 take home in retail packs and Sautéed pinach 4.0 Wairau River Sauv Blanc, Marlborough 2010 9.0 Pennyweight Gamay, Beechworth, Vic, 2010 9.0 James Squire Pilsner 9.0 represent the 0nes of Bee Sting Honey Wheat 8.0 Andrew’s cheese kransky 4.5 Woods Edge, Pinot Gris, Canterbury, 2009 9.0 Airlie Bank Shiraz Voignier, Yarra Valley, 2009 8.0 the St Ali sable. ROSE White Rabbit Dark Ale 9.0 House sugar cured Tasmanian salmon 4.5 Pennyweight Sauv Blanc Beechworth, 2010 10.0 Pennyweight Gamay, Beechworth, Vic, 2010 9.0 Avocado mash with feta 4.5 Pittnauer Rose, Red Hill Wheat Beer 9.0 Rowsley Fault, Sauv Blanc, Geelong, 2010 10.5 Scotchmans Hill Pinot Noir, Belarine, Vic, 2010 9.0 Burgenland Red Hill Scotch Ale 9.5 Austria, 2010 Punt Road Cab Sauvignon, Yarra Valley, 2008 11.0 Schofferhofer, Germany 12.0 Gluten free bread available – add 2.0 10.0 Coldstream Apple Cider 8.0 Gypsy Pear Cider 8.5 155 Fizroy Stret, St. Kilda, 3182 F I T Z ROVI A.C OM .AU
  12. 12. Madame Flavour is a brand founded on the premise of surprising and delighting her customers. From the little extra details in the blends such as rose petals and lavender flowers to the personal letter in each pack. The brand has grown based on this premise and continues to connect with women or as we call them ‘our kindred spirits’. a pod, a Madame aNd a verymadame FlaVour madame FlaVour Curious story...
  13. 13. As part of their role as the industry marketers for red meat, MLA develop thought leadership pieces every two years. We worked with them on Connected Cooking. Which uncovered the influences in what we decide to cook for dinner each night. Turns out as much as we love Masterchef, our strongest infl uence on what we cook for dinner each night is recreating the meals our mums made us as kids. We may Love masterchef but it’s yourmeat & liVestocK australia meat & liVestocK australia Mum that defines what you will Cook for dinner each night
  14. 14. Regardless of how old we are, we need Firstly, what is the idea or platform that human interaction. Traditionally through will engage the most people? This is more face to face now social media provides a than just a love of your brand or product. large percentage of our human interactions. The broader we can go the more options Allowing us to find like minded people, we have for developing content that be that we like the same products, are will connect. passionate about the same causes or just Secondly, how can we let consumers admire them. We see the role of social behind the curtain? Social media is a great media for the brands and businesses we way to expose our consumer to the inside work with a both an engagement and sales story of your business – it makes sense, in channel. The trick is managing the balance our personal lives we want to know what a on between engaging and selling. our friends and family get up to, this same We set three things in place for our all logic applies to brands. social engagements. Thirdly, be present every day. Social ati media is not a 9-5 Monday – Friday er s channel. You need to be there and watching the conversations all the time. onv day Which is why we think it takes a village to c run a community not just one person.UNDERSTANDING social media a ll day, UNDERSTANDIN G social media ev ery
  15. 15. nourish brands nourish brands meet your team ––
  16. 16. Maria Crews, Founder & Director Nicholas Burgess, Director With a career spanning nearly 20 years For the last 20 years Nicholas has created, consulting to many of Australia’s most famous brands Maria is an expert in marketing, challenge systems launched revitalized and ran some of Melbourne’s most iconic restaurants, bars, branding, communications and internal cafes and venues. engagement. If you can read it, eat it, drink it, At 21 Nicholas created his first restaurant and drive fly in it or watch it, she has probably worked ‘Sweet Jamaique’ which at the time on it! Her passion is for understanding a was dined in by every famous local and client’s challenges and turning this into international superstar who came through marketing strategies that drive growth – Melbourne. On the back of the success of the for both the organisation and it’s people. restaurant he then opened Blue Bar in Chapel As the youngest partner at George Patterson Y&R Maria worked with both blue chip companies and government grow service Street, still one of the hip bars of Melbourne 15 years on. This succes led to a relationship with one departments. She has presented at major of Australias best chefs Geoff Lindsay, the industry conferences on behalf of her clients pairing of back of house and front of house and has a knack for balancing the needs of operatons flourished at both of his Melbourne the project with the need of multi-stakeholder restaurants, Dandelion and the elegant Pearl, engagement. managing to balance the delicate nuances of Branching out on her own Maria entertainment, dining and demanding chefs, established Nourish Brands where in a short in turn both venues were rewarded with space of time the agency has grown with “hats” (The Age Good Food Guide). 13 clients across the FMCG, Corporate and Along the way he launched the $14Mthe NOURISH team the Technology Sectors. build at Sandringham Yacht Club, harnessed Maria holds a Bachelor of Business, the energy of 55 thousand screaming fans Masters of Business Administration (MBA) andis currently undertaking her Doctrate marias at Etihad stadium and worked with many of the legends of Australian Hospitality – David NOURISH team of Business. Thompson, Christine Manfield, Frank Camorra, During her career Maria has worked with Adam D’silva, Andrew McConnell and Ryan the following clients (and would love to add your business to the list!): QUOTE Flaherty (recently back in Australia from The Fat Duck and El Bulli). Now running Nourish Brands with his wife FMCG Fosters Australia, Arnott’s Snackfoods Maria Crews, Nick specialises in running & Arnott’s Biscuits, General Mills – Patak’s, Betty Crocker & Latina Pasta, Don Smallgoods, National Foods, Tetley Australia, Madame Here major events, launching and promoting food and beverage products and consulting to food service. Flavour Teas, Lavazza Coffee, Bristot Coffee, La Zuppa, MLA GOVERNMENT City of Melbourne, State Library of NSW, State Government of Victoria Department of Education, State Government of Victoria Department of Infrastructure, National Australia Day Council TELECOMMUNICATIONS AND TECHNOLOGY Optus Vision, Optus, Vixtel, VIX Technology, ONEseniors, ONEmobile TRAVEL AND ENTERTAINMENT Ansett Australia & Ansett International, Woman’s Day, ESPN, MTV, The DISNEY Channel, Austereo, Sony Music, Melbourne Racing Club RETAIL Myer, Sportsco CHARITY Starlight Foundation, Allanah and Madeline Foundation
  17. 17. Contact Maria Crews T_03 9092 8444 M_0411 237 216 Podium 202/L2 9 Yarra St, South Yarra 3141CONTACT nourish CONTACT nourish like to grow more?
  18. 18. nourish brandsnourish brands
  19. 19. THANKS!