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Hayag, narrative report


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Its a tour narrative report.

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Hayag, narrative report

  1. 1. HAYAG, HERBERT AYLWIN M.BSHM Block 1 Last April 2012, we the BSHM 3rd Year had five-day educational tour inMetro-Luzon together with our faculty. We may have gotten to the airport veryearly in the morning but we have prepared to witness the sights and the soundsthat made Manila what is it today. We experienced the different touristdestination in Metro-Luzon, these aimed to learned and sees the differentheritage found in certain place. I’ve experienced a lot, a great experienced ever. On April 15, oureducational tour starts. Our faculty gave us time for almost 1 hour and half toexplore the Mall of Asia. After in Mall of Asia, our next destination is theIntramuros. We went over to the Fort Santiago where Rizal executed. This veryplace had such a mad history as a lot of people who were imprisoned there weretortured to death. We even took a look at the ground to see Rizal’s bronzefootsteps that led to his execution.Due to the short of time; we just passed theLuneta Park. We had our early dinner at Mang Inasal. Around 9 in the evening we started our very long trip to Laoag City inIlocos Norte. The travel time takes 13 to 15 hours. For that hours of travel, weonly had thrice for the stop over’s for those who need comfort rooms and forthose who want to buy something to eat. We arrived at La Elliana Hotel around 9in the morning which is supposedly Day 2 if we were looking to the itinerary.
  2. 2. We started our second day around 12noon. We just passed by thePasuquin, the Burgos Light House. One of the most important landmarks of thewhole province that we did not miss to visit is the Malacañang of the North. TheMalacaňang of the North is a two-storey mansion; it sits on a beautiful landscapeoverlooking the serene Paoay Lake. The design of a mansion is the mixture ofSpanish and Ilocano influences. Next is the Bangui Windmill, the gigantic windmill of Laoag City, one of thefeature destinations in Ilocos Norte. From afar, they look like tiny toy fans plantedon grey sands. As we get closer, these charming white structures got bigger andbetter. And when we finally reached the beach where they are situated, all of usshouted in full amazement as we clearly glimpsed the humongous whitewindmills beautifully lined up on the shores of Bangui Bay.We went also to the Sta. Monica Church, where in the daughter of the formerPresident Marcos held her wedding, the wedding of the century. 3rd day of Educational tour, I was full of excitement to finally seethe Heritage City of Vigan, the capital City of the Province of Ilocos Sur known tobe the only heritage city in the whole Philippines. We went to the Baluarte Zoo; the little horse running is enjoyable to watch,to me at least. A lot of animals are not tied and chained. Calle Crisologo is thestreet where-in the visitors of Vigan can shop the souvenirs and food items. Somuch fun to walk around in Calle Crisologo.
  3. 3. Welcome Baguio City! Our first destination is the Tam-awan village, thereare many Igorot huts within the village which will allow you to see how the homesof the mountain people really look like. There are a few native handicraft itemsthat are sold aside from some books and publications about the Igorot people,their culture and traditions. We had the chance to visit the Philippine Military Academy; the officials ofPMA are very strict in terms of clothes of the visitors, like using slippers insidethe PMA compound and sexy shorts for girls. I really enjoyed the walking tourinside the PMA, I saw the field where the officers doing their training and thedifferent aircraft. After the great experience in Baguio City,we had our long trip to Manila. .At 2 o’clock in the morning, we arrived at the Pamilya Hotel in Pasay City. Werest well because at 8 in the morning, we need to wake up. We went to Resort World Manila to attend the seminar, experienced theirsome recreational facilities like the Game Zoo. After in Resort World Manila, wewent to Saint Honoree to attend also the seminar, ate there our snacks and wetook our dinner at TGIF. In conclusion, this Educational tour we had was the most phenomenal timewe had together as a batch. This means that as friends we were closer, asclassmates we were wiser and as people we were more open to the worldaround us.