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Responsibly use policy

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Responsibly use policy

  1. 1. ESCUELAS SALESIANAS MARÍA AXILIADORA (NERVIÓN) Student Technology Responsible Use Policy Dear families, Our school recognizes that we live in a technological world. Our students spend a lot of time using internet. We’d like to offer an education based on technology. We think that learning through technology is a source of knowledge that we have to take advantage to. To do it, students must seriously consider the responsabilities associated with the access to internet. To do it, we offer this Student Technology responsible use policy. Please, pay attention to it and sign it in case you agree. What do we understand about “technology”? - Internet connection - Mobile phones, computers, tablets and projection systems. - Videoconferencing, online conversations and emails. What tools, apps and devices are we going to use? - Wireless connection. - Online tools: Dvolver videomaker, voki, Blogger, Animoto, ToonDo, Utellstory, etc.1 - Gmail. Which type of activities are we going to do? Students are going to participate completing tasks that are going to encourage innovation, communication, creativity, collaboration and problems-solving skills. Some examples of the activities in which they are going to participate are: - Create a comic using one of the tools provided. - Create a port-folio in which they include all the projects and activities they have done during the course. 1 These tolos are appropriate for the students age group. (students over 13)
  2. 2. - Sharing information with other students all around the world using gmail and blogger. Privacy and protection measures In Escuelas Salesianas María Auiliadora we prioritize students’s privacy and protection. We have installed technology protection measures for all computers. Each single computer has got a filter that protects against access by adults and minors to visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors. Responsible use This technology responsible use policy outlines the guidelines and behaviors that all users are expected to follow when they use technology. They must:- - Understands human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology - Practice legal and ethical behavior. - Select the information. - have a positive attitude toward using technology. - Support collaboration, learning and productivity - Treat school resource carefully. In case students don’t follow this guidelines and don’t live up our expectations they will be punished.
  3. 3. ACCEPTANCE AND COMPLIANCE OF RUP Students consent I will follow this Acceptable Use Policy. If I don’t, I’ll accept the consequences. By signing below, we agree to the expectations and procedures as detailed on the previous pages. Student’s Name (please print) Student’s Signature _________________________ ___________________________ Date ___________________ Parent consent By signing below, we agree to the expectations and procedures as detailed on the previous pages Parent or Guardian’s Name (please print) Parent or Guardian’s Signature ________________________________ ________________________________ Date _______________ If you have any further questions regarding this document and our plans for technology integration, don’t hesitate to contact me (María cabarcos). It will be a pleasure to answer all your questions. 965 893674 References

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