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neither nor and not only but also


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neither nor and not only but also

  1. 1. Neither… nor &not only… but also
  2. 2. Neither….nor Neither means not one and not the other; notone nor the other. Neither is something like theopposite of either.Ex:•you can have either fried rice or fried noodle(youcan have rice or noodle)•You can have neither fried rice nor friednoodle(you cannot have rice or noodle)
  3. 3. Just like the previous pairs,this one can be used with nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Follow the examples:You can take neither fried rice nor fried noodle.We must neither sell it nor throw it away.When you leave the room, you will feel neither too happy nor too sad.You can run the machine neither too slowly not too quickly
  4. 4. • As a determiner, neither behaves like either.o Neither an apple nor an orange is good enough for me.o Neither the hens not the ducks sell very well in this place.o Neither rice nor tobacco has been grown here.
  5. 5. Not only …but also• In its meaning,not only… but also is the same as both. However, this has more varied uses than the previous pairs. Now look at the sentence again.
  6. 6. • Farmers required not only the knowledge and skill of farming but they also needed to know marketing and other economic aspects of algiculture.• Farmers required not only farming skill but they also required marketing skills.• Farmers did not only require farming skills but they also required marketing skills.• Not only did farmers require farming skills but they also require marketing skills.
  7. 7. • These are the three ways to use not only… but also in the sentence. The third sentence has an inversion of the subject and the verb.Not only did farmers require farming skills but subjectthey also required marketing skills.
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