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2013 forbes integrated_media_kit_june_20132

  1. 1. 2013 Media Kit Make more than money. Make history.
  2. 2. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com The Forbes Brand With its wide editorial lens, soaring digital success and iconic status in the lexicon of American media, Forbes is not just a business magazine and website, but a media brand that documents and promotes innovation, leadership, politics, entertainment, technology, culture, business and style. Forbes’ mission is to deliver information on the people, ideas and technologies changing the world to our community of affluent business decision makers. What distinguishes Forbes from other media brands is our exceptional access to the world’s most powerful people—the game changers and disruptors who are advancing industries across the globe. Through our unique platform of print, digital and mobile products, Forbes is changing the way content is created, distributed, consumed and shared. Since 1917, Forbes magazine has provided the world’s affluent business leaders with strategic insight and information. In the past two years we have produced an unbroken string of agenda-setting cover stories celebrating the people changing the world for the better: Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Sean Parker to Jeff Bezos, Christine Lagarde, Jack Dorsey and more. Forbes magazine is the audience leader in the business category and has seen the only newsstand growth in the category, up 4.3%.* Forbes.com is the homepage for the world’s business leaders, serving an engaging mix of top stories, video and trending features. Our unique social journalism platform enables content creators, consumers and marketers to participate more than ever before, and our network of 1,000+ staff writers and expert contributors enables Forbes.com to meet the diverse and demanding needs of our online audience. Forbes.com has seen unprecedented growth, with a record breaking 45 million unique visitors in January.** Forbes’ growth across print, digital and mobile is proof that the innovative model of journalism at the center of a social experience is not only working, it is revolutionizing the business media industry. Sources: *MRI 2012 as compared to Fortune, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist; ABC Statement, June 2012 **Omniture, January 2013
  3. 3. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com The New Newsroom “We’ve been at it for two and a half years, reinventing ourselves step by step. We transformed Forbes.com into a global publishing platform. We re-imagined our magazine for a digital age. We built smartphone and tablet products for our growing audience of mobile consumers. There were no headline-making product releases, just a relentless string of advances (check out the timeline below). As technology plays havoc with the economics of both journalism and advertising, we’ve built a powerful publishing engine to create, syndicate and market quality editorial content at scale — and for marketers to express themselves like never before. We’ve put our authoritative journalism at the center of a social media experience — “I see FORBES in my news stream all the time,” I keep hearing. By doing all that and more, we extended our 96-year-old brand and mission to a new generation of entrepreneurs eager to create wealth, provide jobs and make a difference.” -Lewis D’Vorkin, Forbes Chief Product Officer, January 5, 2013 CREATING THE NEW NEWSROOM 50M 45M 40M 35M 30M 25M 20M 15M 10M 5M 2011 2012 2013Nov 2010 AdVoice launches with initial partner, SAP JuLY 2011 Real-Time stats dash- board V1.0 launches. V2.0 follows. Nov 2011 New mobile site goes live in HTML5, optimizing Forbes for 3 screens JuNE 2012 Homepage v2.0, Follow Bar, 1000 Contributors, 8200 posts/month JAN 2013 Forbes Magazine App launches SEPT 2010 Launched profile platform for 6000 people, places and companies MAY 2010 Forbes acquires True/Slant JAN 2011 Launch of new homepage, channel & section pages JuNE 2011 The ‘New Newsroom’ begins oCT 2011 Introduced contributor tools for promoting related content FEB 2012 Social login/ universal registration goes live MARCH 2012 Real time contributor dashboard v2.0 launches; site traffic doubles from 15M to 30M uniques JuLY 2012 New navigation & sticky ad on phone AuG 2012 New search pages & type-ahead search 46M+uNiquE viSiToRS FoRBES REACHES PER MoNTH* MONTHLY UNIQUE VISITORS | MARCH 2010 — FEBRUARY 2013
  4. 4. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Editorial Calendar is subject to change. Note: Not all themes will have a dedicated cover feature; however, all themes will at least have a roofline promo. *These issues have extended newsstand sales periods. 2013 Editorial Calendar Jan 21 30 Under 30 Dec 10 Jan 5 Dec 17 Feb 11 Most Promising Companies • NBA Team Values Jan 7 Jan 26 Jan 23 Mar 4 Retire Well Jan 28 Feb 16 Feb 13 Mar 25 Global Billionaires* Feb 18 Mar 9 Mar 6 Apr 15 Disruptors • MLB Team Values • America’s Richest Hedge Fund Managers ForbesLife: High Style Mar 11 Feb 25 Mar 30 Mar 27 May 6 Global 2000: The World’s Biggest Public Companies* • Fictional 15 • World Soccer Team Values Apr 1 Apr 20 Apr 17 May 27 Midas List • Top Funds (Honor Roll, Best-Buy ETFs and Mutual Funds) Apr 22 May 11 May 8 Jun 10 Most Powerful Women May 6 May 25 May 22 Jun 24 The Investment Guide I* • Top-Earning Athletes ForbesLife: Travel May 20 May 6 Jun 8 Jun 5 Jul 15 Celebrity 100 Jun 10 Jun 29 Jun 26 Aug 12 Best Colleges Jul 8 Jul 27 Jul 24 Sep 2 Innovators • NFL Team Values Jul 29 Aug 17 Aug 14 Sep 23 Reinventing America • Private Equity: Top Dealmakers ForbesLife: Style Design Aug 19 Aug 5 Sep 7 Sep 4 Oct 7 Forbes 400: The Richest People in America* Sep 2 Sep 21 Sep 18 Oct 28 Top Entrepreneurs/Best Small Companies • Top Chefs ForbesLife: Great Escapes Sep 23 Sep 9 Oct 12 Oct 9 Nov 18 Most Powerful People Oct 14 Nov 2 Oct 30 Dec 2 Philanthropy Issue/Impact • Largest Private Companies Oct 28 Nov 16 Nov 13 Dec 16 The Investment Guide II* ForbesLife: Holiday Nov 11 Oct 28 Nov 30 Nov 27 issue Editorial theme print close print delivery online launch last updated 2/7/13
  5. 5. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com 2013 Digital Editorial Programs THEMES WITH A * WILL INCLUDE A DEDICATED LANDING PAGE; Editorial programs are subject to change. ALL SPONSORSHIPS ARE SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY AND MAY REQUIRE AN ADVANCED COMMITMENT OF UP TO TWO MONTHS MAY Launch Date Top 10 Cities for Green Jobs May 6 Midas List* May 8 Best Cities for Finding Employment Right Now May 8 Best Internships for 2013 May 8 Mutual Fund ETF Honor Roll Best Buys May 8 America’s Best- and Worst-Paying Jobs May 13 Best Colleges That Don’t Require a College Degree May 15 Happiest Cities for Job-Seeking College Grads May 17 Most Powerful Women* May 22 Unusual Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well May 23 Cities Where The Economy is Booming May 23 10 Hardest Jobs to Fill in America May 28 The World’s Best New Universities May 31 JUNE Launch Date Investment Guide I* June 5 Top Earning Athletes* June 5 TED Global June 7 The Best and Worst Master’s Degrees for Jobs June 7 Golf Paradises June 10 Celebrity 100* June 26 The Most Transparent Companies for Sustainable Business June 26 Hollywood’s Best-Paid Actresses TBD Minor League Baseball Valuations TBD JULY Launch Date Country Cash Kings* July 1 Best Colleges* July 24 Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs* July 24 Top-Earning Celebs Under 30 TBD Best Cities for Young Professionals TBD DJ/Electronic Cash Kings* TBD World’s 50 Most Valuable Teams TBD AUGUST Launch Date Startup Month Aug 1 Best Places for Business* Aug 12 Back to School Gadget Guide* Aug 14 NFL Valuations* Aug 14 Innovators* Aug 14 Asia Fab 50* Aug 29 World’s Top-Paid Tennis Players TBD Hip Hop Cash Kings* TBD SEPTEMBER Launch Date NY Fashion Week Sep 3 Reinventing America* Sep 4 Private Equity: Top Dealmakers Sep 4 Emmy Awards Sep 17 Forbes 400: The Richest People in America Sep 18 MBA/Best Business Schools TBD Best Countries for Business* TBD Best and Worst Cities for Jobs Right Now TBD OCTOBER Launch Date Top Entrepreneurs/Best Small Companies* Oct 9 CEO Conference Oct 16 Most Powerful People* Oct 30 Most Expensive Zip Codes* TBD Forbes Fab 40 Sports Brands TBD NOVEMBER LAUNCH DATE Social Entrepreneurs/Impact Nov 13 100 Largest US Charities* Nov 13 Philanthropy/Impact* Nov 13 Largest Private Companies* Nov 13 Billion-Dollar Families* Nov 13 Holiday Gift Guide - Expanded Digital* Nov 13 Black Friday/Cyber Monday Nov 25 Holiday Gift Guide - ForbesLife* Nov 27 Investment Guide II* Nov 27 NHL Valuations Nov 27 Best States for Business* TBD Top 10 Best Winter Vacations TBD The Next Generation of Green Cars TBD DECEMBER LAUNCH DATE Major League Soccer Valuations TBD Holiday Personal Finance Resolutions TBD College Football TBD America’s Top Christmas Destinations TBD Vacations That Will Change Your Life TBD Ten Cars to Look for in Detroit TBD MAY 20, 2013
  6. 6. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Editorial Themes 30 Under 30: Ranks the innovators under the age of 30 who are putting their passions to work and reinventing business. From social entrepreneurs to fashion designers to tech experts, all eyes are on these up-and-coming stars who are driving the business revolution. Most Promising Companies: The 100 most dynamic private companies that are growing exponentially and building successful business empires. This list provides access to up-and-coming business stars and to cutting edge private companies across America. Retire Well: The ultimate guide to retirement, offering critical insight into best practices for guaranteeing a promising financial future and enjoyable retirement years. Global Billionaires: This year’s issue ranking the world’s billionaires zeros in on the wealthy leaders who successfully expand their businesses across borders, focusing on the billionaires who have a high percentage of wealth extending outside their native country. Disruptors: An issue dedicated to the game-changers who are raising the bar and revolutionizing industries across the globe. Global 2000: Features the 2,000 largest, most influential public companies driving and defining the global economy. Forbes ranks the 2,000 companies based on sales, profits, assets and market value. Midas List: Unveils the most important trends, people and companies in the venture capital and entrepreneurial investing space. Most Powerful Women: A list of the 100 most powerful female politicians, CEOs, bankers, cultural icons, billionaires and entrepreneurs and how they use their extensive reach to advance nations, economies, industries and our everyday lives. Investment Guide I: The first of two annual Investment Guides offers time-tested guidance and strategies for securing a promising financial future with a wide range of personal investing topics including real estate, retirement, estate planning, taxes and more. Celebrity 100: This list of savvy celebrities demonstrates the evolving relationship between stardom and Silicon Valley by setting a new standard for what it means to make it in the business of celebrity. Best Colleges: A renowned list ranking the top 650 undergraduate institutions in the country, including first- hand accounts of student experiences and achievements at the nation’s best schools. Innovators: A list of the world’s most innovative companies with a particular focus on the innovators behind the brand—the leaders who create successful business practices and growth strategies. Reinventing America: A deep dive into American innovation and ingenuity of the past, present and future. Forbes 400: The definitive list of wealth in America with features highlighting philanthropists who are putting their wealth to work to change the world for the better. Top Entrepreneurs/Best Small Companies: Highlighting the drive, innovation and spirit of today’s small business, this issue uncovers the opportunities, trends and challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners. Most Powerful People: The power players who control billions of dollars, boardrooms and armies, and shape politics, finance, culture and societies across the globe. Philanthropy/Impact: Celebrates visionary institutions and individuals who use innovation, ingenuity and philanthropy to create a better world. Investment Guide II: The second annual Investment Guide provides investing and financial tools to help readers plan for the following year and for a long term financially secure future.
  7. 7. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Print Editorial Departments Forbes offers our influential community critical insight and information throughout the magazine. Each editorial department provides readers with a fresh perspective and a provocative point of view, keeping our audience of business leaders and affluent consumers informed and engaged. A Brief Word A letter from the Chief Product Officer, Lewis D’Vorkin, introducing each issue and addressing Forbes’ game changing strategies and products. Fact Comment Steve Forbes’ column continues the tradition of his grandfather and father, delivering provocative editorials on U.S. politics, foreign affairs, the economy and taxes. Leaderboard The scorekeeper on wealth and power, offering a behind-the-scenes look into who’s up and who’s down across industries. Features in the Leaderboard section include Scorecard and active conversations from Forbes.com. Thought Leaders A group of opinion leaders explore global topics and solutions including current events, capital growth and innovative practices. Strategies Global innovators and leaders provide insight into how to build successful long term business practices and growth strategies. Technology The biggest technology innovators and insights from top-notch technology adopters and minds in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurs The home for inspiring stories and features on the opportunities and obstacles faced by small and mid-size companies. Investing The guidebook on how to get and stay wealthy, featuring investment strategies, stock tips and advice from financial experts. Lists Rankings of the most successful business icons and entrepreneurs, from technology gurus, politicians and media moguls to philanthropists, athletes and more. Features Feature stories on timely innovators, entrepreneurs and business icons who are driving positive change in the world. Life A lifestyle section dedicated to collecting, luxury travel, fashion and how to live life to the fullest. Thoughts A collection of powerful quotes aggregated around topics including luck, business, happiness, technology and family.
  8. 8. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Forbes.com’s home page is the gateway to real-time reporting; presenting up-to-the-minute stories and market updates, as well as providing access to 8 distinct content channels and over 60 sections. Business News and analysis on the day’s business events and companies Autos / Energy / Logistics Transportation / Media Entertainment / Pharma Healthcare / Retail / SportsMoney / Strategies / Wall Street / Washington Investing Tools, data and advice on how to manage your money Advisor Network / Bonds / Commodities Currencies / ETFs / Intelligent Investing / International / Markets / Mutual Funds / Options / Personal Finance / Real Estate / Retirement / Stocks / Taxes Tech The application of science and technology to business CIO Network / Cloud Computing / Data Driven / Future Tech / Game Changers / Games / Gear / Green Tech / Innovation Science / Mobile / Security / Social Media Entrepreneurs Information on starting, maintaining and growing a business in today’s global economy Exit Strategy / Financing / Management / Microbusiness / Players / Sales Marketing / Taxes Law / Promising Companies / Social Entrepreneurship Op/Ed Provocative “Op-Ed” pieces from renowned thought leaders in government, business, popular culture and academia Culture Books / Economics / Fact Comment / Forbes Quotes / Innovation Rules / Law / Policy / Politics / Regulation / World Affairs Leadership Dedicated to the most influential leaders in business, especially C-level executives Careers / CEO Network / CMO Network / Corporate Responsibility / Education / ForbesWoman / Forbes Insights / Leaders / Managing / Philanthropy / Sales Leadership Lifestyle The finer pleasures of life from vintage cars to high-end real estate and the best travel destinations Arts Entertainment / Food Drink / Forbes Travel Guide / ForbesLife Magazine / Health / Places Spaces / Sports Leisure / Style Design / Travel / Vehicles Lists Forbes and Forbes.com’s original lists All Lists / America’s Best Colleges / America’s Best Small Companies / Best Places for Business and Careers / Celebrity 100 / Forbes 400 Richest Americans / Global 2000 Leading Companies / Largest Private Companies / Most Expensive Zip Codes / 100 Most Powerful Women / World’s Billionaires / World’s Most Powerful People Digital Channels and Sections
  9. 9. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Print Demographics *Source: MRI Fall 2012–Numbers are based on the total U.S. population **Mendelsohn Affluent Survey 2012, Heads of House, HHI $100,000 or more Total Audience 4,924,000 3,406,000 2,359,000 2,595,000 Men 3,604,000 2,241,000 1,595,000 1,734,000 Women 1,319,000 1,166,000 765,000 861,000 Median Age (years) 45.6 48.2 47.5 55.4 Top Management 453,000 349,000 350,000 382,000 Business Decision Makers 1,219,000 972,000 698,000 706,000 C-Level 699,000 379,000 325,000 480,000 HHI $100K+ 2,142,000 1,503,000 1,389,000 1,584,000 Total Affluent Audience 1,211,000 1,140,000 950,000 Business Decision Makers (BDM) 629,000 581,000 473,000 BDM and C-Level 252,000 238,000 189,000 Millionaire Households 507,000 500,000 365,000 HHI $200K+ 437,000 358,000 320,000 HHI $250K+ 255,000 232,000 208,000 Forbes magazine is the premier environment for readers and marketers, reaching an affluent community of executives, business decision makers and entrepreneurs. MRI FALL 2012* Forbes Fortune The economist Wall Street Journal Mendelsohn Affluent Survey 2012** Forbes Fortune Businessweek Total Audience Total Affluent Audience
  10. 10. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Digital Demographics *Source: MRI Fall 2012–Numbers are based on the total U.S. population **Mendelsohn Affluent Survey 2012, Heads of House, HHI $100,000 or more Source: Compete June 2012 x % Composition @ Plan June 2012 (Q1) Source: January 2013 Omniture; Foresee Results Jan-June 2012 Forbes.com 683,883 WSJ.com 462,451 CNNMoney.com 395,722 BusinessWeek.com 199,308 Bloomberg.com 402,426 Economist.com 33,184 Forbes.com 2,375,594 WSJ.com 1,558,021 CNNMoney.com 1,195,864 BusinessWeek.com 972,892 Bloomberg.com 1,320,320 Economist.com 132,735 Forbes.com 2,465,597 WSJ.com 1,657,118 CNNMoney.com 1,430,689 BusinessWeek.com 868,171 Bloomberg.com 1,623,271 Economist.com 198,126 Forbes.com 2,150,632 WSJ.com 1,420,386 CNNMoney.com 1,069,755 BusinessWeek.com 983,026 Bloomberg.com 1,207,279 Economist.com 101,503 Forbes.com delivers unbeatable reach to a global community of entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and investors who share an unshakable belief in the spirit of free enterprise. Senior Management Any Decision Maker/influencer Affluents (HHI $100K+) Small Companies (Less than 100) Worldwide Audience Profile U.S. Online Monthly Reach to Target Total Monthly Unique Visitors 45 million Average Age 40 Average HHI $127,780 Male 68% Female 32%
  11. 11. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Bleed: Add 15% to the unit rate. All rates in U.S. Dollars and listed in gross. 2013 Print Advertising Rates 1 Page $142,520 $125,420 $121,170 $116,880 2/3 Page $106,420 $93,660 $90,480 $87,260 1/2 Page $85,510 $75,250 $72,690 $70,120 1/3 Page $55,100 $48,490 $46,880 $45,190 2nd Cover Spread $319,240 $280,930 $271,340 $261,750 3rd Cover $145,360 $127,820 $123,540 $119,210 4th Cover $188,120 $165,540 $159,890 $154,260 1 Page $121,170 $106,630 $102,970 $99,340 2/3 Page $90,480 $79,630 $76,910 $74,170 1/2 Page $72,690 $64,010 $61,820 $59,630 1/3 Page $46,880 $41,270 $39,830 $38,430 1 Page $96,880 $84,150 $82,380 $79,470 2/3 Page $72,380 $63,700 $61,540 $59,350 1/2 Page $58,170 $51,210 $49,440 $47,690 1/3 Page $37,470 $32,990 $31,890 $30,780 Rate Base: 900,000 Four Color Two Color (Black + One Color) Black White Open 4 Insertions 8 Insertions 12 Insertions Open 4 Insertions 8 Insertions 12 Insertions Open 4 Insertions 8 Insertions 12 Insertions
  12. 12. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Printing: Web Offset/Digital Trim Size: 8 x 10 1/2 (203 mm x 267 mm) Type Page: 7 x 10 (178 mm x 254 mm) Print Production Specifications 1 Page 2/3 Page (on 2 cols.) 1/2 Page (on 2 cols.) 1/2 Page (on 3 cols.) 1/3 Page (on 1 column) 1/3 Page (on 2 cols.) 1/6 Page (on 1 column) Spread 1 Page 2/3 Page (on 2 cols.) 1/2 Page (on 3 cols.) 1/3 Page (on 1 column) 1/2 Page (spread) Spread 1/2 Page 7 x 10 4-5/8 x 10 4-5/8 x 7-1/2 7 x 4-7/8 2-1/4 x 10 4-5/8 x 4-7/8 2-1/4 x 4-7/8 178 mm x 254 mm 117 mm x 254 mm 117 mm x 191 mm 178 mm x 124 mm 57 mm x 254 mm 117 mm x 124 mm 57 mm x 124 mm 16-1/4 x 10-3/4 8-1/4 x 10-3/4 5-1/4 x 10-3/4 8-1/4 x 5-1/2 2-7/8 x 10-3/4 16-1/4 x 5-1/2 413 mm x 273 mm 209 mm x 273 mm 133 mm x 273 mm 209 mm x 140 mm 73 mm x 273 mm 413 mm x 140 mm 15 x 10 15 x 4-7/8 381 mm x 254 mm 381 mm x 124 mm Standard Units Bleed Units Gutter Units
  13. 13. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Print Production Specifications Forbes prints 100% Computer to Plate (CTP) digital ad requirements. For best reproduction, materials should be submitted in a digital file format. PDF/X1a is the preferred file format. Application files such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXpress and Pagemaker are not acceptable. For more information regarding digital ads, contact: Sara Kello, 212-620-2218, skello@forbes.com or visit www.forbesmedia.com/forbes/production. PDF/X1a Specifications All high-res images and fonts must be included when the file is created. Use only Type 1 fonts, not TrueType. Images must be CMYK or grayscale, TIFF or EPS between 266 and 300 dpi. No RGB or JPEG images should be used. Files should be right reading, portrait mode, 100% size with no rotations, and include all standard trim, bleed and center marks outside the live image area. Selection of Inks Black and one-color R.O.P.: Publisher will match any second color at two-color rate, except metallic-base sheen inks and special inks (e.g., Day-Glo colors). Prices on request. Four color: Publisher uses the recommended SWOP offset specifications for material for web offset, four-color process inks. Miscellaneous If supplied material does not conform with requirements of SWOP specifications, new materials will be required. All material will be discarded (without further notice) if not claimed within six months after publication. Upload Instructions Please upload materials to the Forbes Ad Portal at http://www.adshuttle.com/forbes Upload single-page files only. Multiple-page PDFs will not be accepted.
  14. 14. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Pushdown [ 970 x 418 ] opens for seven seconds to display an advertisement then rolls up to [ 970 x 66 ] (needs to include a close button) 3rd Party tags only :30 3 100k (Z-Index 999 or less) 100k $149.00 Leaderboard/ Billboard [ 728 x 90 ] [ 970 x 90 ] [ 970 x 250 ] .gif, Flash, Rich Media, 3rd Party/HTML N/A 3 20k (Z-Index 999 or less) 40k $136.00 Rectangle [ 336 x 280 ] [ 300 x 250 ] :30 3 25k (Z-Index 999 or less) 40k $136.00 Half Page [ 336 x 850 ] [ 300 x 600 ] :30 3 75k (Z-Index 999 or less) 100k $222.00 Logo (creative may include “Sponsored by” text and should be transparent) [ 120 x 40 ] .gif, .png or .jpg and click url static static 2k 2k $11.00 Native Video* (Long Form Video) [ N/A ] YouTube video URL(s) Unlimited User-initiated views [ N/A ] [ N/A ] $10 Cost Per View (CPV) :15 sec Intro Pre-roll [ N/A ] beta tape or electronic MPEG, quicktime, or avi 1-15 [ N/A ] [ N/A ] [ N/A ] $136.00 :30 sec Pre Post-roll [ N/A ] 1-30 [ N/A ] [ N/A ] [ N/A ] $136.00 Welcome Ad [ 640 x 480 ] .swf, .gif or .jpg, and click url. Must include the following action- script in .swf file: on (release) { et URL(clickTag, “_blank”);} :10 [ N/A ] 75k 75k $222.00 Mobile Web Site (Smartphone) [ 300 x 50 ] [ 216 x 36 ] .gif or .jpg, click url and 3rd Party :10 3 7.5k [ N/A ] $136.00 SAM 2.0 [ 300 x 600 ] Multiple file types and components accepted including .swf, .gif, .jpg or .png files and Web URLs- See your Sales Manager for full details 5:00 10 150k 150k 3MM impression min spend JetStream Billboard [ 970 x 250 ] Multiple file types and components accepted including .swf, .gif, .jpg or .png files and Web URLs- See your Sales Manager for full details 5:00 10 150k 150k 3MM impression min spend *All units can use a 1 x 1 tracking pixel except native video Units Dimensions File Type MAX Length (Secs) Loops Max Size (GIF/JPG) Max Size (FlASH) Rate (CPM) 2013 Digital Advertising Specs/Rates
  15. 15. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Forbes Asia, Europe and International Editions Forbes Asia Forbes Asia serves as Asia-Pacific’s definitive voice celebrating entrepreneurial capitalism and business. Each issue identifies and profiles Asia’s richest people and the executive ranks of the most dynamic companies—from the up-and- comers to the best big corporations. Forbes Asia presents relevant local features and authoritative reporting that is especially engaging to Asia’s most influential and successful business leaders. Launched in September 2005, Forbes Asia brings the Forbes style of journalism into the region. Written and edited specifically for Asia-based top management, entrepreneurs and those aspiring to positions of corporate leadership, every issue of Forbes Asia gives equal weight to original Asia-specific articles and the best of Forbes from the rest of the world. Forbes Europe Forbes Europe is strategically distributed to 20,000 members of the Europe entrepreneurial class and the business elite, driving growth in key European markets including London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris and Milan. Forbes International Editions Forbes’ 26 international editions serve as the gateway to the world’s business leaders and entrepreneurs. The international editions provide extensive opportunities for our advertisers to reach and connect with an audience of global power players and decision makers. Each edition presents insights and information relevant to leading businesspeople in their respective parts of the world. Forbes international editions include the following: Africa, Afrique, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, India, Indonesia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, Mexico, Middle East (English), Middle East (Arabic), Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine.
  16. 16. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Forbes Properties Delivering Our Partners One-of-a-Kind Experiences From high-impact brand signage at 60 Fifth to art exhibitions in the Galleries, the VIP event space offers one-of-a-kind promotional opportunities to your target audience in premier settings. 60 Fifth provides a dynamic atmosphere for hosting intimate receptions to large events. 60 Fifth Part private club, part public gallery and the ultimate gathering place for executives and entrepreneurs, 60 Fifth has a rich history of engaging influential audiences. Its elegance, charm and attractive art collections have made the venue a highly memorable setting for powerful leaders, innovators and marketing partners. The Forbes Galleries Exhibition premieres and art opening events in the 60 Fifth space provide an opportunity for unique custom branded installations. Custom Event Opportunities Forbes produces over 200 custom events each year. Contact your sales representative for more information.
  17. 17. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Conferences Forbes Women’s Summit Date: May 8-9, 2013; Location: New York, NY The Women’s Summit will focus on how a new generation of women is redefining the notion of power through innovation and disruption. This transformational and multi-generational ‘meeting of powerful minds’ will gather CEOs, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, disrupters, innovators, politicians and leaders of foundations and NGOs who are joining force to help solve society’s most difficult problems. Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy Date: June 5, 2013; Location: United Nations, New York, NY Bringing the iconic Forbes 400 list to life, this Summit is designed to encourage an exchange of ideas amongst the world’s most powerful people with the goal of solving some of today’s most enduring problems. This exclusive private event features billionaires, business superstars, entrepreneurs, entertainers and athletes joining together for a day of philanthropic collaboration. Forbes Global CEO Conference Date: September 3-5, 2013; Location: Bali, Indonesia Now in its 13th year, this three-day annual event is attended by some 400 global CEOs, tycoons, entrepreneurs, up-and-comers, capitalists and thought leaders to discuss and debate key issues of global concern and to build new partnerships. Forbes Healthcare Summit Date: October 9-10, 2013; Location: Jazz at Lincoln Center, New York, NY At this critical business, government and societal crossroads, industry leaders, healthcare practitioners, innovators, investors and government officials address how to put healthcare on a sustainable track by focusing on affordability and access. Forbes CMO Summit Date: October 23-25, 2013; Location: Mandarin Oriental, Miami, FL The premier peer-to-peer event for senior marketers, providing access to leading CMOs and agency executives across industries who will engage in presentations and panel discussions addressing today’s complex marketing landscape. TECHONOMY Date: November 11-13, 2013; LOCATION: Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain, Tucson, AZ Organized by Techonomy Media Inc, Techonomy is an invitation-only conference about how technology is playing a pivotal role in business and social progress and changing the world as we know it. Reinventing America Date: Q1, 2014; Location: Chicago, IL A summit convening the leading minds in a new industrial revolution: industry chiefs, government leaders, managers, investors, academics, engineers and entrepreneurs, as well as Forbes editors and contributors, will gather for an extraordinary exchange of ideas, celebrating what has already been accomplished and planning the next phase of our country’s long, vibrant industrial history.
  18. 18. For More Information, Visit www.forbesmedia.com Awards Recognition One of min’s Most Intriguing People in Media: Meredith Levien One of min’s People to Watch: Sebastian Tomich Forbes: Top 10 Best Performer in Ad Sales Forbes: Forbes 400 won for the “Single Magazine Issue - Business/General Interest” Editorial Design Award Winner 2012 2012 2012 2011/2012
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