The story of the Pilgrims


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Thanksgiving story adapted to Kindergarteners

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The story of the Pilgrims

  1. 1. THE STORY OF THE PILGRIMS María Abilleira CEIP Nosa Señora das Dores Forcarei
  2. 2. This is Mary Allerton. Mary lived on a farm.
  3. 3. Mary lived with her daddy, her mummy and her brother Bartholomew.
  4. 4. But Mary and her family were very sad because...
  5. 5. The king was very bad. He was very angry with them.
  6. 6. MAYFLOWER Mary and her family left their farm and crossed the ocean on a ship called Mayflower.
  7. 7. It was a long, long trip. Mary and her family were sad and tired.
  8. 8. One day, after many months, the Mayflower stopped.
  9. 9. Mary and her family were very happy. They said:
  10. 10. But the winter came soon. It was very cold.
  11. 11. Mary and her family built a house but they didn't have enough food to eat. They were very hungry.
  12. 12. One day, Mary met an Indian boy called Squanto. Hello. I'm Mary Hello. I'm Squanto
  13. 13. Squanto and his family gave Mary food to eat during the winter. Mary and her family were happy. And they said:
  14. 14. In Spring, Mary planted some seeds.
  15. 15. Mary was happy. They had lot of food to eat.And Mary said:
  16. 16. Mary and her family invited Indians to a party. They ate turkey, pumpkins, corn,... And they all said:
  17. 17. For our family, food and homes. Kindergarten 2013