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The gift of the Nile


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PPT to introduce the River Nile's inundation to students in level 6. It takes part of a project about Ancient Egypt

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The gift of the Nile

  1. 1. The gift of the Nile Walk like Egyptians Project Our English Corner's Blog
  2. 2. The River Nile Life in Ancient Egypt depended on the River Nile.
  3. 3. The Nile's annual inundation Every year, between June and September, the Nile flooded the river's banks due to the summer rains. desert river (inundation) river's bank inundation=flood
  4. 4. It was the... Flood season From June to September
  5. 5. The Nile's annual inundation In October the water level decreased and the river's banks were covered with a rich dark soil. The river's floods made the land fertile and good for farming. desert rich dark soil fertile land
  6. 6. The Nile's annual inundation In November, when the land was dry, ancient Egyptians prepared the river's banks to plant vegetables and other plants. fields desert Ancient Egyptians worked hard in the fields.
  7. 7. It was the...... Planting and growing season From October to February
  8. 8. The Nile's annual inundation In March, ancient Egyptians started to collect melons, grapes, beans, peas, onions, lettuces, wheat,.. Ancient Egyptians collecting wheat
  9. 9. It was the... Harvest season From March to May
  10. 10. How many seasons were there in Ancient Egypt?