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Guy fawkes night


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Guy fawkes night

  2. 2. When? Bonfire Night is celebrated all over the UK on 5th November every year.
  3. 3. King James IGuy FawkesGuy Fawkes On 5th November 1605 a man called Guy Fawkes tried to kill King James I. King James I King James I Why?
  4. 4. The Gunpowder Plot Guy Fawkes was one of a group of catholic men who plotted to kill the Protestant king James I.
  5. 5. How? They planned to blow up the House of Parliament putting gunpowder under a house next to the parliament building.
  6. 6. The Tradition But Guy Fawkes was discovered and executed. That night people lighted bonfires to celebrate the safety of the king.
  7. 7. The celebration The story is remembered each 5th November by celebrating Bofire Night. All over the Britain, there are firewoks displays and bonfires where a home- made model of Guy Fawkes (called “GUY”) is burnt.
  8. 8. Penny for a Guy The “Guy” is made out of old clothes stuffed with paper or straw. During the days before Bonfire Night, children takes their “guys”out on the street and ask for a “penny for the guy” to buy fireworks.
  9. 9. Bonfire Night Food Traditionally, people eat jacket potatoes and toffee apples during this night.
  10. 10. Bonfire Night Rhymes Remember, remember the fifth of November Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason, why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot.
  11. 11. DICTIONARY bonfireBarrel of gunpowderBarrel of bonfirebonfirebonfirebonfirebonfireBarrel of gunpowder House of Parliament fireworks Firework display bonfire
  12. 12. Dictionary Guys Straw