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Lyric Analysis


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Lyric Analysis

  1. 1. Lyric Analysis Artist: Lily Allen Title of song: Littlest Things Genre: Pop For the first line I would have her simply walking along the path in the walks,There will be one very main Sometimes I find myself sittin back there would be irony in the fact that sheactor playing the girl who is and reminiscing is in a typically romantic place, yet shesinging, for this part of the Especially when I have to watch other is on her she would be dressed in people kissin For this line I think there would be amodern, fashionable clothing. And I remember when you started very specific shot of Lily in theShe would be quite young so callin me your misss foreground looking at the couple kissing.she appeals to my target All the play fightin, all the flirtatious Or I could have Lily carrying on walkingaudience disses the path and as she saying the line, a Id tell you sad stories about my happy couple would walk past her. This childhood would reflect her thoughts as they are I dont why I trusted you but I knew happening which would clearly establishNormally when I watch other that I could the video as narrative based.videos, the first verse is very Wed spend the whole weekend lying insimply laid out; therefore I our own dirtwould just have Lily walking I was just so happy in your boxers anddown the path in the walks, your t-shirtlater on in the video I will build For the start of this chorus, I personallyon this. think this bit sounds like a bridge passage to the main chorus of “the littlest things that take me there…” [Chorus] therefore I may tie this with the first Dreams, Dreams verse and not change scene. I would Of when we had just started things probably have a change of movement for Dreams of you and me example she sits down on the grass It seems, It seems daydreaming to reflect the ‘dreams’ inThese two lines will be the lines That I cant shake those memories the lyrics. I think I may use close upthat form the transformation I wonder if you have the same dreams shots to make the lyrics and scene feelbetween time references. I think too. very personalI will have the camera panningaround a medium close up shot The littlest things that take me thereof Lily, as the colour of the I know it sounds lame but its so truewhole scene changes to a musty I know its not right, but it seems unfairsepia colour. Not only the That the things are reminding me of The image that comes to mind for thecolour changing but also the you chorus is faded, maybe even musty-sepiacostume, Lily would then be Sometimes I wish we could just colour for the frame to represent the factwearing a little black dress in pretend that she is singing about the past. I thinkthe style of the 1950s, I would Even if only for one weekend the setting for this first chorus would bealso like to have her hair up. As So come on, Tell me in a park to give a romantic feel, thethe camera turns, a man would Is this the end? honeymoon period at the start of thebe on her arm (her boyfriend), relationship, the main character and herhe would also be dressed in a boyfriend laughing and playing about.typical 1950s style clothing for This image would be reflecting the storya man. she had just told in the first verse (“All the play fighting, all the flirtatious disses”)