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Compare Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino features


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Comparison of features and functionality of Lotus Notes Domino and Microsoft Exchange Email systems and will be useful for beginners

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Compare Exchange and Lotus Notes Domino features

  1. 1. EXCHANGE VS DOMINO Features Compared
  2. 2. DIRECTORY Exchange Domino AD NAB(Notes Address Book) Local Contacts Local Contacts Offline Address Book(OAB) Mobile directory(MDB) Web Service based/ Public Folder NRPC/Replication OAB generated on Mailbox server MDB generated on Directory Catalog(DC) server CAS server copies OAB from MBX server and sends to user A replica put into user’s home servers Outlook CachedMode>AutoDiscover>CAS Notes Client (replica task)>dconfig>Home server policy Suggested Contacts Recent Contacts Auto-Complete Type Ahead
  3. 3. MAIL ROUTING Exchange Domino Based on Exchange Attributes In Person’s AD Account Person’s PAB information AD site Based NNN Based Implicit intra-organization Send connector Servers having same NNN AD site link for inter site Connect docs/NNN for inter Link Cost Connect doc Cost Hub Role Notes Router Default Protocol is SMTP NRPC for inter Domino and SMTP for internet Send and receive Connectors Foreign SMTP domain, SMTP connection document and SMTP listener Accepted Domains Global Domain and Aliases
  4. 4. DELETED ITEMS/DB RECOVERY Exchange Domino Deleted Items Trash Recover Deleted Item Recover From Backup Purges(Single Item Recovery) Recover From Backup Litigation Hold/Recover From Backup Recover From Backup Soft Deleted((Hiding Only) )/Disconnected DB AdminP Approval/Recover From Backup
  5. 5. SEARCH Exchange Domino Column Vise Column Vise Advanced Search(Property based) Advanced Search(Field based) Exchange Search/Windows Search Server FT Index/Local FT Search Attachment indexing based on Filters Attachment indexing based on KeyView Filters Discovery Mailbox searches for all the mail boxes in the organization Domain Indexing for File system files/Domain Databases in a single place
  6. 6. USER MANAGEMENT Exchange Domino AD users and computers and EMC Lotus notes Admin client EMS Third Party apps/Live console Scripts Scripts New_Requests(Move) AdminP Requests
  7. 7. CLIENTS Exchange Domino Outlook(MAPI RPC) Lotus Notes Client(NRPC) OWA(HTTP) iNotes(HTTP) IMAP IMAP POP3 POP3 Active Sync Traveler BES BES Web services inbuilt Customizable
  8. 8. OFFLINE MODE Exchange Lotus Notes Outlook Cached Mode/Offline Mode Offline Local outlook.ost file Local mail.nsf file Archive.pst Archive.nsf OAB and local contacts MobileDir and Local Contacts
  9. 9. ACCESS DELEGATION Exchange Lotus Notes Full Access to Mailbox(open MBX in Outlook) Reader Access Receive As(log on) to Mailbox DB Reader + Access Send As Author + Access Folder wise /Calendar Access by Owner Design Access/Access Delegation preferences by Owner
  10. 10. ARCHIVE Exchange Lotus Notes Personal Folder(.pst on PC) Archive stored on local Personal Archive Archive stored on server Auto archive based on Retention policy settings Based on archive profile settings and policies
  11. 11. HIGH AVAILABILITY AND FAIL-OVER Exchange Lotus Notes DAG Clusters Continuous/Log shipping replication Event based cluster replication Active Manager Cluster Manager Mail delivered to active MDB copy Home mail server copy