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Portfolio Mfp

  1. 1. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism Portfolio Universidade Estadual de Londrina 2009
  2. 2. “Architect is to dream, not be afraid to surrender, to generate from the event, volumes and spaces, till the formulation of the idea, and give birth to work ready.”
  3. 3. 1ST YEAR Summary : -Freehand sketches -Three-dimensional representation - Ministry of Education and Health (Current: Palácio Gustavo Capanema) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. -Project I: Library Sector. 2ND YEAR -Prototype structural system: bark. Project II: School for children and basic education. Minimum Housing. Loft: machine to live and work. 3RD YEAR -Project III: Greek Restaurant. - Project III: Comercial Building. - Housing of Social Interest: Technology in wood. - Housing of Social Interest: Technology in blocks. - Urban Design: Blend of Socil Concern . 3D Trainee Experiences Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  4. 4. First Year
  5. 5. Freehand sketches The ability to free hand the design is required as standard to enter the course, but it is during this that the technical skill that is improved, because as there are given the coordinates for the main instrument of the architect: the sketch. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  6. 6. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  7. 7. Three-dimensional representation Through the presentation of an overview of classes conducted through theory and history, a brief and rapid advance, was the first contact with the architecture. Provide a little as if composed this scenario the goal was to be started before a trip, included in the curriculum of the University, which would close the first contact with some important buildings in both the architectural setting as urban. We visited the major works of Oscar Niemeyer, mining Baroque architecture, works of landscaping in Rio de Janeiro, the grandeur of urban Brazil, among others. This is the first long trip with a three- dimensional representation, the physical model; each group had the task of making a representation in scale of a building visited. Ministry of Education and Health (Current: Palácio Gustavo Capanema) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Architects: Lucio Costa, Affonso Eduardo Reidy, Carlos Leão, Jorge Moreira, Ernani Vasconcellos and Oscar Niemeyer.
  8. 8. Project I : Labrary Sector The university has a central library, and some smaller, called sector, located in each department. After a fixed maximum length, the program needs in all environments should contain, and pass the stage of choosing an architect as a basis for the development and theorization of the project, there was a review of the land, which is located in the same campus, studies topographical, climatic, flows, among others. It was necessary to show that architecture is not just a building, but that about covers everything. From the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, based on its horizontal and body, the space is composed of the sum of the environments and the adaptation of the ground. A composition characterized by straight and functionality, crowned by an odd shape that stands out from the Museum Guggenhein of New York, a cylinder that formed a more isolated area, where individual studies are privileged because of that silence can be. The preliminary studies, climate studies, coordinates sun, flows of people, among others, created the position of the building in accordance with best environmental conditions for comfort and for users. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  9. 9. As a first experience with design, some difficulties were encountered, including: generating unit and the need to learn to use a feature to the project and how it operates rather than include several which may end up making heavy composition.
  10. 10. Second Year
  11. 11. Prototype Structural System: Bark To innovate and make big projects it is necessary to know each type of material and understand how it works and how it resists every form, positioning and the like. The discipline of structural systems has been responsible for our introduction in reality, where solid materials such as concrete, earn slenderness and lightness in monumental works such as those of Oscar Niemeyer. Learning to deal with the materials and takes them to the maximum is one of the biggest allies of the architect. Analyze structures of works of major national and international architects, and had the practice of operation of each system, by building a prototype, putting into practice all the theoretical learning. quot;The architect dominates the system and every detail that will be executed, and the design is its main weapon,quot; this is one of the phrases most repeated by most of the architecture faculty of the university. Detail is to ensure that everything runs exactly as described in the project..
  12. 12. Project II : School of Basic and Primary Education Knowing the target audience is extremely important to be able to assist you properly. When you start working with the school issue was essential to understand the main point: the child. How she behaves in certain areas, their impressions, reactions, among others. It was necessary to learn how to work gaps, materials, colors, every detail, because the user is one of the most complex and requires greater care. We visited schools, talked with teachers, educationalists, psychologists and children. We studied colors, shapes, textures, barriers, standards, schools around the world, in Brazil and in the city in which study, among others, all of which limits the project and all points of the guide. The first, and some of the main difficulties encountered were: the proportion of land and a significant slope, how to work those two points in relation to the user. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  13. 13. Were considered as part of guidelines for project: sunlight, ventilation and materials, each space was designed to have good conditions of environmental comfort, to provide the welfare to the users. And avoid the most steps and the greatest differences in level were left to the parties unless accessed by students, to safety. The pure forms and the space-child interaction are the two main points of the project. It was a simple and regular traffic preventing the type of quot;school maze,quot; so that the user would not be confused in the space that is available to enjoy. Explore a wide green space, bringing the child to direct contact with nature, led the project to direct the flow of an organization where all access passes and point to that space. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  14. 14. Project II : Multifamily Minimum House The residential houses were popular as an attempt to remove deficiency of housing, but usually follow a standard type, but the house is the dream of the client, then the proposal is intended to identify every building, giving an odd feature for a housing of minimum dimensions. We studied popular types of buildings, how to design, such as Le Cabanon de Courbusier, furniture, and have to optimize space and give comfort to the user. A central atrium in the integration movement and the party is starting from the environments where they have formed a plan to cross, which to compose a pure form a rectangle, won small courtyards enclosed by wide wooden rulers.Following a constructivist line, the materials chosen were: a wood, concrete and glass. Project are proposed in two overlapping sections, with entries for both sides. The architecture of Tadao Ando has a plan with a rectilinear layout and a different way of working the same plan for the two buildings, creating different aspects by rotating them, and thus favoring the two users on the view. A slab shaded, grams, was the choice to reduce and minimize the thermal variation generate better conditions of comfort, plus get a space that serves as a garden.
  15. 15. Project II : Loft: Working & Living. A different concept of living brought the proposal of the Loft, where a flexible space is divided between live and work. It is a typology that has become a trend in the property market and is considered synonymous with modernity and practicality, and is an extremely versatile space. In examining the research on the concept of the Loft, a space that was in industrial buildings and warehouses in the United States, which appeared as if it, as it was used on a volume without many branches, with few walls, narrow and long , which resembles a wagon, a real 'living machine'. In a land with two entrances and a large gap, not to flee the proportion of the surrounding buildings were worked two levels, ground floor in the highest part, and two floors at the lowest. And so were willing to segregate the two deliveries activities live and work. The openings are for the account of the glass facades, which show the views of the building. And the coverage is a format used by Vila Nova Artigas, a roof 'butterfly', with a significant feature of a simple form of Maria Fernanda Picotti composition. Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  16. 16. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  17. 17. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  18. 18. Third Year
  19. 19. Project III : Greek Restaurant. After several studies on the formation and how a restaurant works internally and externally, the region of Londrina was analyzed, and has a significant number of gastronomic activities, thus to generate greater typological diversity was proposed a Greek restaurant in a newly reclaimed area and inside the city. Greece, famous for its temples, its orders of the colonnade and its monumentality, brings the proportion, symmetry, harmony of all, the lightness, the way straight and pace, found the century of Pericles, the Golden century of the Greeks , where the true and perfect architecture. The Greeks enjoy eating well and developed through the ages, a feature cuisine, considered one of the most healthy, tasty and varied the world. The restaurant presents a custom of Greek social life, including hours around a table eating, drinking and talking at any meal and seeking a pleasant space, bringing the music, hospitality, nature and joy of that feature people. It is as central courtyard and access key, a space that evokes the Greek architecture as a major architectural element, and at the same time provides better conditions for thermal comfort, ventilation and lighting. This space was used as main access and reception of the restaurant, the first contacts and visits faster, for a wine tasting or a quickly they are there, it has the bar around it, in an area of service covered.
  20. 20. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  21. 21. The proportion was taken as a strong guideline for design. The patio and plant are composed of rectangles and golden age only when classified according to the required services. The hierarchy in the heights and asymmetry were used to show the current identity of the area, its suitability for time and place that is being designed. The water box and central air conditioners have a high composition to maintain the hierarchy of facades. A reassessment of columns will be used, not only as architectural element, but also as a structural element, implemented in the different materials used in ancient Greece. The main façade was facing the part where the amount of sunshine is less, then glazed, this element will serve as link between the city and the restaurant. The colors of the island of Santorini, the white and blue, and the material most characteristic of Greece will characterize the end of the project, marble, bricks, details in stone. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  22. 22. Project III : Commercial Building Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  23. 23. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  24. 24. Housing of Social Interest Housing is one of the major problems affecting the country and home, dreamed of the way, still remains the target of the majority. To alleviate the housing deficit that created the 'popular places', which follow a standard type, then to create new models and assist in the design of houses that are carrying out the will of the user, were created with dimensions within the housing proposals for social interest, but with materials and compositions that makes the project unique, giving individuality to the user. The first proposal is entirely in wood, wood frame, as is already used in Canada and the United States, and the second in structural concrete. The two proposals were worked as a Project Executive in order to facilitate and provide the implementation of the work. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  25. 25. Housing of Social Interest: Technology in wood
  26. 26. Housing of Social Interest: Technology in blocks:
  27. 27. Urban Design: Blend of Social Concern. The work began with the analysis of an area of the city of Londrina, a macro analysis, the East of the city, where the airport, the university hospital, landfill, among other things known to the city. The blend is now defined only after evaluation of several conditions. We analyzed all the points that would serve as guidelines for such deployment: target audience, and the zoning defined for this, limits, adjacent uses, reliefs, focal points, important views and areas of preservation, and access roads, drainage and buildings surrounding the area. The relief showed two main views, one of the central region and the bottom of another valley. Gives an overview of the city as the background and the other is the impression of the extension of green areas of the residents around. Tried to set the blend to form a space to consolidate an institutional point of reference in the area and that has some items that complement, consisting of a school and a cultural center, which will act as an extension of the school environment and enabling the implementation of various activities. Evaluating the vacuum and analyzing the initial guidelines, the implementation of this proposal was in a central area on the area for the blending, and took a path for walking, kept as a sidewalk, so the front hits such spaces are meant for pedestrians and the access of vehicles held by the back. To create an inviting area and living, to people who passed by and by which it will Maria Fernanda Picotti use the spaces provided, enter the proposal for Architecture & Urbanism - 2009 two main squares, which complement the area.
  28. 28. Development of studies Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  29. 29. Intern Experiences
  30. 30. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009
  31. 31. Maria Fernanda Picotti Architecture & Urbanism - 2009