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Tapping Knowledge From Social Media


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Maximizing the use of social media. Social media, aside from being a useful tool in internet marketing, can give you the information at your fingertips.

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Tapping Knowledge From Social Media

  1. 1. Social media is not only for promoting about anything. It can also be a powerful search tool to find specific answers for your questions. Not only it can bring traffic to your site but it is now the common way of sharing information about ourselves or things we find interesting. Just recently, I was looking for details about a new resort, so I searched it on Google, but unfortunately, there wasn't any information available yet. Maybe the owner or the management haven't posted any information online yet. What I did, I put a question on my Facebook account whoever heard of that resort or visited the place. To my surprise, one of my friends replied, that one of her officemates went there just a few weeks ago. I didn't wait too long to get answers to the question I posted. Then another friend also responded that he went there with his family. Then in less than an hour I got tips on how to get there, I got information about the place, the accommodation, and a lot of things more than I expected. So what can you learn from this is that, social media is not only for promoting your business and getting massive traffic to your blogs. There is a ton of information and knowledge at our fingertips. So if there are things you would like to know, try it out on your social networks. Tapping knowledge from social media is like getting personalized answers and the information you'll get is factual, based on real experiences and you can be sure about it because that came from your friends. Social media is all about having a conversation because it provides a two-way dialogue and allows for real discussion. So if you want to be cleared about something, ask it on your networks.