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  2. 2. Find out what type are youThere are several ways to learn new knowledge,these are some examples:If you prefer lessons where you can discussthings, your learning type is auditory.If you prefer lessons where there is something tolook at (like a picture, diagram or video) orsomething to draw, your learning type is visual.
  3. 3. FIND OUT WHAT TYPE ARE YOUIf you prefer lessons where you can do somethingpractical-or least move around, your learning typeis kinesthetic.
  4. 4. kinestheticThere are so many webquests that let you knowwhich type of learner you are. When we made thewebquest, our result was kinesthetic.The kinesthetic learning style refers to a way ofacquiring knowledge in which the learner usessense of movement to gain information about theworld. Kinesthetic learners loose interests in
  5. 5. KINESTHETIC activities based on listening and viewing, theyprefer to do activities that includes physicalactivity.Example: Kinesthetic people uses their hands alot when they are talking.
  6. 6. KINESTHETICThis type of people finds it easy to keepphysically fit, can distinguish items by touchwhen blindfold, in their free time they have tobe on movement and doing things.
  7. 7. VISUALWe decided to do a summary about visual learners becausein one of the tests, our result was visual.This type of learners tend to watch toeverything that is around them. For this peopleis easier to remember the appearance of hisfriends than their names. They use ti be stateoff in a space because they are not used tospeak a lot. When they have to learn a new
  8. 8. visualExample: They prefer going to the cinemathan listen to music or go outside and play.
  9. 9. conclusionWe have explained two types of learningstyles (kinesthetic and visual) because whenwe did the webquests we got two differenttypes. We think that to discover your learning typeis very useful because you can do activities likedoing exercice that will help you to becomfortable with yourself.