How to Create a Brand Persona


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The most important question a content marketer should ask is: Who do I want reading or engaging with my stuff? However, most people who are starting out creating content don’t even consider this question; they usually just jump right into the fun part, creating content.

If you don’t have a target audience in mind then you are targeting nobody. And that doesn’t help the purpose of content: to attract people to your business and transform them into customers.

An easy way to visualize your ideal audience is to create a Brand Persona. I have outlined the basic steps to help you create your brand persona in this great SlideShare.


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  • Sorry Maria,
    I don't agree with what you have said about brand persona. What you have given is Ideal Customer Profile. It's not brand persona. Brand persona is virtual personality of your brand.
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How to Create a Brand Persona

  1. 1. How to Create a Brand Persona The Queen of Content
  2. 2. What is a Brand Persona? A brand persona is the specific person of your target audience. The persona addresses the demographics, psychographics and motivations of your audience.
  3. 3. Why Will a Brand Persona Help? Well, it will answer the questions “Who IS reading or engaging with my content?” And “Who will WANT to engage my content?”
  4. 4. 5 Components of a Brand Persona Background Information Demographics Identifiers Goals at Work Challenges at Work 1 2 3 4 5
  5. 5. Sample Brand Persona Background: • Lives in a rich suburb • Runs her own business as a professional life coach • Recognized business professional for 25+ years “Happy Hillary” Demographics: • Skews women • Age 40-55
  6. 6. Sample Brand Persona Identifiers: • High energy • Motivated and smart • Published books and articles in her industry • Has a large network of contacts “Happy Hillary” Goals at work: • To expand business into neighboring cities • Start making webinars
  7. 7. Sample Brand Persona Challenges at Work: • Doesn’t know how to make a webinar • Has no clue how to enter other cities with her business • Has a Facebook page but not very active on it, she can’t manage social media very well “Happy Hillary”
  8. 8. Content for Happy Hillary “How to create awesome webinars” “7 tips to expand your business” “[VIDEO] Learn how to enter new markets and grow your business” “Using LinkedIn to find new Business” Think of 5-10 headlines that would capture your brand persona’s attention
  9. 9. Now start making content specific to your brand persona! @mcsantacaterina