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Online head shop


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As the smoke shop industry modernizes and expands to accommodate the ever-growing emphasis and respect for mother nature, the traditional phraseology "head shop" is slowly migrating to the more politically correct title of "smoke shop".
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Online head shop

  1. 1. New Canned Legal Buds! Head Shop vs Smoke Shop - International Oddities Head Shops and Smoke Shops As the smokeshop industry modernizes and expands to accommodate the ever-growingProducts emphasis and respect for mother nature, the*Legal Buds traditional phrasology "head shop" is slowly migrating to the more politically correct title of*Legal Bud (Can) "smoke shop". Krypto Legal Buds - Highest Quality*Herbal Bud (Box) The urban trend of head shop has been mythologized and mutated to the more*Blueberry Bud acceptable and semantically pleasing "gift(Shotgun Tubes) shop", "smoke and gift store", "smoke shops", "pipeLegal Bud Specials and smoke" and "smoke and gift shop" where productsSmoke Shop such as Krypto® are found,Accessories while the dated head shop scene advances to the Bag of Dro budLegal Weed summit of corporate respect.Herbal Hookahs Unique smoking accessories, avant-gardeRolling Papers clothing, hand crafted creative gifts,and Skyscraper Bud are the newMood Enhancement standard in the head shopPills world with inspired store names sparked from the by-Blunts gone era of a generation affectionately referred to asLegal Bud Reviews the head shops baby boom Ahia Bud from generation. HawaiiSolid Smokes Smoke shop patronsWholesale Legal Bud looking to purchase International OdditiesHerbal Incense extensive smoking line including Dro, PanamaLegal Bud Gold Bud, and many othersVideos need look no further than Krypto Bud - Big their local smoke and gift Green BudsHow to Roll a Bridge shop or if you prefer, the historians phrase "head shops".How to Roll a Jointwith a Dollar Bill For International Oddities online smoke shop accessories click here.How to Roll a JointFreehanded More legal bud reviewsHow to Make aPaperclip Roach Clip Stunk Bud - aZippo Lighter Tricks Legal Herbal Bud ClassicBud Pic MovieMoreInformationView Flash BudsTestimonials Blueberry Bud Krypto Bud Stashish - Red, Blonde, or OriginalLegal Bud News Dro Bud - 100%FAQ (questions) LegalInternational OrdersSmokeshop FREEWhy Smoke?Mail Order FormQuick Pay - PREPAID Chrome Cigarette Lighter Chrome cigarette case - Click for ordering instructionsLegal BUD Interview Click for more Rolling Machine is Free with all orders Get a pound of Herbal Bud! converted by
  2. 2. of Herbal Bud!High Times Gallery$$ Affiliate $$Site Map Welcome to International Oddities - the most exotic smokes in the world. We offer the complete, original, REAL International Oddities product line at Huge Savings! We ARE the TRUE High Quality direct source. Buy superior quality buds at below wholesale! Skyscraper Legal Legal Herbs Buds Whether you’re interested in the International Oddities fresh pack rolling kit, the patented premium pop-fresh cans, or the all-new International Oddities extreme rolling machines, the I O product line has been well established in customers hearts and minds for over 2 decades. Our extensive nationwide advertising, 25 year experience and brand recognition qualifies us as the market leader to a host of smoking aficionados who enjoy the art and process of smoking, but prefer the pleasure of a non-tobacco alternative. Free Stuff Stunk Bud - The Our products have been known to outsell every other smoking item in the stores that carry our line. Stinkiest BUY ANY 3, Get 1 FREE! To order simply send cash, check, or money order to International Oddities and your order will be processed within 24 hours. (California residents add 8.75% sales tax.) At International Oddities we give you: ** The fastest shipping in the industry- Twice The Splice ** The very best products famous the world over- at Half The Price ** And pricing thats so good youll be set for years to come! Read More Some other companies say they are as good as International Oddities - Dont believe them- Our product development team established this market over 25 years ago, and the International Oddities brand is the most respected name in the industry. Light UP your life - with International Oddities. Head Shop Products Bahli Bubble Bud Albino Rhino - Exotic Uplifting Legal Buds Box Some of the most sought after products that are found in a head shop include lighters, custom matches, and high Smoke quality cigarette cases. Some wholesale headshops that offer glass pipes and bongs may be behind the times as the Poetic Smoke Rings new wave of smoking accessories grow in popularity. The International Oddities goods occasionally seen in head shops presents a variety of desirable cigarette lighters, some bearing the IO logos and images. Many of the canned and boxed varieties of smoking buds have corresponding matches with the same graphic design and logos so that you can coordinate your smoking products. Coming from a trusted us head shop many custom smoke products bear imprinted designs that remain highly in demand. Some believe products from International Oddities contain salvia but nothing could be further from the truth. The smoking company says that such questionable goods have no place in their product line. Why Smoke Buds? And dont forget the custom graphic designed T-shirts bearing the IO images popular in the herbal smoking industry. Panama Gold Bud Other hot items in a head shop tend to be products that you use to smoke your legal herbs with, such as quality glass DRO ! Hookahs, rolling machines, or for the hard-core smoker, rolling papers. Again, the International Oddities online shop FREE BOX meets the smokers requirements with a fine line of Hookahs that are aesthetically pleasing, and come in a variety of OF LEGAL BUDS hose configurations. You wont find a higher quality rolling machine anywhere else, as the rolling machine that bears the International Oddities brand has been constructed to the most rigorous specifications, and includes a lifetime warranty. Legal Bud Review And for those smokers itching to roll one up themselves, all their products are available on a wholesale basis if you are a 1 Day Ship! qualified retail outlet. Notably there is an extensive line of rolling papers sold by the pack so that you can try various brands and see how each blends with your herbal smoke. As an added benefit, the box-of-bud line includes a pack of rolling papers alongside every box as part of the built-in rolling kit. As the modern smoker tends to favor the online shops more and more for his or her smoking needs, International Legal Rasta Oddities continues to expand their product line with the most in-demand products in todays market...and you may even Smoke find their goods in your local or online Head Shop store. Sextacy Pills FREE Lighter *Top Product* Dro Bud - Its converted by
  3. 3. Dro Bud - Its Hydra-chronic! Bahli Bubble Bud Blueberry Box of Buds Panama Gold Bud - Its Legal Free Chrome Cigarette Case Buy Hookahs Diablo Smoke Box Eat Me Pills Hawaiian Hybrid Ahia Bud Krypto Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Contact Us Disclaimer Intellectual Property PolicyLegal Buds "Box" © International Oddities Inc.® 2012 All rights reserved. Pills converted by