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Legal buds


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We deliver "high grade", low priced Legal Bud.
Our legal buds are incredibly strong, smoke even better than they look ... and do look absolutely insane.To know more visit our site

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Legal buds

  1. 1. New Canned Legal Buds News from International Oddities (I.O.) Legal Buds! PRESS RELEASE about International Oddities Victorious in Federal Court over / GLE / Petruzzi / HerbalSmokeShop for: Cyberpiracy, Trademark Infringement, False Advertising etc.Products*Legal Buds International Oddities, the 29 year creator of the “Legal Bud” industry*Legal Bud (Can) Krypto Legal Buds won a Federal Court judgment against its main competitor, GLE (aka) Global Life Enhancements Inc. - Highest Quality and Brian Petruzzi, an individual and president of GLE for Cyberpiracy, Trade Libel, Infringement of*Herbal Bud (Box) Federally Registered Trademarks, Unfair Competition, Contributory Infringement, False Designation of Origin, False Representation, and False Advertising. With a final stroke of the pen on December 19th*Blueberry Bud 2008 the judge ended the battle.(Shotgun Tubes) In a signed admission of knowingly using International Oddities product names for goods GLE sold that were NOTLegal Bud Specials International Oddities products and inducing others to falsely use the International Oddities Federally RegisteredSmoke Shop Trademarks “Ultra Wizard Smoke®”, “Skyscraper®”, “Krypto®”, the company name “International Oddities®” itself,Accessories “Dro®”, “Stashish®”, as well as the common law trademark “A’hia”, Bag of Dro budLegal Weed Global Life Enhancements is ordered to pay the sum of $300,000 inHerbal Hookahs damages in addition to the signed admission.Rolling Papers Global Life Enhancements operates the websites “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”,Mood Enhancement "" among others seen in the lawsuit.Pills The admission of Cyberpiracy, Trade Libel, False advertising, False designation of Origin, etc. by Brian Petruzzi andBlunts Global Life Enhancements is an important victory for the International Oddities organization because they believe there are still a lot of confused customers out there concerned with what is, and is not a real genuine International OdditiesLegal Bud Reviews Legal Bud smoking product. Ahia Bud from HawaiiSolid Smokes In addition to the above violations,Wholesale Legal Bud Global Life Enhancements knowingly made untrue statementsHerbal Incense that their products had been voted best for 7 years in a row by a particular nationally distributed popular smokingLegal Bud magazine, a claim which is false.Videos With so many TV and major motion picture movie credits for the use of the International Oddities smoking line, the Krypto Bud - Big company says it is very important that the public and any other would-be pirators or potential counterfeiters be aware that Green BudsHow to Roll a Bridge International Oddities vigorously pursues any and all perpetrators of Intellectual property crimes for the good of its high quality product standard.How to Roll a Jointwith a Dollar Bill Just last year alone International Oddities was forced to take action for the un-authorized distribution of another one of its Federally Registered trademarks “Sextacy”, a product which the company began selling all the way back in the mid-90’s.How to Roll a Joint Unfortunately, the infringing company was forced to close its doors. In 2008 there was another infringer of an additionalFreehanded International Oddities trademark, in this case one of its popular smoking products, but Bill Black, spokesman for the company, stated that in this particular instance International Oddities chose to resolve the violation by issuing a RoyaltyHow to Make a Licensing agreement. “We always try to give the benefit of the doubt and work things out wherever possible” Bill BlackPaperclip Roach Clip stated, “but unfortunately that’s not always what will work in a given situation”. Stunk Bud - aZippo Lighter Tricks Legal Herbal Bud You can see International Oddities products in dozens of Top Hollywood ClassicBud Pic Movie films and TV showsMore including Pineapple Express, Crash (With Dennis Hopper), My name is Earl, LALaw, CSI, plus many more. Also, look forInformation the International Oddities products in several more major feature films in the coming months. Mr. Black comments, “We are really excited about these newer projects - these films additionally showcase some of the biggest names inView Flash Buds Hollywood, but they are still too new to officially announce”.Testimonials The International Oddities product line is available in fine smokeshops and gift shops Worldwide, or you can visit the company’s website online for more information at www.internationaloddities.comLegal Bud News More legal bud reviews Dro Bud - 100%FAQ (questions) LegalInternational OrdersSmokeshop FREEWhy Smoke?Mail Order FormQuick Pay - PREPAIDLegal BUD Interview Get a pound of Herbal Bud! converted by
  2. 2. of Herbal Bud!High Times Gallery$$ Affiliate $$Site Map Skyscraper Legal Legal Herbs Buds Free Stuff Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest BUY ANY 3, Get 1 FREE! Twice The Splice at Half The Price Read More Bahli Bubble Bud Albino Rhino - Exotic Uplifting Legal Buds Box Smoke Poetic Smoke Rings Why Smoke Buds? Panama Gold Bud DRO ! FREE BOX OF LEGAL BUDS Legal Bud Review 1 Day Ship! Legal Rasta Smoke Sextacy Pills FREE Lighter *Top Product* Dro Bud - Its converted by
  3. 3. Dro Bud - Its Hydra-chronic! Bahli Bubble Bud Blueberry Box of Buds Panama Gold Bud - Its Legal Free Chrome Cigarette Case Buy Hookahs Diablo Smoke Box Eat Me Pills Hawaiian Hybrid Ahia Bud Krypto Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Contact Us Disclaimer Intellectual Property PolicyLegal Buds "Box" © International Oddities Inc.® 2012 All rights reserved. Pills converted by