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AGE TECHNOLOGIES_2014 project briefs


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AGE TECHNOLOGIES_2014 project briefs

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AGE TECHNOLOGIES_2014 project briefs

  1. 1. The Lesedi PV plant_ and Letsatsi PV plants are two of the three largest PV plants on the African continent.  Age’s scope of supply included: The proposed system consisting of the following elements were requested: 1. INFRARED DOMES in the access and at strategic points. 2. THERMAL CAMERAS in the perimeter and in the principal internal roads. 3. VIDEO MONITORS & VIDEO ANALYZER 5. Access Control with Biometric Readers 6. Control Centre in the O&M Building 7. IR Detector, in the inverters buildings and in the O&M buildings. 8. Guard Tour System. 9. Complete manual to operation and maintenance Product used in the project  Scope of work to be done  Fiber Network  Installation of fiber cable  Installation of splice boxes  Installation of patch leads  Complete manual for operation and maintenance of the system  Training  Total value of the project upon completion  1.9 million  Duration of the project  3 months
  2. 2. Enclosure Built 8x Floor Standing PLC Enclosures 2x Network Enclosures for Control and PLC room 13x Power Distribution Enclosures 23x Junction Boxes 33x Instrument Solenoid Bank Enclosures PLC Inputs and Outputs 288x Analogue Inputs 224x Analogue Outputs 896x Digital Inputs 384x Digital Outputs Drives Control Engineered 58x Variable Speed Drives 1x Direct Online Starter 2x Soft starters Project Value Supply and Engineering R4.2M Completion Hardware Supply Complete Software Engineering Complete Commissioning July 2014 Foskor is a proudly South African producer of phosphates and phosphoric acid with international exposure. Foskor unlocks shareholder value through the profitable, responsible and sustainable beneficiation of phosphate rock into either phosphoric acid or phosphate-based granular fertilisers sold globally. Founded in 1951, Foskor’s Mining Division in Phalaborwa mines phosphate rock, from which Foskor’s Acid Division in Richards Bay produces phosphoric acid and phosphate- based granular fertilisers for local and international markets. The opencast mine in Phalaborwa has the capacity to produce 3 million tonnes per annum of phosphate rock concentrate from 35 million tonnes of ore mined per annum. Once crushed, milled, concentrated and dried, most of the phosphate rock concentrate is railed to Foskor’s processing plant in Richards Bay, 800 km away on the KwaZulu-Natal coast. The D Stream Flotation Plant Replacement (DSF) project originates from the Foskor’s infrastructure replacement strategy. This project will ensure that the installed flotation capacity remains at a level which makes it possible to produce circa 3 million tons of concentrate per annum (mtpa), therefore protecting the production strategy of the Phalaborwa operations. The project consists of new 600 tph flotation plant. AGE Technologies JHB was awarded the Supply, Engineering and Commissioning of the complete PLC and Scada Control System. The Control System consists of Schneider’s Quantum PLC and Adroit Scada System communicating through Hirschman switches. The project also consisted of the supply and manufacture of the Festo instrument solenoid bank enclosures.
  3. 3. As Tharisa Mine is the largest known single chrome resource deposit in the world, the Group is well positioned to benefit from the projected growth in demand for chrome, which is primarily used in stainless steel manufacturing. MDM Engineering contracted AGE Technologies to supply in all the requirements of the Tharisa Expansion project.  Age’s scope of supply included:  Supply of all Siemens PLC hardware (S7-300 & S7-400)  Supply of all Siemens SCADA software (WinCC)  RIO Panel supply & manufacturing (34 panels)  Ethernet & Profibus fiber network installation, splicing, testing, certification and drawings (Est. 6000m fiber and 900 splices)  Supply, installation, configuration and commissioning of 4x Wireless Ethernet radios that links to 4x pump stations (4IPNET Radios)  2x Commissioning engineers to assist with I/O testing & process commissioning (I/O count 1546)  General supply of cable, junction boxes & any other equipment needed throughout the project  Configuration of all networks running through OLM’s and the setup of the OLM’s  Product used in the project  Multi core Instrument cable to the value of R400,000.00  Siemens OLM  Outdoor Fibre cable (total of 18.7kms)  Network Switches (3 port & 6 port)  All fiber equipment inc. adapters, connectors, pigtails & cable  Scope of work to be done  Fiber Network  Installation of fiber cable.  Installation of splice boxes.  Installation of patch leads  Supply IPDB’s  Installation of a Profibus over fiber network  Total value of the project upon completion  5.9 million  Duration of the project  8 months
  4. 4. Solution provided to company The physical structure was constructed by FAMAK in Poland and shipped to Mozambique. The electrical design and construction (wiring, cabling, PLC software and MCC cabinets) took place in South Africa. It was assembled in Beira, and the electrical and instrumentation installation commenced after. AGE Technologies did PLC and SCADA software development and will be responsible for commissioning.  Products used in the project PLC control system: Siemens S7-300 PLC with ET200S Distributed IO Motor control: Siemens SIMOCODE's and Siemens Micromaster VSD's Instruments: majority is supplied from Schneider but includes Siemens, Rockwell and Weidmuller All Cabling used on the Stacker predominantly from Jaycor and Africa Cables  Relevant information MCC's were constructed by Raise and Lower AGE provided 3 containers, operator cabin with all equipment inside, all PLC and networking equipment, all electrical cables, equipment, drives, relays, circuit breakers & switchgear One 630 kVA, 6.6kV/400V transformer People involved in the project  Norman Jackson – Project Manager - Design  Paul van Rooyen – Project Manager - Electrical Design and hardware  Gabriel van der Merwe – Project Technician - SCADA, Instrumentation Design, Hardware  Karlin Gomo- PLC Programming and Functional Design Specification Project Scope & Objectives AGE Technologies was responsible for the design manufacturer of the entire electrical and instrumentation requirements of the Stacker Machine that was installed at the new coal terminal in Beira Harbour, Mozambique. AGE Technologies provided the PLC and electrical control systems.
  5. 5. AGE Technologies JHB (Ltd) together with Instrumentation & Electrical Consultants had to supply King Shaka International Airport with Equipment & Design of an Redundant Fibre Profibus and Profinet Networks with Siemens S7-400 Hot Standby PLC in SIL3 Safety and Standard I/O.  Duration of the project Started 1 May 2010 and ran for the duration of 5-7 months.  The problem was to provide Siemens Equipment that could be integrated into a reliable fail-safe system for the Fuel Storage System at the Airport.  Solution Provided We provided them with a Siemens S7-400 Hot Standby PLC with Redundant networks and Dual Redundant WinCC SCADA.  Products in the project Siemens S7-400 Hot Standby PLC, SIL3 Safety ET 200 IO Stations, Standard ET200 IO Stations, Redundant WinCC SCADA, Dual Redundant Profibus Networks, Dual Redundant Profinet Networks  Scope of work AGE was responsible for assisting with the design of the PLC/SCADA system, to make sure that a working system was offered to the end user, and to supply the actual PLC hardware and SCADA software packages. IEC did the actual system integration and wrote most of the application software. Some software for leak-detection was written in Germany.
  6. 6. Age Technologies JHB- a member of the Age of Africa Technologies Group - were commissioned by ESKOM to come up with a simple yet intelligent design for the ash conveyor protection system at their Kendal Power Station in Mpumalanga.  Design Owing to the length of the ash handling conveyor, the protection system had to incorporate enhanced fault finding and accurate trip site location . This unique design in long-line conveyor protection is a world first. All of ESKOM's criteria were met and incorporated all the other aspects of conveyor related alarms such as belt rip, misalignment, and blocked chute detection, yet there are no electronics in the field.  Duration The system, which took six months and comprised 66 man months from conception to completion, is so efficient and easy to maintain that AGE are pleased to report their client is extremely pleased with the reliability of the plant.  Scope AGE's brief included the overall project management, PLC engineering using a Siemens Su110 PLC, equipment supply, installation and commissioning.  The project, which was repeat business for AEG with ESKOM, was completed on time and within budget.
  7. 7.  In line with their philosophy of client relationship marketing, AGE Engineering undertook this project at Fry's metals of Wadeville during their annual end-of-year shutdown. Although small in size the process to be automated was quite sophisticated from the point of view of all the different processes that had to be brought together.  Lead reclamation has it's own characteristics and AGE Engineering had to firstly familiarise themselves with the reclamation process. Once that was done they had to write the process software for the ingot pouring, handling and stacking system.  In addition to the InTouch SCADA package, ControlWize made use of a Microsoft SQL Server with an Access data base for the train handling facility at the load-out station.  The project included management, PLC engineering, equipment supply, installation and commissioning and took one man-month to execute.  Being a shutdown there was no margin for error and the automation, using an Allen Bradley S5 PLC, went off smoothly with no technical hitches experienced at handover.
  8. 8.  ESKOM identified the need for the replacement of the coal stacker/ reclaimer control system at their dry cooled power station near Ellisras in the Northern province.  Overview AEG's construction division were awarded the project to design, supply and install such a system to provide plant alarm status, monitoring and reporting. This was repeat business for AEG who also executed the station MV switchgear project and the overland Ash Handling conveyor systems. The project was carried out during the transition period from AEG to AGE Engineering and was completed ahead of the prescribed contract period.  Duration of project The 12-month contract, which comprised 64 man-months effort, included the full project management, PLC engineering using a Modicon 'A' series PLC, full equipment supply, installation and commissioning.  Significant feature of this project was the design, by one of AGE's engineers, of unique connection terminals - housed in the PLC cabinet - which comprised full lightning protection on all inputs and outputs. This type of terminal has now become a standard in the electrical industry
  9. 9.  Zimplats was established by Delta Gold Limited (Delta) in 1998 to take over its platinum interests. In May 1999 the company purchased BHP’s interests in the Hartley Platinum and the Mhondoro Platinum Joint Ventures which included a concentrator and smelter.  AGE’s Scope of work to be done – – Capturing of Plant wide process Data and Historizing for minimum period of twelve months – Alarm & Fault Logging which will detail the precise reason for Plant Stoppage to enable the Technician to rectify the fault with minimum down time – Up to date PLC and SCADA software – New Plant Computers and Servers with web reports available for Plant Managers. – The enhancement of the electrode slipping system enables it to measure the actual state of the electrode slipping system. The new program functions just as the existing program with the additional benefits: – Shorter slipping times – Any given movement, de-clamping, raising, clamping or lowering takes only as long as required. – Reliability of the electrode slipping system is improved. Error conditions are alarmed on the SCADA  Significant Features of the project – AGE Technologies offered the following enhancements and benefits to their current system – Plant wide Server/Client topology which centralizes their Data for easier Alarming, Data Retrieval and Reporting and Backup. – First Up Alarming programmed into their PLCs, with clear Alarm and Fault messaging at their SCADA Clients – Fixed format Daily Reports for the Smelter Plant and the Concentrator Plant – Device Status and Interlock Display Dash boards to assist operators. – Upgraded two obsolete TSX17 PLCs to Modicon M340 under Unity Software. – Conversion of Concept PLC programs to Unity by upgrading PLC firmware – Removed redundant MB+ network that was no longer required. – Auto-save Change Management Software, that automatically keeps all their PLCs and SCADA software backed up and tracks any software changes that is being implemented. – Archestra System Platform Software and Unity PLC Software Training for Engineers/Technicians – New latest Dell Computers (Severs and Work Stations) for their entire Plant Operations. – Onsite System Commissioning  Duration of the project –  ± 8 months  Budget –  R 2 ,495 024.00
  10. 10. Set amongst the beautiful rolling hills and valleys of the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, the largest waterworks in KZ Natal and most modern in the country, Umgeni Water's Midmar Dam Waterworks, was successfully commissioned, on schedule, in October 1996.  Built on the site of the old Mill Falls waterworks outside Howick, the first phase of 250 Ml/day will be augmented to an ultimate capacity of 1000 Ml/day by 2005, when predicted water demand is expected to be around 450 million cubic metres per year.  AEG were originally awarded the subcontract to main contractor Aquazur but owing to the disruptions within AEG at the time, leading up to their ultimate sale, AGE was contracted to complete the contract. In order to minimise disruptions to the contract AGE Engineering made use of all the existing AEG personnel, some of whom were sent for training in Germany in order to commission the MCC's bus system.  Duration The multi-million rand project was 14 months in duration and comprised 130 man-months effort. AGE Engineering's scope included Project management, PLC engineering, equipment supply - including the sophisticated Motor Control Centres, installation and commissioning
  11. 11.  Background The brewery has ten Cellars. Each cellar is divided into different tanks, in which the fermentation takes place. Glycine is passed through tubes wound round the tanks to control the temperature during the brewing process. A solenoid valve is used to open and close flow of glycine. Pt100 at the top and bottom of each tank are used to monitor the temperature. The temperature is either monitored using the Top/ Bottom PT100 or both PT100s. should any of the PT100 fail the PLC will switch the control completely to the healthy one. Each of the tanks can be in one of the following modes: Ready, Filling, Fermentation, Chill or Cleaning in Progress (CIP)  AGE’s Scope of work to be done – The plant is divided into three Control systems, i.e. Cellar 1&2, Cellar 3-8 and Cellar 9&10. A SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system will provide a graphical overview of the whole control system. An Ethernet TCP/IP network will link the three Systems and the SCADA.  Significant Features of the project –  HMI will provide the operator with status of each Cellar and Tank  SCADA system will provide a graphical overview of the plant, with the status of each tank.  A graph of all temperatures and operator inputted information will be available.  The fermentation manager will be able to change the operating mode of a tank, and with a login password he can also change the temperature set points.  A historical log will also be kept of all tank batches that have been brewed  Keeping data for each batch is important for quality purposes.  The Mode of operation of each tank will be colour coded - determined by its background Colour in the overview page.  A Siren and alarm lamp will be installed at each control system to warn the operator of an alarm condition  Products used –  Modicon TSX Premium from Schneider Electric  PLC software - PL7 Pro for TSX Premium PLC  HMI - is an EZTOUCH, Modbus/TCP 8” Slim panel  SCADA System - Intouch version 9, with 1000 tag licence  Spider, 5 port 10/100 Ethernet switches for each Control system  Duration of the project – 6 months  Total Value – R 605,906.34
  12. 12.  Background Botswana Ash (Pty) Ltd began operating in April 1991. The mine is located at Sua Pan, which is approximately 180 kilometres from Francistown in northern Botswana. The Company produces Soda Ash and Salt. All the activities of the mine are undertaken at Sua Pan – from production through to marketing and sales and administration. The primary market for Soda Ash is South Africa, where most of the products are used in the glass industry. They also produce fine and coarse salt. Like Soda Ash, the Salt products are sold within the continent. Production capacity is 650 000 tonnes per annum.  AGE’s Scope of work to be done To upgrade of old absolute TSX-17-20 Telemecanique PLC’s to the newest Schneider M340 PLC with UnityPro Software for the Soda Ash Stacker as well as the Salt Reclaimer. AGE Technologies also replaced all panels on site. In the Salt Reclaimer the panels was replaced by stainless steel panels to help prevent rust. The upgrade included – Supply of all Hardware Software Engineering & Installation and Commissioning  Products used Schneider M340 PLC with UNITYPRO Software CPU340‐20 MODBUS ETHERNET Radio telemetry System PLC, Termister Relays & Output Devices Supply Breakers Emergency Bypass Keyswitch New Panel Electrical Drawings plus Field PLC Application Software Development according to the FDS documents HMI Application Software development PLC/HMI Onsite PLC software Commissioning  Duration of the project 6 weeks Total Value Soda Ash Stacker – R 420 000 Salt Reclaimer – R 350 000
  13. 13. Xstrata are one of the world's largest global diversified natural resource companies and a major producer and marketer of more than 90 commodities. Their presence at each stage of the commodities chain provides us with superior market insight and access to opportunities. They have a strong footprint in both established and emerging regions for natural resources. SCOPE OF WORK: Product Included: IMPALA PLANT - Supply and Install an Enermax plus Meter with Modem for remote metering outside 400v Substation in Metering box.  Supply 400V, 3 phase 4 wire 5Amp Enermax Plus meter with external memory.  Supply cell modem for meter and sim card.  Supply 3 x 1500/5 metering current transformers. 2. WONDERKOP PLANT - Supply and Install an Enermax Plus Meter with Modem for remote on 11KV Incomer panel.  Supply 110V, 3 Phase 4 wire 5Amp Enermax Plus meter with external memory.  Supply cell modem for meter and sim card.  Supply 3 x 5/5 metering interposing current transformers 3. EPL PLANT - Supply and Install an Enermax Plus Meter with Modem for remote on 11kV Incomer panel.  Supply 110V, 3 Phase 4 wire 5Amp Enermax Plus meter with external memory.  Supply cell moden for meter and sim card.  Supply 3 x 5/5 metering interposing current transformer. K2.5 PLANT - Supply and install an Enermax Plus Meter with Modem for remote on 11kv Fdr panel.  Supply 110V, 3 Phase 4 wire 5Amp Enermax Plus meter with external memory.  Supply cell moden for meter and sim card.  Supply 3 x 5/5 metering interposing current transformer. 5. K4 PLANT - Supply and install an Enermax Plus Meter with Modem for remote on 11kV panel.  Supply 110V, 3 Phase 4 wire 5Amp Enermax Plus meter with external memory.  Supply cell moden for meter and sim card.  Supply 3 x 5/5 metering interposing current transformer. 6. WPL PLANT - Supply and Install an Enermax Plus Meter with Modem for remote on 11kV Incomer panel.  Supply 110V, 3 Phase 4 wire 5Amp Enermax Plus meter with external memory.  Supply cell modem for meter and sim card.  Supply 3 x 5/5 metering interposing current transformer. 7. Remote data base for all remote meters  Supply 1 x Meter reader that interface with modem, including software Significant features of the project  Remote access from anywhere in the country with cellular coverage to all metering data achieved. Software interface gave the ability to generate electrical bill for energy consumption audit. Duration of the project – 4 weeks Total value of the project upon completion – R156,000.00
  14. 14.  AGE Technologies JHB (Pty) Ltd. secured the contract to assist Arcelor Mittal’s planning department with the design, project management and commissioning of the automation system required at the Vanderbijlpark works Continuous Casting plant.  Scope of work to be done Was the equipment supply and product training of Modicon Quantum PLC's and FactoryLink SCADA. However, the whole project was to be executed during a planned shutdown period and required careful planning in order to minimise disruption at the changeover.  Products used The PLC was programmed in hot stand-by configuration and it was decided to make use of standard terminal cabling in order to facilitate a smoother transition.  Duration of the project The project was five months in preparation and comprised 3 man-months effort in execution.
  15. 15.  In one of the longest ongoing contracts on AGE Engineering's order book, their contract to provide automation packages to Pretoria City Council pump stations must rate as their longest.  Started in mid 1995 - whilst still operating as AEG Construction - their brief was to supply an automation system to 5 pump stations within the greater Pretoria metro pole.  The first one completed was at the Fountains station, followed by Garsfontein, Elardus Park, Klapperkop and finally Mooikloof over a period of four-and-a-half years.  The project was run out of Pretoria's department of water environment and executed as five separate contracts.  AGE's brief was to provide the project management, PLC Engineering using Modicon Compact and Micro PLC's, the equipment supply, installation and commissioning. What started out as first-time business for AGE developed into a long-term relationship and resulted in repeat business.
  16. 16.  Main contractor CHI Control appointed AGE Engineering to carry out the PLC engineering, equipment supply and commissioning of the man riding and ore belts project at Randgold's Lorraine Gold Mine in the Free State.  This project, although only one month in duration was very sophisticated in that it called for an interface from the Modbus to the Allen Bradley soft starters Scan Port.  The Allen Bradley PLC interfaced to an AFE SCADA data panel via Modbus an AFE data panel interfaced to an existing SCADA via Modbus